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My vote goes to FRWL...


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    OHMSS. Hard decision though; one is the best Bond actor's best film, and the other is the best Bond film without even considering the lead actor.

    Lazenby brings OHMSS down a notch or two, but not enough for FRWL to overtake it in my mind.
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    From Russia With Love, though you all know that due to the late, great "Is From Russia With Love the most loved Bond film?" thread.
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    Definitely From Russia With Love. I like both films quite a bit, but FRWL features a better performance from the actor playing Bond (and, for that matter, this is easily Connery's best performance in the role on top of that) and has a great Cold War storyline that OHMSS, as great as it is, can't match.
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    I vote for From Russia With Love, it is currently my number 1 ranked film. Though On Her Majesty's Secret Service is in my top 5 also.

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    FRWL though OHMSS is great aswell. Better Bond actor and, as great as the action scenes are in OHMSS, they just can't quite beat the Bond/Grant fight IMO.
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    FRWL always! Connery better, Young superb.
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    On Her Majesty's Secret Service takes it for me, largely because the superfluous helicopter and boat set pieces in From Russia With Love irritate me.
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    OHMSS is definitely my choise
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    The scores so far:

    From Russia With Love - 6

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 3
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    While both are in my top 5, my #1 film usually bounces between FRWL and CR, so FRWL it is
  • Without a doubt FRWL!
  • OHMSS for me!
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    FRWL has always been my fave film of them all.
  • OHMSS, even with Lazenby.
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    There was a time I would have said FRWL. And if it's a choice between Connery and Lazenby then Connery definitely takes it. However as a film, I've found myself coming to enjoy OHMSS more and more. It was the Bond film I'd find myself most drawn to watching and rewatching post-CR. Plus, I like the widescreen epic feel of the film.

    I'll pick OHMSS.

    Mods, could we add a poll to this please?
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    QBranch wrote:
    FRWL has always been my fave film of them all.

  • OHMSS, definitely. I like FRWL, but it never really stood out to me the way OHMSS does. And I may be in the minority, but I enjoyed Lazenby's performance as Bond (pity it was his only)
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    I like all Bond movies, but OHMSS is the single best one. I especially love the skiing scenes. Whenever I hear that music, I want to go skiing.
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    OHMSS imo is the more epic movie but FRWL is in a league of its own. Its the definitive classic Bond film.
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    Don't want to choose one over the other, both very good films. Not perfect, but as close as can be given the circumstances.
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    FRWL, although OHMSS would easily be the better one if a better actor played Bond in it.
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    OHMSS & FRWL are both brilliant movies and very close to the books of Fleming. I find it hard to pick. Musicaly they are both brilliant as well, in FRWL Barry got going for the first time while in OHMSS he was close to perfect musicaly.
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    JobeGDG wrote:
    <i>On Her Majesty's Secret Service</i> takes it for me, largely because the superfluous helicopter and boat set pieces in <i>From Russia With Love</i> irritate me.

    FRWL is a superb Cold War thriller and yes, the helicopter and boat chase were rather gratuituous. The climax was the showdown between Bond and Grant and the movie could have picked up with the scene in Venice when Rosa KIebb gets hers.
    that said it is still a good movie.

    sw909 wrote:
    I like all Bond movies, but OHMSS is the single best one. I especially love the skiing scenes. Whenever I hear that music, I want to go skiing.

    I agree and I love the soundtrack and the snow scenes are beautiful. It was the first Bond film to feature ski chases, all other films with ski scenes pall in comparison to OHMSS. The character driven love story and the way Tracy 's character is developed, another first. And the downbeat ending makes it an all time classic.

    I rank OHMSS above all Bond films.
  • Both are great entries in the series but it seems I always seem to watch FRWL more. It could be that I love to see the suspense build until it all goes to hell when Grant confronts Bond on the Orient Express.
  • OHMSS has a crappy Bond actor so yeah FRWL is way better
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    Man this is really a tough call. If it weren't for Lazenby OHMSS would win but FRWL has Connery at his best. So FRWL gets my vote. Either way both are the 2 best Bond films of the 60s.

    BTW could someone add a poll for this?
  • OHMSS-- Best Bond, best Bond girl, best score, best action sequences, best director, romance, story, Blofeld. So yeah. FRWL is one of the few real contenders, though.
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    OHMSS wins out overall, though curiously there are more things one could nit-pick about it: Lazenby as Bond for one (although I think he does a fine job), the romance montage sequences, Bond disguised as a gay geneologist, the strange plotline about food allergies, the sloppy over-dubbing in places...

    On the whole though, OHMSS is just more exciting, and has a great story arc full of emotion. I, like others above do have a problem with the gratuitous helicopter/boat chases at the end of FRWL, which does take the wind out of the plot a bit for me. It's not bad by any means, but the movie could have been a lot leaner without it.
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