"SPECTRE" Appreciation Topic (...and why you think the 24th Bond film was the best spy film of 2015)



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    I've never heard that before. I'll take it with a grain of salt. What someone did say in this forum was that Newman reportedly didn't want to use the Bond theme in the Skyfall score. I also take that with a grain of salt, but at any rate, the possibility of a composer being reluctant to use the theme is an interesting one, one which I personally never considered until an interview with Bill Conti, in which he said Cubby Broccoli very delicately and politely asked him to use the Bond theme in a particular scene, to which Conti reacted by saying of course he'd use it, and that it would've been be crazy not to, even if it wasn't composed by him. And in the book John Barry: A Sixties Theme, it's said that Barry asked Peter Hunt if he had to use that Bond theme again in OHMSS.
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    It's odd as by rights I should find it as bad as SF as it reuses a lot of the same stuff.

    May be it comes down to those elements working better in SP or that SP (for me at least) is just marginally less dull than SF.

    They used the SF score as a holding score for SP and just found it worked well with SP - may be it did genuinely fit better with SP.

    Two highlights in both scores are the single brief uses of the title song themes. A brief glimpse of what might have been had Newman not been so insufferable far up his own backside.

    I don’t think Newman was given the title songs in time to use them through the scores.

    Which is weird, as Writing's on the Wall had been recorded back in January 2015.

    As for Skyfall, it has been said several times that Newman himself didn't want to use the track in his score and even asked someone else to write the first half of "Komodo Dragons" (the Skyfall cue).

    I hadn’t heard that about SF. He must have really hated it.

    who knows but he didn't win many fans by refusing to work with Adele's song.
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    Adele's contribution to the SF hype cannot be overstated IMO. Her popularity peaked at the time and the song, which is a solid Bond theme song, received praise from Bond fans and "outsiders" alike. Newman had probably finished composing by the time Adele's song hit the charts, but I agree that Skyfall is tragically underused in the film.

    Things are different in SP though. I like the theme song a lot less than Skyfall--well, I like the vocals less but the composition is otherwise not too bad--but I especially like the few small references that Newman made to it in the score. The instrumental version of it works well during Bond and Madeleine's lovemaking for example.
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    Spectre teaser had a shot at the end of it by breaking glass like in OHMSS, but we never get see that in the film, did we?
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    Spectre teaser had a shot at the end of it by breaking glass like in OHMSS, but we never get see that in the film, did we?

    It's the same shape as the shattering effect which occurs when Bond shoots at Blofeld, but hits the bulletproof glass in the MI6 building. The same Octopus shape forms.

    Thanks I missed that part.
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  • Hey I wasn’t too sure where to put this so I’ve put it here.

    Spoilers for the movie "Strange Days" & "SPECTRE"
    I rewatched “Strange Days” last night properly which is the 1995 movie directed by the fantastic Kathryn Bigelow,I heard she was in talks to direct bond at one point? Not sure if perhaps someone can confirm that. I think it might have even been “GoldenEye” and she made this film instead.

    Anyhow I digress, the main thing I wanted to point out here is the fact that in some of the final moments of “Strange days”, our lead character played by non other than the brilliant Ralph Fiennes, (who of course went on to play M) Is having a tussle with one of the main villains of this film and straight away this reminded me of the final moments in “SPECTRE”, between M & C.
    Both scenes have the two characters wrestling with a gun & although they play out slightly differently, both locations are at exceptional height.

    Now for me this is something that really cemented the fact. When they’re fighting over the gun a couple of shots go off, and in both films there is a moment where the gun fires hitting some glass which comes raining down. Which I think in both films allows Ralphs character to get the upper hand. So personally I think, Sam Mendes put this in “SPECTRE” as a little homage, put together with the fact that “SPECTRE” was released in 2015, which would be around 20 years after “Strange Days”

    If anyone else has any other thoughts to add please let us know? Or if anyone else has spoken of this previously perhaps.
  • Pretty cool article about "SPECTRES" ending, came out around the time it released. https://ew.com/article/2015/11/10/spectre-ending/
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