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    1. Sean
    2. George
    3. Pierce
    4. Craig
    5. Roger
    6. Timothy
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    1. Connery. Suprising since I'm not a huge fan, but as Bond,he was bad***.
    2. Moore. I liked his charming, debonaire approach. He's in a VERY close 2nd to Sean
    3. Brosnan.A big fan of him since Remington Steele.
    4. Craig
    5. Dalton
    6. Lazenby. Unfortunately, he was pretty forgettable. I don't regret him only doing one film.
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    Pierce Brosnan – my favourite
    Sean Connery – the best, mixing Fleming’s original, with his sublime menace and uber-machismo
    Timothy Dalton – the closest we’ve gotten to Fleming’s Bond. (What works well in a literary source does not work well in a cinematic sense, if you catch my drift)
    Roger Moore – so dapper, so refined, so charming, a real Eton-ion dropout.
    Daniel Craig
    George Lazenby – clashing with M and Blofeld; I don’t think anyone Bond could do it better. The human Bond – he made me care.

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    No matter how strong or weak his performance in OHMSS is you can't change the fact that he's a pig. So many poor girls forced to deal with them, and many between the sheets. Then he brags and cajoles about it like he expects everyone to praise him.
    Oh, I totally agree. Pity he wasn't a nicer person.

    I like Lasenby, I rank him last but that's only because I like the others more, not because I don't like him. I would've liked him to do more.

    But he does seem like a douche in real life.

  • I like Lasenby, I rank him last but that's only because I like the others more, not because I don't like him. I would've liked him to do more.

    But he does seem like a douche in real life.

    That's what I meant. I don't dislike him personally in the film, but from what I gather he is an ass in real life.
  • 1.) Connery
    2.) Brosnan
    3.) Craig
    4.) Dalton
    5.) Moore
    6.) Lazenby
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    1. Connery
    2. Brosnan
    3. Craig
    4. Dalton
    5. Moore
    6. Lazenby

    We've been very lucky that we've had six great interpretations of this character. They've all been good. Connery and Brosnan will always be my two favourites, but I've recently watched TLD and LTK back to back and Dalton has grown on me very much. I especially love his scenes in TLD just after Saunders has been killed, and when he confronts Pushkin in his hotel suite. Both are fantastic. Craig is also growing on me, and Skyfall might see him compete with Broz for second spot. I never really liked Moore as much as the others even though some of his films are great, and Lazenby just didn't have enough time to stamp his mark, although I like him very much.
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    00Beast wrote:
    (1) Roger Moore
    (2) Pierce Brosnan
    (The above are frequently tied in my book, and my favorites)
    (3) Timothy Dalton
    (4) Sean Connery
    (5) Daniel Craig
    (6) George Lazenby (by far the worst)

    I am assuming like me you dislike George as a human being as well?

    No, no, I never would think that. After all, he's just an actor. I'm sure that in real life he's a good ol' well-to-do citizen, and I don't have anything worth disliking him. I just think he was a poor choice for the pivotal role of 007, and compared to the other five, he's just incredibly weak.
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    1. King Sean

    2. Laz

    3. Rog

    4. Dalts

    5. Pain Face Broz

    6. Blue snuggies Craigger
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    1) Sir Sean Connery
    2) Timothy Dalton
    3) Daniel Craig (very close to second, all depents on Skyfall)
    4) Sir Roger Moore
    5) George Lazenby

    6) Pierce Brosnan
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    1) Pierce Brosnan
    2) Daniel Craig / Sean Connery
    3) Timothy Dalton
    4) Roger Moore
    5) George Lazenby
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    1- Sean / Roger
    3- Pierce
    4- Lazenby
    5- Craig
    6- Dalton
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    The Rest.

    Fixed it for ya

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    doubleoego wrote:

    The Rest.

    Fixed it for ya


    Fixed again :)

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    I see you've made a critical error in your ranking @DaltonCraig. :D
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    doubleoego wrote:
    I see you've made a critical error in your ranking @DaltonCraig. :D

    Moore at #1... what can be wrong about that ? :)
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    1. Pierce Brosnan (the absolute epitome of 007)
    2. Roger Moore (was the absolute epitome of 007 until Brosnan came along)
    3. Timothy Dalton (superb 007 actor; did some real justice for the role with a harder-edged performance)
    4. Sean Connery (a bit overrated I feel, but nonetheless a great 007 actor)
    5. Daniel Craig (definitely an incredible 007 for our generation; look forward to seeing how he'll play out as time goes on)
    6. George Lazenby (no)
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    1.) Pierce Brosnan

    2.) Sean Connery
    3.) Daniel Craig
    4.) Timothy Dalton
    5.) Roger Moore
    6.) George Lazenby
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    2 consecutive posts with Brosnan at #1.... I can hear the anti-PB brigade marching this way !
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    2 consecutive posts with Brosnan at #1.... I can hear the anti-PB brigade marching this way !

    Let them roll right in. I'm ready.
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    Creasy47 wrote:
    2 consecutive posts with Brosnan at #1.... I can hear the anti-PB brigade marching this way !

    Let them roll right in. I'm ready.

    As am I.....let the battle begin gentlemen!
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    Pierce Brosnan made Bond popular again and proved the series was very much viable but that's where it ends really. Brosnan as Bond fulfilled an almost charicature stereotype of the Bond essense but pretty much did nothing with the role itself and quite frankly I don't even blame him.

    Brosnan was never the best actor as Bond but he was still a good actor in general, evidenced by the work he did outside of Bond and in some Bond scenes he showed a lot of promise but in the end there was nothing really defining about him other than multiple explosions and excessive machine gun fire. The sad thing is, he comes off as someone who really loved the role, I mean Brosnan was a Bond fanboy but in the end he had very little to work with it would seem. I think the producers just used Brosnan as a means to reintroduce Bond in a post cold war era and to lazily keep the series going and to see just how far and how much they could get away with.

    My enjoyment from watching the Brosnan era is 50/50. His movies just aren't classics other than maybe GE. However, Brosnan is still loved by millions, is still very popular, is still getting work and to some is the definitive Bond. That being said I find it sad when Bond fans are really harsh towards the guy or any other Bond actor for that matter because we're all Bobd fans here, are we not? IMO Brosnan wasn't perfect and he's definitely not the best but he still did a good enough job to remind the world that 007 is número uno.
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    @doubleogo, that's what @0BradyM0Bondfanatic7 and I were talking about in another thread: Brosnan loved Bond, had a great time doing what he was paid to do, but the Bond he wanted to do (the one Craig is giving to us) is not the Bond they let him go with.
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    Yep but the question is, why have the producers given Craig a lot of creative control more so than any other actor cast in the lead role? I mean with Brosnan championing certain ideas and a more realistic take on the character only to be waved off and for Brosnan to continue his puppet act, why is it that the series' arguably most controversial casting in Craig is able to wield such an incredible amount of influence in an era that is just as competitive if not more so than what the series faced in the 80s?
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    Maybe Lazenby was more controversial to an extent, bringing in an Australian as the part of James Bond 007, British Secret Agent, although anybody who didn't know that or had very limited knowledge of the franchise and had a viewing probably wouldn't have even noticed, he did a good job of it, and despite his nationality, I never really had a problem with it. They went again with a non Brit in 1994 with Brosnan but that never created any problem. Point is, I merely feel it should be British guys only for the part of Bond, British secret agent. I did question the Craig appointment, and on first viewing, wasn't overly impressed with our 'new' Bond, hair color, physique etc, as were a fair number, but as time has gone on, that has gone by the wayside and he has grown on me. It's more to do with the acting capability than color of eyes or hair we should say, and for that, Craig actually works very well
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    1) Connery
    2) vacant
    3) Lazenby
    4) Craig
    5) Brosnan (in Goldeneye)
  • Wasn't sure where to put this, but I found this nice little chart:


    Interesting that Pierce did the most of everything, and Dalton, even doing one more film than Lazenby, did less!
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    They all brought something to the role. I watch the films in there context and time. But I know Connery was amazing and set the standard. Even in Diamonds Are Forever he is incredible.His charm and wit is spectacular. Dalton had balls of steel with what he did which makes me appreciate him a lot. And Dalton did not copy which takes guts because he knew the backlash would be harsh.

    1. Connery - The reason the series exists even today. Those films were mega cultural events . Dalton was smart when he said you can't beat Connery. Very smart and top respect. When any Bond actor aims to rival him, it ends in tears at some point. Be your own man like Shhhhawn washhhhhh!:) Splendid Miss Moneypenny!

    2. Dalton - I grew up with Moore but loved the harder style. Dalton had the look, charm as well as wit. He played the role very uniquely and was his own man. He had little preparation when he was cast and changed Bond's perception of being a franchise that had run out of ideas. A View To A Kill is a case in point at how the franchise could have died with a few more films like that. A huge shame we were robbed of a 1991 and a possible 1993 Bind movie from him. A sad end to his tenure thanks to the legal battle. All these years later, I still wonder what could have been.

    3. Daniel Craig - Dalton was there first but got little credit as the world was in shock. And Eon had four years to prepare Casino Royale which is a luxury and that helped Mr Craig immensely though he is a super actor! But had he been signed on suddenly like Dalton was with a deadline, I believe we would be singing a different tune. The longer preparation was a blessing for him. And I like what Craig is doing and acknowledges he is lucky to be doing a third film. But Mr Craig wisely so far has avoided the trap of criticising his predecessors. I guess he knows what it feels like when he got the backlash even before anything had been filmed. And he is nothing like Sean Connery and the comparisson is odious to my intelligence.

    4. Roger Moore - Mainly for his personality and Live And Let Die leaving a huge impression on me as a boy.

    5. Pierce Brosnan - Started out well but I felt he was terrified of what happened with Dalton so played the role too much on the safe side as in pleasing the audience too much. I feel they could have kept the seriousness of Dalton and pushed the franchise but missed the opportunity and directed Brosnan more to his style than substance. Die Another Day makes Moonraker look good. I felt DAD served him terribly but he should have seen the warning signs in the script. Invisible car anyone?

    6. George Lazenby - A great film but it is so obvious that George makes Roger Moore look like Anthony Hopkins acting wise!:) And the fact that they had to overdub his voice in parts of the film loses my respect. Yes, George was great with action and looked good. But more humility from him may have helped. He screwed it for himself by being a moron on set. I doubt he would have ever made seven films like he claims he was offered. To this day he comes across as boastful and fails to see the irony. George has an excuse for everything and did not equip himself well in The Everything Or Nothing Documentary.
  • Simple surely?

    1) Roger Moore
    2) Sean Connery
    3) Timothy Dalton
    4) Pierce Brosnan
    5) Daniel Craig
    6) George Lazenby
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