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  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Das Boot Hill
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    Nice. I can t believe there are 68 of us already.
  • SIS_HQSIS_HQ At the Vauxhall Headquarters
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    to MI6 Community, @Bondfan68

    Is this really intended? It's somehow cryptic to me. Because it's C before L.

    I'm not a spy and I couldn't crack the code behind that.
  • Hello to you. I am James Bond fan from Thailand. Many year I have been fan of James Bond.
    Wishing to make time for discussion at this forums.
  • BirdlesonBirdleson Moderator
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    Happy to have you here @Sir_Miles_M . I’d be interested to hear what got you stated as a Bond fan.
  • Fire_and_Ice_ReturnsFire_and_Ice_Returns I am trying to get away from this mountan!
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    Welcome to MI6 Community @Sir_Miles_M
  • My father was fan of James Bond. Always the film of Sean Connery and also Roger Moore.
    He has shown me film in 2008 The Man With Golden Gun. This film was made in Thailand for most part. My father show me some places in film to me.
    Please forgive. My English not always best. I am learning more to be better typing.
    Thank you Birdleson for taking asking of my interesting.
  • Also thank you to Fire_and_Ice_Returns.
    Please how am I to make name blue?
  • BennyBenny keeping tabs on youAdministrator, Moderator
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    Welcome to the forums @Sir_Miles_M
    Hope you enjoy your time here.
    If the add an @ before entering a members name it will highlight blue and alert them that you have tagged them.
  • Thank you @Benny is this the way I hope? Please can some people help. I am seeing many places for discussing. Where is best to start for new person?
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