DIFFERENCES film versions & album versions of main titles/end titles/title songs

I am quite the sucker for film music. And for me October 23rd, when the final score for "SPECTRE" will be released (composed and conducted by Thomas Newman, with instrumentals of the song "Writing's On The Wall") is an exciting one! BUT, like so many past Bond films, there are usually quite a lot of recording differences between the album versions of instrumental themes (main titles, end titles) and title songs.

In this topic I want to go into detail about those differences in recordings and mixes of the final film versions and the final album versions. Here we go:

Main Titles 'From Russia With Love' (composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry & Lionel Bart)
--> Final Film Version: http://picosong.com/S4Uu
--> Final Album Version: http://picosong.com/S4UD
--> Conclusion: The album version doesn't have the funky electric organ! Instead it has been replaced by more common snare drums to add rhytmn.

End Titles 'Moonraker' (composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry, lyrics by Hal David)
--> Final Film Version: http://picosong.com/S4df & http://picosong.com/S4dB
--> Final Album Version: http://picosong.com/S4dp
--> Conclusion: I think the film version is slightly more 'groovy', as it contains a backing track with richer and fuller synthesizer/electro music. I think these end titles were a complete joy in cinemas back in 1979. Made all the booties swirl :-D!

End Titles 'Surrender' (composed, arranged by David Arnold, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, lyrics by Don Black)
--> Final Film Version: http://picosong.com/S4rU
--> Final Album Version: http://picosong.com/S4G5
--> Conclusion: KD Lang's voice is more pronounced in the film version of the end titles. And I do believe she recorded the song twice, once for the album version and once for the film version. Just listen carefully to her voice.

Main Titles 'The World Is Not Enough' (composed, arranged by David Arnold, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, lyrics by Don Black)
--> Final Film Version: http://picosong.com/S4pn
--> Final Album Version: http://picosong.com/S4GH
--> Conclusion: Slightly more pronounced electronical infused/synthesized backing track. But more importantly the orchestration is different and sounds 'fuller', 'richer'. Though the film version is shorter.

Main Titles 'You Know My Name' (composed, arranged by David Arnold & Chris Cornell, conducted by Nicholas Dodd)
--> Final Film Version: http://picosong.com/S4pC
--> Final Album Version: http://picosong.com/S4Ms
--> Conclusion: I never was a big fan of the album version of "YKNM". It was too....'bad-ass' for Bond I think. Until the song was re-recorded with orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. The film version is my favourite.

Main Titles 'SkyFall' (composed, arranged by Paul Epworth)
--> Final Film Version: http://picosong.com/S4Me
--> Final Album Version (instrumental): http://picosong.com/S4MS
--> Conclusion: The film version of "SkyFall" is off course shorter than the album version. But I do think the film version is perhaps the best examples how a song needs to be edited at the right places. Also, I added an instrumental version with slightly different instrumentation, slightly more 'aggressive' strings and piano parts near the end.

Main Titles 'Writing's On The Wall' (composed, arranged by Jimmy Napes, Nile Rodgers & Disclosure)
--> NC-Rework Version: http://picosong.com/S4MA
--> Conclusion: As an extra, this NC-Mix with reworked backing track, with more percussion instruments, like drums, extra piano, snare drums.

Let me know what you think of the film versions vs. the album versions ;-).


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    I'll take a look, but it has been only 16 minutes since you made the thread. Give it time. ;)
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    The film version of TMWTGG is the one song to rule them all. I need an uninstall program to get it out of my head...
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    The Spy Who Loved Me and GoldenEye have two different versions.

    The Spy Who Loved Me.
    Full Version http://picosong.com/S546/
    Film Version http://picosong.com/S55R/

    Full Versionhttp://picosong.com/S55S/
    Film Versionhttp://picosong.com/S55V/
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    There are different versions of TLD, too. A-Ha was not pleased with John Barry's mix of the song and released their own mix. Years later, the band backtracked and said that Barry's version was indeed better.
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    The 45 single release version of DAF has a shorter intro than the film's and album soundtrack too (shorter version is on the Best of James Bond CDs). And as @Murdock pointed out TSWL movie version is different to the single that was released.
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    The Living Daylights
    --> Final Film Version:"Hey driver where are you going? I swear my nerves are showing".
    --> Final album version: "Hey driver where are you going? I swear your lips are showing."
  • LOL I read the first post about two times... and I still don't understand it. But I'm looking to fall in love with more James Bond songs after the amazing "Writing on the Wall" last week, I haven't stopped listening to it on Spotify.

    What are some good songs to start with. I've heard Adele and fell in love with it, utterly and absolutely. What are some other similar songs to get started on.
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    Great post, Gustav. The Abbey Road version (film version) of Chris Cornell's YKMN is my favorite contemporary Bond song, bar none.

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    AceHole wrote: »
    Great post, Gustav. The Abbey Road version (film version) of Chris Cornell's YKMN is my favorite contemporary Bond song, bar none.

    Yeah, same here.

    In all honesty, I always prefer the complete main title experience over just the simple over-produced album version of the song. The main title (or end title) sequence is where the title song always sounds at its best if you ask me. Therefore I created/downloaded all film versions of the songs. They usually are better..

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    From DAD i prefer Album version above Radio version and also a bit above videoclip version. Film version is oke to me, but i prefer the other three. Radio version (Song is ignored by Dutch radio since there playing one time on release date.So you can't realy speak from radio version.) of Writings on the Wall i think the score is better whyle with 4:43 version you at i think his voice is better. Overall i prefer the 5:40 version (the version i heard has bad audio)

    You Know My Name isn't at on soundtrack, so there is no album version. There is 4:05 version (Single version who whas not avaible in The Netherlands. ) who can get on The Best Of Bond ...James Bond CD/DVD release from 2008. (I pay 8,99 euro for it, same money as there wil ask for 2 disc single of Sam Smith) I also prefer film version. Both You My Name and Another Way To Die be ignored on Dutch radio.

    From Skyfall i prefer lyric video, followd by radio version, single version and film version. Again there is no album version, so think you mean single version and this time there whas single avaible. Also there playing her on radio, last time this happend before whas with Madonna, before that it whas Goldeneye. Videoclip of Twine whas screent on MTV, but there never playing song on the radio.

    I hoped that i whas wrong in my exeptions Sam Smith going to be ignored.
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    Well, the end version of "Nobody Does It Better" is very different on the album compared to the movie. No sailors singing.

    Oh, and no Sam Smith on the album of "Spectre". Just an instrumental version :

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