Rank the actors



  • 1. Moore.
    2. Connery
    3. Lazenby
    4. Craig
    5. Brosnan
    6. Dalton

    I would say that Lazenby is almost as good as Connery and the movie was great. Still both lacks Moores humour. Craig was brilliant in the first two films, but Skyfall was a disappointment. Brosnan is ok. About Dalton, his first film is good, but "License to kill is undoubtedly the worst film. It is far too violent and you just do not get the Bond feeling in this film.
  • 1.) Sir Thomas Sean Connery
    2.) Daniel Wroughton Craig
    3.) Pierce Brendan Brosnan
    4.) Timothy Peter Dalton
    5.) Sir Roger George Moore
    6.) George Robert Lazenby

    I can now confirm that Daniel Craig is indeed my 2nd favorite Bond.
    Daniel has a funny middle name doesn't he? And Connery's first name is actually Thomas-- learn something new every day!
  • I revised my list after I saw Skyfall. I'm convinced now, Craig IS Bond.

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    1. Moore (My personal fave.)
    2. Connery (The best as flemings bond.)
    3. Craig (I was initially a hater, but Skyfall and CR have convinced me, still think he's only done 2 BOND films though.)
    4. Brosnan (He's good but not as good as the others.)
    5. Lazenby (Only did 1 film but he had potential.)
    6. Dalton ( "Sigh".)
  • 1. Dalton
    2. Craig
    3. Moore
    4. Connery
    5. Lazenby
    6. Brosnan
  • Thanks ElliotCarver, I was feeling sad for poor Dalton after those last two pasts ;)
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    1. Connery
    2. Craig
    3. Dalton
    4. Moore
    5. Brosnan
    6. Lazenby

  • 1. Dalton
    2. Craig
    3. Connery
    4. Lazenby
    5. Moore
    6. Brosnan
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    1.Pierce Bronsan (My favorite Bond)
    2.Daniel Craig
    3.Sean Connery
    4.Sir Roger Moore
    5.Sir Timothy Dalton
    6.George Lazenby (Albert Broccoli should have given him a chance)
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    007 : Pierce Brosnan.
    007' : Sean Connery
    3rd : Roger Moore closely followed by...
    4th : Tim Dalton/ Craig's "Skyfall"
    5th : Lazenby
    6th : Craig's first two (particularly in QOS).

    I won't ever count others unofficials.
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    1. Sean Connery
    2. Timothy Dalton
    3. Daniel Craig
    4. Roger Moore
    5. George Lazenby
    6. Pierce Brosnan

    For me, Connery represents the quintessential cinematic Bond. Dalton's more of a Bond from the novels. Craig is a mix of the two.
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    To the site's owners : Is it possible to have a general percentage of votes for each 007 ? Near the bookmarked discussions, or somewhere else ?

    Thank you
  • 1. Sean Connery
    2. Daniel Craig
    3. Timothy Dalton
    4. Pierce Brosnan
    5. George Lazenby
    6. Roger Moore (Sorry Rog)
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    #1. Tim
    2. Connery/Brosnan
    3. Craig
    4. Moore/Lazenby

    And I like them all, btw.
  • chrisisall wrote:
    And I like them all, btw.
    Something that all too often gets over-looked during these sorts of debates, I think.

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    Lovely to see that Dalton is going up in the rankings. Don't get me wrong, I love Connery in the role but it is nice to see almost a quarter century later that Dalton is finally respected for how much he introduced to the character despite massive public opposition which he was aware of.

    And the producers with Craig learnt their lessons that to introduce change, you really need to market it right and hammer home why it is essential. Had they used the same marketing approach they did with Dalton, I think Craig would have been misinterpreted hugely.

    Let's not forget that Brosnan was phenomenally popular and no matter how we cut it, the marketing played a huge role in Craig's acceptance. Just because a film is good does not mean the actor will be accepted.

    In fact when I saw CR in the cinema, I though Craig was very fine but in danger of lasting just one film as I knew that audiences with Bond can be hostile to change.
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    Connery (FRWL - nuff said. He's the freaking Don!)

    Craig (on par with Dalton but CR and SF are superior films and he has a physicality that Dalton doesn't)

    Dalton (the bond I was introduced to. His balance in TLD between Moore era and Fleming bond is exceptional. If only he'd done more films.)

    Moore (Gets a win over the next two because he was consistent. Also had moments of real strength in MF and FYEO. Perhaps the best bond for the traditional super villain banter scenes.)

    Lazenby (The weakest of the actors but also had a physicality not matched til Craig. He's actually pretty good in the scenes with M and has the benefit of OHMSS!)

    Brosnan (let down by two ok films, one decent and one awful one. His Performances as Inconsistent as the films they're in.)
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    It's hard to choose they all are great and unique !
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    It is hard for me to pick from Moore,Brosnan,Dalton there about the same just different styles

    urrrm wait i think i forgot some one urrrrr oh yeah

    Lazenby enough said
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    1) Dalton
    2) Connery
    3) Craig
    4) Moore
    5) Lazenby
    6) Brosnan
    Brosnan fans, please don't crucify me
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    Sammm04 wrote:
    6. Dalton ( "Sigh".)
    Dalton FTW
  • 1. Timothy Dalton
    2. Sean Connery
    3. Daniel Craig
    4. Roger Moore
    5. Pierce Brosnan
    6. George Lazenby
  • 1. Timothy Dalton
    2. Pierce Brosnan
    3. Roger Moore
    4. Sean Connery
    5. Daniel Craig
    6. George Lazenby
  • 1) Lazenby
    2) Craig/Connery
    3) Moore
    4) Dalton

    5) Brosnan
  • 1) Connery
    2) Craig
    3) Brosnan
    4) Moore
    5) Dalton
    6) Lazenby
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    Tweaked my rankings a little.

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    1. Craig
    2. Connery
    3. Daton
    4. Lazenby
    5. Moore
    6. Brosnan

    Craig's Bond has churned out three of the best Bond films i've seen and Connery first three Bond films are excellent.
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    Really hard to choose between Craig, Connery and Dalton. They were the three "Fleming" 007's to me. Connery for the Scots Thing and the walk he does, Dalton for his intensity and Craig for the fact that he was the only good thing about QOS.
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    Really hard to choose between Craig, Connery and Dalton. They were the three "Fleming" 007's to me. Connery for the Scots Thing and the walk he does, Dalton for his intensity and Craig for the fact that he was the only good thing about QOS.
    It depends on the "Fleming's 007" you prefer: there's the brutal and sadistic 007 from Casino Royale to Dr. No (whom I picture as either Dalton or Craig), or the more lighthearted 007 from Goldfinger to You Only Live Twice (whom I picture as Connery). Even Fleming changed Bond's traits and characteristics all through out the literary canon.
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    1) Sean Connery - He is the original Bond and the one that best combined the ruthless parts together with the gentleman-ish parts!

    2) Daniel Craig - He has taken Bond back to the roots and he has done it with the best acting chops of all the actors. You can really belive that he's a agent.

    3) Pierce Brosnan - He was the first Bond i watched and therefore holds a special place. His suavness and smoothness is admirable

    4) Timothy Dalton - Well, he is Flemings Bond. And he is a great actor too!

    5) Roger Moore - A real showman, who played the fun Bond with not too much emotional weight. He just played it for the entertainment, and that worked too!

    6) George Lazenby - For being his first acting job i think he did a great work. Such a shame that we couldn't see him develop though.
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