MI6: 20th Anniversary

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This is it, people. The website to which this forum is attached, can blow out 20 candles this month. Let's all get nostalgic and talk about our past experiences with the website, forum and online James Bond in this thread.

But first of all, to the very creators of this website: congratulations, and most of all, thank you!



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    I can't remember when I first started using the site. Think it was the early 00s? It was back when it was MI6.co.uk, think I stumbled across it when I was looking for cheat codes for one of the video games and then eventually just kept checking every now and again for news about the next film.

    I wasn't on the old forum. Just never thought to join, I'm not the most tech savvy and never really used any internet forums back then. One day after the site changed I ended up clicking on the community bit on a whim, and I'm really glad that I did because it's been great being able to talk about Bond with people who are as nerdy about it as me. Can't imagine not being a member now. 90% of my time on the internet is spent on here and I wouldn't have it any other way. You'll be putting up with me when I'm in my 80s, using this site to vent about the soup at the carehome being too cold and telling the next few generations of Bond fans that Dalton is still and always will be the best.
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    I officially joined in 2011, after spotting a big article on a lot of rumors surrounding SF, all that ended up being true. Posted it on here to kickstart some discussions, and just a few pages in, I was so entertained discussing the intricacies and facets of the series I had never been able to touch upon before - I had friends that had seen a few Bond movies before, but all of them? And at the breadth and depth that we've consumed them? Never.

    After that, I knew this would be a lasting place for me. The buildup to SF, sharing in the excitement with you all, it was such a great time to be here. Crazy to think this summer will mark my seventh year here already. Time really does fly by when you're getting old and having fun, and I wouldn't wish to have spent these last years with anyone but these forums.

    A hats off to the admins for keeping this place in tip top shape at all times, a warm thanks to the other moderators for being experts at what you do (and allowing me to become a moderator, as well - it's always meant a lot), and a hearty appreciation to all of the members I've gotten to know and those I've befriended over these years. You guys are the best - here's to another year and to you guys!

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    Congratulations on the 20th anniversary and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who created, maintains, administers and moderates this site.

    Thanks also to all the great members who I've had the pleasure of interacting with here over the years. An environment like this is only as good as the people who are a part of it.

    My first experience of this site was just prior to SF's release, when I was browsing the internet to hear some snippets of Newman's score for the film (I was excited to hear what he would bring to Bond). I didn't join until much later but used to check in from time to time.

    Anyhoo, it's a great place to be and that's primarily on account of all the great people who come and share their experiences about the fantastic film character we all love and all other subjects which interest them.

    Here's to the next 20 years!
  • BondJasonBond006BondJasonBond006 on fb and ajb
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    Well, WOW!
    Congrats! to the creators!
  • CommanderRossCommanderRoss The bottom of a pitch lake in Eastern Trinidad, place called La Brea
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    Well, everybody needs a hobby. Thank you to the creators of the site, the old MI6.co.uk and everything that came with it and followed! I've been an active part of it for 11,5 years now, still love it. Good people.
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    Congratulations on the 20 years. You'd get less for murder these days. ;)
  • royale65royale65 Caustic misanthrope reporting for duty.
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    Woop, woop!

    20 years. Christ. That makes me feel old - this coming August I'll be "celebrating" my 13th year on MI6.
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    My 13th will be in about a month, @royale65.
  • royale65royale65 Caustic misanthrope reporting for duty.
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    Old cretin!
  • Agent007391Agent007391 Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
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    20 years... Wish I'd found it way back when, but my only exposure to Bond at that point was GoldenEye 64 and Live and Let Die.
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    Thank you for giving this wonderful platform and gathering place.
  • Shark_0f_LargoShark_0f_Largo Lancashire, UK
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    Nice. 20 years. I’ve only been here a few.
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Station B, Belgium
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    I think I joined “Keeping the British End Up” somewhere between CR and QOS. Must have been in 2007 now that I think of it.

    It’s been 11 years. Wow that’s quite a while.
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    Congrats for providing one of the world's top-leading 007 sites, and for the longevity. Here's to continued service!
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    Congratulations MI6. I've known about the site from as far back as 2002, but I didn't get around to joining the forum for another 3 years after that.
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    Same here, Major. My Bond fandom had taken a bit of a blow in 2002. (Can you guess why?) But I was ready for it in 2005!

    That and then there was this bloke @Simon whom I was rather afraid of...

    By the way, I think @M_Balje has been here since 2002...
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    I remember the fanfiction that used to be on the site. Some good stuff.
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    Happy Anniversary MI6!!!
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    Is there a single day related to the anniversary? As in On This Day...
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    I'm new.
  • Congratulations.
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    Heeey! Happy birthday forum!

    WOW...20 years...so this forum was around since last millenium...nice.

    I joined the KTBEU....idk..2008? 2009? 2010? not sure honestly haha, but I remember my first post I ranked the Bond movies in a thread that was opened pre-Craig and I only rated the movies before Craig. I was just a young Bond fan and had no idea what the majority thinks of the movies...so I just rated them on my own preference which is always amazing when you don't know reviews for movies beforehand....I was pleasently surprised to see that I agreed with many movies with the majority since I rarely agree with majority haha :D

    TB is one of my bottom 3 so that was unpopular and TWINE is top 3 so that is sorta unpopular as well but to see that OHMSS,GF are so loved and DAD is so hated was good to me since the earliest Bond memory I have is of the release of DAD and I always expected the movie would be great and people generally loved it :D

    I'm still disappointed that I can't see the rankings I made on the old forum.

    Anyways, I joined this forum when I was trying to find some fandom to be into and something I can connect with so I can feel some feel of being part of a group or something like that, and to get some enjoyment from that...still not sure if I truly am a hardcore fan or if I found something that I can be 100% dedicated to that will make me happy in life...but I guess that's my own non-full enjoyment in life in general haha :D

    Well...I am rambling on...great great achievement! So proud to be part of this forum!

    Here's to 20 more! Let's hope the franchise keeps it's roots!

    And...here's too many many more years to the users of this forum as well ^_^ Cheers!
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    15th of October 2005 was the date I signed up to MI6 - Keeping The British End Up as the site was then known. I'd never been the member of an internet forum till that point, for the first few months I read a lot, watched from the side posting occasionally. And then I found my feet and started posting more and more. Interacting with new found friends, people I'm happy to call my friends to this day. We discussed all aspects of the world of James Bond. It was fantastic...wait, it's still fantastic!
    Then in 2011 we all moved to new digs MI6 - Community as it's now known. Some people dropped off over the years and disappeared from the forums. Many great members have logged off over the years, but there has always been a new horde of like minded individuals to fill the void that may have been left. The forum is forever changing and evolving along the way. Hard to believe I've been a part of that for thirteen years. How'd I miss out on the first 7!
    Either way, I'm so glad that this forum and many of the members are a part of my life, an avenue to discuss the subject that I adore so much.
    Congrats MI6 on 20 wonderful years. Here's to many more.
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    March 2002 I think was when I joined. Definitely 2002. By 2003 I was on the mod team. First time anyone had trusted me with responsibility.
    I remember kicking myself because I couldn't go to London for the 40th anniversary celebration of Thunderball in 2005.

    I didn't even realise MI6 existed as far back as 1998!
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  • BirdlesonBirdleson San Jose, CA
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    I had know idea that done of you had been involved in the site for so long ( @dragonsky , @NicNac , @Benny ), very impressive. I've been of Bond since '65 (I was a toddler, but a fan!), but only found this site in 2012, started reading then, but didn't join for another two years.
  • barryt007barryt007 Stalking Kara Milovy with an elephant gun and a chainsaw.
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    I haven't a clue when I joined ,but it was way back in the KTBEU days.

    Congrats to all the admin,mods and members of MI6 !!!
    (Including me !!)

    "Well,i couldn't agree moore"
  • BennyBenny Visiting Osato Chemicals later in 2019.
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    I know there's still quite a few who've been around before my time.
    @DarthDimi @MajorDSmythe were here before I signed up. @Samuel001 has been with the site for quite a few years now as well.
    @M_Balje and @Gustav_Graves joined in about 2002 if I'm not mistaken. True heavyweights.
    @barryt007 @DaltonCraig007 @CommanderRoss @Shark_0f_Largo @haserot @jetsetwilly @PrinceKamalKhan @dragonsky @Getafix @SaintMark and plenty more who I've missed (my apology's to any I've overlooked) have all be around since KTBEU.
  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Station B, Belgium
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    I remember KTBEU really well too. In fact it took some time to get used to the new format.

    It was like a palace revolution back in the day :D
  • barryt007barryt007 Stalking Kara Milovy with an elephant gun and a chainsaw.
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    GoldenGun wrote: »
    I remember KTBEU really well too. In fact it took some time to get used to the new format.

    It was like a palace revolution back in the day :D

    And a panicking race against time to get the threads from there onto here before the whole site simply disappeared.

    We were given hardly any time !!

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