Favourite John Glen BOND? (POLL ADDED)

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It has to be LTK for me, LD, FYO, ATVAK and OC (Bond as a Clown? NOOOOOOOOO). "Mr Bond, I could buy you a Delicattesen.....In stainless steele!!!"


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    The Living Daylights would be my favorite of the Glen lot, Daltons introduction etc, a damn fine James Bond outing

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    The Living Daylights followed closely by Licence to Kill.
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    OP, followed by FYEO, TLD, AVTAK and LTK.
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    TLD/LTK- I like them both for different reasons. Two fantastic films
    FYEO-Great performance from Moore. Exciting action, good direction
    OP-Lots of fun to watch, good action
    AVTAK-Although enjoyable at some points, the direction seems flat compared to Glen's other films and watching Grandpa Bond go around is just pathetic at points
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    The Living Daylights is Glen's best. But I think a lot of the high points of the film are not by his doing: a surprisingly effective twisty plot written by Maibaum and Wilson and strong performances from Dalton and d'Abo stand out. As a matter of fact, the only thing I really could do without in The Living Daylights is the cello case chase...which was Glen's idea if I recall.

    The list goes:

    1. The Living Daylights
    2. Licence To Kill (LTK is number 2 as an all around film...but LTK is one of the least stylish Bond films ever and that is Glen's fault)
    3. Octopussy
    4. For Your Eyes Only
    5. A View to a Kill
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    This is easy. I rank the Glen films. Everyone here notice how Glen's films always have a classic "animal" scare scene? His trademark.
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    I added a poll, folks.

    My choices:

    1. LTK
    2. FYEO
    3. TLD
    4. OP
    5. AVTAK
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    John Glen is often unfairly bashed by some Bond fans I feel. His work on the Bond series starting on OHMSS is what started my interest in Bond. I never thought Cubby was a fool, and he obviously hired Glen to direct five Bonds for a reason. Like many of the directors before him, he really understood what made a good Bond film. And in most cases, gave us some wonderful Bond moments to enjoy time and time again.
    As far as favourites go, for me it would be ;

    1. OP
    2. TLD
    3. LTK
    4. FYEO
    5. AVTAK
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    Living Daylights for sure. It's his own favourite as well. His worst was obviously View to A Kill.
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    The Living Daylights.
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  • PrinceKamalKhanPrinceKamalKhan Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
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    001) TLD*
    002) OP*
    003) LTK
    004) FYEO
    005) AVTAK

    *In my top 10 Bond films
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    001 TLD
    002 AVTAK
    003 FYEO
    004 LTK
    005 OP
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    Licence To Kill
    The Living Daylights
    For Your Eyes Only
    A View To A Kill

    I really do love the first four of Glen's films but A View To A Kill on the other hand is one of the weakest in the series.
  • Definitely The Living Daylights, followed by License To Kill.
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    TLD followed closely by OP
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    The Living Daylights
    License To Kill
    For Your Eyes Only (I thought the action scenes were used as padding)
    A View To A Kill (pedestrian)
  • Good to see everybody's different opinions, I know LTK has its detractors but its at least original in the canon of films.I attended The John Barry memorial concert and heard Tim recite a written piece that John loved. Always will be my fave Bond. I hope EON get him onboard for some commentaries when they no doubt relaunch the blu rays next year. Thanks for the input, Very intelligent postings here on MI6.
  • In honour of The Living Daylights steaming ahead, "Better make that Two!"
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    In honour of The Living Daylights steaming ahead, "Better make that Two!"

    The living daylight for me two, huh, too. Best James Bond movie ever. Thank you Timothy.
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    Octopussy- An All-Time High!
  • PrinceKamalKhanPrinceKamalKhan Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
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    00Beast wrote:
    Octopussy- An All-Time High!

    Nice to read OP getting some love. It's my #002 for this decade. And probably Glen's most crowd-pleasing Bond film.

  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    A View to a Kill is getting...uh, killed in the poll. Can't say I'm surprised- but not even one vote?
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    Nope, it isn't! AVTAK rules!
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    Ah, AVTAK is still in the race...
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