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A list of numbers, codes and registration plates which appear or are mentioned onscreen in Bond films. Contributions and additions are welcome. Much of this list is taken from a defunct 1998 website found at which only goes up to Goldeneye, meaning there is a lot of extra work to be done!

All films from TND onwards are currently missing. I will update this first post as the master list as additions are posted.

Bond by numbers:

The co-ordinates of Stromberg One, sent as new target data to Stromberg Two. (TSWLM)

Registration of the Soviet army Cagiva motorbike that Bond commandeers at Arkangel. (GE)

Felix Leiter's hotel room in Miami Beach. (GF)

The bungalow number where Bond and "Mrs Bond" (Rosie Carver) stay in San Monique (LALD)

One of Dr No's less-comfortable guest quarters, this is where he chains Honey Ryder to a sloping concrete slab so she would be drowned by the slowly rising water level. (DN)

The room at the Hotel Ile De France in which Pushkin's mistress, Rubavitch, is staying. (TLD)

Bond's office number in the Universal Exports building (OHMSS)

17 Waterloo Road
Address of agent Strangways in Half-Way-Tree, Jamaica. (DN)

Registration of the Czech army Snowcat that chases Bond's Volante. (TLD)

Number of the Soviet snowmobile that Bond (briefly) hijacks as he tries to escape Russian forces pursuing him through Siberia. (AVTAK)

120 Willowbrook Lane
Tiffany Case's Las Vegas address, where Plenty O'Toole met her undeserved demise.
NB: The address is not in the final cut of the film, but is taken from a deleted scene where Plenty returns to Bond's room after being thrown into the swimming pool. (DAF)

136 15 10W; 63 20 48N
The co-ordinates of the 747 shuttle carrier crash, somewhere in the Yukon. (MR)

168th Squadron
The Strategic Air Command base in North Dakota that is annihilated by Blofeld's laser satellite. (DAF)

1510 63521
Kara Milovy's telephone number in Bratislava. (TLD)

The cost of Bond's flight from London Heathrow to St Petersburg by British Airways. First class, of course. Good to see that taxpayer's money isn't being wasted. (GE)

The firing code for the 'Petya' Goldeneye satellite. (GE)

Number of the police patrol boat that Hip uses to take Bond to MI6's Hing Kong headquarters, in the hulk of the Queen Elizabeth. (TMWTGG)

Registration number of Aki's Toyota 2000. (YOLT)

The number of the mini-helicopter concealed inside Trevelyan's missile train, in which he and Xenia Onatopp escape. (GE)

23 Carat
The kind of gold used to make Scaramanga's golden bullets, mixed with trace amounts of nickel. (TMWTGG)

23 Magenta Drive
Miss Taro's home address outside Kingston - one of them, anyway. (DN)

Registration of the Czech armoured personnel carrier that tries to blow up Bond's Volante with its main gun. (TLD)

Number of a cab Bond takes to his hotel in Kingston. (DN)

Bond's suite at the Shednovaz Hotel in Delhi. (OP)

224th Strategic Missile Wing
Part of the 168th SAC Squadron in North Dakota. The missile complex is destroyed by Blofeld's laser satellite, which detonates one of the nuclear missiles in its launch silo. (DAF)

Aki's Japanese SIS callsign. (YOLT)

Registration number of Fiona Volpe's Ford Mustang in Nassau. (TB)

2171 Magenta Drive
Miss Taro's other address outside Kingston. Despite being given the wrong address, Bond still manages to find his way there anyway! (DN)

2318 TT75
French registration number of Tracy's Mercury Cougar. (OHMSS)

Admiral Chuck Farrel's Canadian military ID number. (GE)

Phone number of the San Moniquan Hotel on San Monique. (LALD)

Mr Howe's office at San Francisco City Hall, and also his last resting place. (AVTAK)

The file room for the Department of Conservation in San Francisco's City Hall, where Bond and Stacey Sutton are caught by Zorin and May Day after locating the Main Strike mine. (AVTAK)

Number of Bond's hotel room in Istanbul. After finding a bug, he demands to be moved, not realising that his new room is also bugged. (FRWL)

33 East 65th Street
Address of the Oh Cult Voodoo Shop shop, where Whisper's pimpmobile is registered. (LALD)

The St Petersburg telephone/modem number through which Natalya wants Boris Grishenko to contact her. (GE)

35 KA42
Registration of the SAS Land Rover stolen by the impostor during his attempt to sabotage the military exercise on Gibraltar. (TLD)

38 degrees Fahrenheit
The temperature above which, Bond maintains, one should never drink Dom Perignon '53. (GF)

38-60 BW
The registration of the Russian jeep commandeered by Kara Milovy from the Soviet airbase in Afghanistan, which she and Bond later use to escape from the crashing cargo plane. (TLD)

Bond's hotel room at the Miramonte in Cortina. (FYEO)

Bond's hotel room number during his stay in Nassau. (TB)

Paula's room number in Nassau, adjoining Bond's room. (TB)

The number of the tank that Bond borrows to pursue Ouromov through St Petersburg, and later to derail Trevelyan's train.
NB: The same tank appeared in an episode of Red Dwarf, though the script had fewer laughs than Bond's. (GE)

Registration number of Whisper's pimpmobile. (LALD)

354 HYK
Registration of the Rolls-Royce that Bond and Sir Godfrey Tibbett drive to Zorin's horse auction. NB: In real life this is the Broccoli family car with the registration CUB 1 which is used to escort them to every Bond premiere. (AVTAK)

Registration of the Renault taxi that Bond steals to pursue the parachuting May Day through Paris. It has its roof sliced off by a gate and is then broken in two after a collision but implausibly keeps going. (AVTAK)

Definitely not the registration number of Bond's Rolex. (LALD)

The combination of the gold vault at Fort Knox. (GF)

Bond's room number at Piz Gloria whilst posing as Sir Hilary Bray (OHMSS)

The calibre of Scaramanga's unique golden gun. Only one place in the world manufactures bullets to fit this calibre - Lazar's gunshop in Macao. (TMWTGG)

Tracy's hotel suite at the Palacio. Bond goes there in the hopes of a meeting with her, but finds only a hired thug. (OHMSS)

The bus from San Martin to Madrid, which briefly holds up Bond's pursuers until persuaded to move at gunpoint. (FYEO)

.44 Magnum
Bond's weapon of choice on his visit to San Monique. (LALD)

Kriegler's contestant number in the Cortina biathlon. (FYEO)

410 Megacycles
Radio frequency Bond uses to communicate with Tanaka while airborne in Little Nellie. (YOLT)

Registration number of the pickup truck in which Oddjob brings the cubed remains of Solo and his car back to Auric Stud. (GF)

437 NAC 75
The registration number of Xenia Ontatopp's Ferrari 355. Bond's realisation that the numberplates are forged makes him suspicious of Xenia, and eventually leads him to discover the plot to steal the Tiger helicopter. (GE)

456 and 457
Serial numbers of the MOS-type atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE. (TB)

One of the alternate registration numbers of Bond's Aston Martin DB5. (GF)

Bond's membership number of the Playboy Club. (DAF)

M's cabin/office number aboard the Queen Elizabeth. (TMWTGG)

Bond's hotel suite at the Palacio. (OHMSS)

Registration number of the New York cab driven by CIA agent Charlie; also the number on Bond's luggage tag to let him know which cab to take. (LALD)

The registration number of the USS Wayne. (TSWLM)

Registration of the Audi Quattro that Bond drives in Tangier. (TLD)

Registration number of Hip's white Mercedes. (TMWTGG)

Andrea's room at the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong. (TMWTGG)

Phone number of Hanson Cabs in Kingston. (DN)

The number of the telephone company van that Jaws uses as a getaway vehicle after his murder of Max Kalba. (TSWLM)

Registration of Scaramanga's specially-modified bronze and black AMC Matador. (TMWTGG)

The combination on Largo's remote key that allows him access to SPECTRE headquarters. (TB)

Ruby Bartlett's room at Piz Gloria. Bond pays her a visit there one night; the next evening he tries again, only to discover the entirely less welcome presence of Irma Bunt and Grunther. (OHMSS)

Registration of the Mil helicopter that flies General Gogol to St Cyrils. (FYEO)

Phone number of Felix Leiter's hotel in Miami Beach. (GF)

98.4 degrees F
What Bond maintains is the correct temperature at which saki must be served. (YOLT)

Number of Goldfinger's suite at his Miami Beach hotel. (GF)

Bond and Anya's suite at the Hotel Cala Di Volpe in Sardinia, a sitting room with two bedrooms ("Moneypenny being a little over-efficient," grumbles Bond). (TSWLM)

AL 8083
Registration number of Mary Goodnight's green MGB in Hong Kong. (TMWTGG)

A folding sniper rifle made by Q Branch, which can be dismantled and all the parts fitted inside its own stock. The rifle is .25 calibre with an infra-red telescopic sight. (FRWL)

AU 1
Registration number of Auric Goldfinger's 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III. (GF)

AU 603
Registration number of one of the green Rolls-Royces used as limousines by the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, this one taken by Andrea Anders. (TMWTGG)

BA 128
Jaws's British Airways flight to Rio de Janiero, boarding at gate seven. (MR)

BMT 214A
Registration of Bond's now-classic Aston Martin DB5, which appears to be his own personal transport rather than an MI6 vehicle. It is still equipped with some definitely non-standard equipment, though, such as a colour fax. (GE, TND)

BMT 216A
Registration of Bond's 'company' Aston Martin DB5. (GF, TB)

BT F 608
Registration of the Alfa Romeo stolen by Bond from a woman in West Germany. Well, she should have got off the phone when he asked. (OP)

BT 36-72
Registration of General Orlov's Mercedes, commandeered by Bond and, after the shredding of its tyres, turned into a makeshift railway vehicle. (OP)

BXL 985
Registration number of Count Lippe's 1957 Ford Fairlaine. (TB)

B7 26344
Registration of the Czech police car that Bond clefts in twain with his Volante's wheel hub lasers. (TLD)

B7 1627
Registration of the police Lada that Bond drops into a frozen lake by slicing a hole of two completely different sizes in the ice with the damaged wheel of his Volante. (TLD)

CLN 54-12
The model of radio detonator that Zorin uses to set off the first stage of the explosives at Main Strike, flooding the mine and incidentally drowning Pan Ho, Jenny Flex and hundreds of miners. (AVTAK)

Registration number of Metz's green Ford van. Bond hides in the back to find out where he is taking the stolen diamonds. (DAF)

CZ 421
Registration number of Largo's Ford Thunderbird. (TB)

A very powerful plastic explosive. The Janus syndicate buys 200 pounds of it from Valentin Zukovsky's organisation, though Russian police swoop and confiscate it immediately afterwards. (GE)

C847 TLF
Registration of the Unigate milk float that Necros commandeers after murdering its driver. (TLD)

E 667
The registration of Kristatos's chauffeur-driven white Rolls-Royce. (FYEO)

Registration of the helicopter that brings Stacey Sutton to Zorin's chateau. (AVTAK)

Registration number of the British warship from which Bond was given his 'burial at sea'. (YOLT)

Registration number of the JetRanger helicopter which Blofeld has modified to fly by remote control, his intention being to terrorise Bond for a while before crashing the aircraft. (FYEO)

Registration of Zorin's Skyship 500 airship. (AVTAK)

The remarkably descriptive registration of the bogus medical rescue helicopter that takes Koskov away from Blayden - it is, in fact, a Huey! (TLD)

Registration number of Bond's Aston Martin DBS. (OHMSS)

GLD 376
Registration of Sanchez's getaway car as he flees the Oliupatec Institute. (LTK)

Codename for MI6, used in communications between Strangways' station in Jamaica and London. (DN)

Registration of the JetRanger helicopter that takes Bond to Piz Gloria. (OHMSS)

The serial number of Gibson's Solex agitator. (TMWTGG)

Registration number of the Rolls-Royce Kerim Bey uses to take guests around Istanbul. (FRWL)

Registration number of the Citroen used by the Bulgarian and his driver to follow Bond. The driver meets his doom in the back seat of his own car. (FRWL)

J 7715
Registration of Mr Jones' 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air. (DN)

Registration of Kamal Khan's vintage black Rolls-Royce. (OP)

KG 1881
Registration number of Manuela's vintage MG. (MR)

K 3396
Registration number of the hearse used by the Three Blind Mice. It ended up taking them to their own funeral. (DN)

One of the alternate registration numbers of Bond's Aston Martin DB5. (GF)

MLO 973B
Registration number of Tilly Masterson's Ford Mustang. (GF)

Registration number of Melina Havelock's yellow 2CV, which she and Bond use to escape from Hector Gonzales's villa. (FYEO)

Registration of one of the Peugot 504s sent after Bond by Hector Gonzales's henchman. It ends up in an olive tree. (FYEO)

Registration of one of the two Peugot 504s driven by Hector Gonzales's henchmen in pursuit of Bond. It is accidentally rammed off the road by its companion, and ends up on its roof. (FYEO)

Locque's police mugshot file number. (FYEO)

Registration number of the helicopter used to transport Goldfinger's nuclear bomb to Fort Knox. (GF)

Registration number of one of the Mercedes saloons used to pursue Bond's Aston Martin around Goldfinger's Swiss factory. (GF)

Registration number of one of the Mercedes saloons used to pursue Bond's Aston Martin around Goldfinger's Swiss factory. Despite smashing into a tree, it somehow instantly repairs the damage and continues the chase! Bond's oil sprayers then send the car over a cliff where it explodes, yet, miraculously, seconds later it reappeares unharmed and corners the DB5 at a dead end. German workmanship just can't be faulted... (GF)

Registration number of one of the Mercedes saloons used to pursue Bond's Aston Martin around Goldfinger's Swiss factory. (GF)

Registration number of Wint and Kidd's Ford Thunderbird, in which they transport the unconscious Bond - drenched in Wint's aftershave - to the desert. (DAF)

Registration of the Bell helicopter Bond and Leiter use to search for the missing Vulcan bomber. (TB)

Registration number of the Apollo Airways plane bringing Bond back from Africa. (MR)

Registration number of the Cessna that Sanchez uses to try to reach Cuban airspace and escape the DEA - until Bond lowers himself from a Coast Guard helicopter and snags the plane with a rescue cable! (LTK)

Registration number of one of the Piper Cherokees that make up Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. (GF)

Registration number of the Drax Corporation JetRanger helicopter, flown by Corinne Dufour, that brings Bond to Drax's California estate. (MR)

Registration of the seaplane that was meant to be used to transport drugs to the Wavekrest, taking money aboard in exchange, but was hijacked by Bond. (LTK)

Registration number of Auric Goldfinger's private Lockheed Jetstar. (GF)

Registration number of one of the five Piper Cherokees that make up Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. (GF)

Registration number of one of the five Piper Cherokees that make up Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. (GF)

Registration number of the light aircraft owned by the Bleeker Flying School, intended to give Mrs Bell a lesson but treated rather roughly by Bond. (LALD)

Registration number of one of the five Piper Cherokees that make up Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. (GF)

Registration number of the seaplane that Bond flies to Scaramanga's island. (TMWTGG)

Registration of the DEA plane lent by Jack Wade to Bond and Natalya so they can penetrate Cuban airspace in search of Trevelyan's Goldeneye transmitter. It is shot down by a missile fired from underwater, and crashes into the jungle. (GE)

Code for the NATO training flight hijacked by Angelo. (TB)

OPW 654W
The registration number of Bond's white Lotus Turbo Esprit. The car is destroyed when some of Hector Gonzales's guards ignore its 'burglar protected' warning sticker and smash a window, causing it to blow up. (FYEO)

OPW 678W
The registration of the replacement for the above, now attached to a red Lotus Turbo Esprit which Bond takes to Cortina. Ferrara meets his end in this car, killed by Locque. (FYEO)

Blood group of Mary Prescott/Trueblood, Strangways' secretary. (DN)

Registration number of Mr Osato's private helicopter. (YOLT)

The registration number of the plane in which Bond is left to die by Helga Brandt after she bails out. Bond survives, though the plane is not so lucky. (YOLT)

The registration of the car in which Ouromov tries to flee St Petersburg, along with the captured Natalya. Pursued by Bond in a tank, the car displays astonishing powers of regeneration, losing most of a front wing when it drives down a narrow alley and then magically recovering it a few seconds later! (GE)

PO 7224
Registration of Emil Leopolde Locque's Mercedes 450, which Bond kicks over an Albanian cliff - with its driver still inside. (FYEO)

PPW 306R
The registration of Bond's water-resistant Lotus Esprit. (TSWLM)

Registration number of one of Quarrel's boats. (DN)

Registration number of one of Quarrel's boats. (DN)

Registration number of the squad car driven by the San Francisco police captain chasing Bond. The car ends up being crushed under the counterweight of a bridge as it is raised in a futile attempt to stop 007. (AVTAK)

The Texas registration of Kananga/Mr Big's limousine. Bond describes the gaudy gold vehicle as a 'jukebox'. (LALD)

RSO 522
Registration of the silver Rolls-Royce that brings Bond and Pam Bouvier to the Hotel Mary Tierra in Isthmus City. The car is later driven by Q, acting as chauffeur. (LTK)

RVC 435H
Registration number of Peter Franks's Triumph Stag. (DAF)

Registration of Bond's horsebox-towing Range Rover convertible, used in Cuba to transport his Acrostar jet. (OP)

SP 00210
The registration of the Stromberg Shipping Lines powerboat sent to bring 'Sterling' (Bond) and his wife (Anya Amasova) to Atlantis. (TSWLM)

SR 4785
Registration of the Mercedes Kamal Khan and Gobinda use to leave Feldstadt before the imminent nuclear detonation. The fact that it fails to start first time provides both of them with a brief brown trousers moment. (OP)

SS34 7073
The Sardinian registration of the motorcycle combination that tries to blow up Bond's Lotus Esprit, but ends up taking out a truck full of matresses and going over a cliff. (TSWLM)

Registration of the seaplane flown by Hector Gonzales. (FYEO)

The West German police file code on Emile Leopold Locque. (FYEO)

VA 402
Registration of the British spy trawler St Georges. (FYEO)

Registration of Kamal Khan's private plane, in which he and Gobinda try to flee along with the captured Octopussy. (OP)

Registration number of the motorboat that pursues Bond's gondolier through the waterways of Venice. (MR)

W207 182
Registration of the Austrian Audi 200 in which Saunders planned to smuggle Koskov from Czechoslovakia. Bond takes the car instead, taking Koskov to an alternate escape route along the Trans-Siberian Pipeline. (TLD)

Codename for Strangways' station in Jamaica. (DN)

Registration of Sanchez's private helicopter. (LTK)

Registration of the cropduster that Pam Bouvier steals to go after Bond when her own plane is 'treated' to a free full service by Sanchez. (LTK)

Registration of the two-seater Sea Harrier that flies Koskov from Austria to Britain. (TLD)

Z 8301
Registration number of Bond's rented Sunbeam in Jamaica. (DN)


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    Great job, @Tokoloshe.

    It reminds me of the "Star Wars in Numbers" book I used to have.

    I have one to add:

    N 41721
    Registration of Max Zorin's Skyship 6000 airship, from which Zorin announces his plans to the tycoons. (AVTAK)
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    Great work. This is a handy reference.
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    Well done indeed, an amazing reference list. =D>
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    I only cut and pasted pieces of that website, really. Updating with everything from TND onwards will be the real work. Any volunteers to do one film?
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    KE02 EWW
    Registration of Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish. (DAD)

    TT 378-20
    Registration of Bond's Aston Martin DBS. (CR)

    72 GH3LD
    Registration of Bond's Aston Martin DBS. (QoS)

    Fictional registration of the Skyfleet S570. (CR)

    True registration of the Boeing 747-236B (ex-British Airways) used as the Skyfleet S570. (CR)
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    I just remember that I had a similar thread a while detailing the possible casualties of each villain's plot-
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    I just watched TND. Shall I rewatch and look for numbers?
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    I just watched TND. Shall I rewatch and look for numbers?

    Go for it....3,2,1! ;)
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    Why is 007 missing from that list? Just kidding, good work!
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    I'll be very surprised if I missed something.

    Tomorrow Never Dies by Numbers

    494.341, 3014COC3204, 004COC32048, C2008908B80, 9E546F0000B6, Ref. 009/847175, 445-563-BS8, Level Five, Logistic 34/C, Channel width 14 Codec 1, Transmitting 95 KHz SAT RANGE LOC. CAM ANGLE (180), FORMAT (4:3), FRAME RATE (25 FPS), 003000C6C3C, 8E71F780C680, D2C02049320, 3002E648224A, 00020242FFF0, 0045347342C, C3524039400, C2008908880, D1C04AA067F, 004COC3204B, C33880302CO, 482008908B80, C6700009655, 4A5856C9FFF, 002C2CS5341, 073A038AFC0, BD1C0244832,6AC450F4C, 8E448E708342, 000C660648E, 053C6E0000, 583C18442902, 82618301826, 8A89E41EE000, 486EFFECA89, - numbers on camera at the Terrorist Arms Bazaar

    CFS- written on a gun at the Terrorist Arms Bazaar

    27V- number on jet

    A5:4583 - on a computer at the MoD

    449 8348 89
    950 59954-90
    UN4884 448-4
    94-RIIT85 47
    5 4664-48774

    On screen at MoD

    K984 D- on screen during terrorist database ID search.

    XE:043 - on a PC at MoD

    TAM 871 - on a PC at the MoD.
    INSET 03 - on a PC at the MoD.

    M1B-02 - seen on Charles Robinson's computer at the MoD.

    26NIA, NeD4- seen on missile tracking screen at the MoD.

    SB-5- the type of missiles that Bond has in the stolen jet

    50- number on landing gear of Bond's stolen jet.

    20, 40, 60, 80, 100- The jet's altimeter.

    -10,-20,10, 20, - the jet's attitude indicator.

    30,40,50- numbers seen on a gauge in the jet

    15, 30, 45 - numbers on a different gauge

    20, 80, - numbers on yet another jet gauge

    0, 5, 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 28, 33- more gauge numbers

    00. - A01, 00/- A04, numbers written on the weapons of the enemy's plane.

    0, .2, .4 - more gauge numbers

    24, 27, 30, 33, 0, 3, 18 - numbers on the plane's course indicator.

    0, 2, 4, 6, -5, 0, 5, 10, 15. - more numbers on another gauge

    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - more numbers on yet another gauge.

    0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0, 10 - different gauge

    700, 800, 900, 1000, 3L1NE, Df119, 21GTR, - numbers and letters on the missile camera

    K, HR - seen on the door in the stealth ship

    79,83,87,91,95,95 - Written vertically on the Terrorist ID board.

    F2 Clips- written on the door of the Devonshire

    MIG001, MIG002 - MiGs on the scope of the Devonshire

    1.2 mach
    SeaVac drill on scope of Devonshire

    K2 Clips- written on the door of the Devonshire

    Written on the door of Devonshire

    D2 Clips
    Written on the door of Devonshire

    A2 Clips
    Written on the door of Devonshire

    Through to
    Written on the door of Devonshire

    1 2
    Written on the door to Devonshire

    2AA - A number that briefly appears on Carver's screen showing a schematic of the Devonshire.

    M A

    This appears on the missile room door of Devonshire as well as 1G/H.

    €2,50 - Price of something at the Avis rent a car stand.

    VR-BMB - Registration of a jet out on the runway where Bond tests his BMW.

    BYL D864 - Registration plate of the Porsche behind Bond at the CMGN opening party

    [EM-70|4], A5:4583 - numbers on computer screens at the Ministry of Defence

    3:30, 11:30, 2:30, and 7:30- clocks for various time zones at the MoD.

    |FLE-785 - on a PC at the MoD.

    28 08 - number on the side of Bond's jet in the PTS.

    909- number above the destroy button on the HMS Chester

    28 02 - number on the side of the jet that flies after Bond in the PTS.

    6 - number on back of truck in PTS. Number of laser lights in Carver's HQ. Number of switches Bond flicks to interrupt Carver. Number of TVs in Carver's HQ office. Also the number of screens where carver has his speech and one of those breaks into 4 smaller screens. Number of cabinet drawers in the file cabinet Bond looks through while searching for the encoder.

    EX10109 - Registration plate of truck in PTS

    323 R/ZO - Number on bumper of truck that Bond blows up.

    IGM K9IAI - number on box of missiles.

    008052 J/6 number of Jeep that is commandeered by Mr Gupta.

    184, 85, 18, 48, 51, 18, 50, 155 - numbers on the side of boxes of missiles

    2- ejector seat fired by Bond (he also has the option for 1), as well as the number of MiGs that fly over the Devonshire, and maps at MoD. Also the number of taps used to start the BMW. The number of pages for Carver's speech. The number of cigarettes Bond punches out of people's mouths. Number of the lifeboat that flips during the final explosion before Carver is killed. Number of the recording studio Bond is beat up in. Number of minutes before the Bedford would lose sight of the stealth ship.Number of the room where Carver has his giant screen.

    12 12 12 12 - written in digital numbers on a screen at the MoD

    1- number of hours it'll take Bond to get to the MoD.

    30- number of minutes Moneypenny gives James to get to the MoD

    P986 SGC - Plate number of the 1997 Ford Mondeo 2.0 LX MkII Bond's DB5 follows.

    M857 DLC - Plate number of the 1995 Rover 620 SLI Bond's DB5 follows.

    17:56:53.2, 17:56:53.5, 17:56:53.8, 17:56:54.1, 17:56:54.3, 17:56:54.7, 17:56:55.0, 17:56:55.3, 17:56:55.9, 17:56:56.8, 17:56:57.0, 17:56:57.3, 17:56:57.5, 17:56:57.8, 18:21:56.5, 18:21:56.9, 18:21:57.2, 18:21:57.4, 18:21:58.0, 18:21:58.3, 18:21:58.5, 18:21:58.8, 18:21:59.1, 18:21:59.4, 18:21:59.6, 18:21:59.9, 18:22:59.9, 18:22:00.2, 18:22:00.5, 18:22:00.8, 18:22.01.0, 18:22:01.3, 18:22:01.6, 18:22:01.9, 18:22:02.2, 18:22:02.4, 18:22:02.7, 18:22:03.9, 18:22:03.2, 18.22:03.6. From here it's visible in 10ths of a second all the way up to 18:22:07.8. - Timestamps on Gupta's security camera feed.

    47-57- seconds ticking up on Gupta's computer. 15:57:54 can also be read

    F82- number on the side of the HMS Devonshire and HMS Chester

    40° left - Devonshire was told to turn this much

    160 - revolutions made by Devonshire

    20 - Devonshire course

    11 miles - distance of the Devonshire off the Chinese coast

    AGB #29278, NPG #27950, ZFG #15721 - Satellites used by Devonshire for location fix.

    114 23 818 E, 37 74 624 N - where Devonshire thought she was.

    GPS 4-10 - number on a satellite.

    3 - Number of screens when we see Carver for the first time, number of blades on the Sea Vac, as well as number of generators down on Devonshire. Number of computers in the room where Bond steals the encoder. Number of unexplained drownings. Number of a lifeboat on stealth ship

    Right 141° - turn made by Devonshire

    14°- number of degrees Devonshire was tilted by the stern.

    M247D - MiG destroyed by stealth boat. (According to their scope)

    M309A- The other MiG

    70- number of miles the Devonshire was off course. Or 75 according to the encoder.

    35p- The price of Tomorrow

    325-00 - number written on the side of the missile stolen by Carver's guys.

    7 - Transponder number that Stamper talks to Carver on, as well as the number of TVs in Gupta's little security room. Number of Chakra tools for Mr Stamper to use on Bond. Written on stealth ship wall
    17- number of machine-gunned Devonshire survivors.

    48- Number of hours M has to investigate. As well as the speed of the stealth boat in knots.

    96- number of screens on Carver's video wall. At least that's how many you see in the film, though in the commentary, they say more like 130-140. According to Michael G Wilson it's 180.

    28- number of other screens in Carver's HQ. (This is an approximation as only one side of the room is visible. As far as I can tell though it's symmetrical, so I counted 14 screens on one side.)

    58- computers in Carver's HQ. Once again an approximation.

    0-9, *# - As any good mobile phone should have. These numbers are also on the lock that Bond uses at the start of the printworks chase along with A, B, C, and a dot.

    0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 - Bond's BMW speedometer with corresponding kilometers around the inside. (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240)

    1/min x1000 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. - Tachometer

    40, 20, 15, 10, 8 - BMW MPG gauge

    0, 1/2, 1/1 - Unleaded Gasoline Only

    5- computers in Gupta's room. Also the number of TVs in the room Bond steals the encoder from. Number written on the wall of the stealth boat Written on the door of Devonshire, as well as the engine of the stealth ship. Where the countdown to launch the missile begins.

    AN/OSQ-26 - Written on the Devonshire missiles

    GPD/0347 - The first part of a string of letters written on a boiler. The rest is illegible.

    4- Wall mounted video screens at MoD along with TVs. The security level that Bond selects for his BMW and the floor on which he parks it. Number of video screens in Carver's Asian HQ. Number of men that attack Wai Lin. Missing boats. Written on stealth ship wall.

    5- Written on stealth ship door.

    8 - Written on stealth ship door.

    COM 130, 92F Written on what appears to be a missile and its box.

    BMT 214A - DB5 registration plateplate

    9- number of minutes until the British are in firing range of the stealth ship.

    10- Computers at MoD. Also the number of minutes Bond tells Wai Lin to set the timers for.

    MKG 169- registration of M's 1987 Daimler Limousine.

    K301 FUV, K302 FUV,K303 FUV, K304 FUV, - registration of the motorcycle escorts for M.

    Friday 11, April 1997- the date of Tomorrow that Bond hands M.

    B MT2144 - The registration of Bond's BMW 750iL.

    20,000 - number of volts in Bond's phone.

    £10,000- The amount of money Sir Angus Black lost to Carver in a poker game.

    ₣100,000,000- The amount of money Carver supposedly paid the French to keep the mad cow disease story going for a year.

    $300,000,000 - cost of the satellite seen in Carver's HQ

    Floor 5, Door 217- Room Bond steals the encoder from.

    66C6- Code Bond uses to lock the door at the start of the printworks chase.

    HH XJ1166 - Registration plate of Jaguar outside Bond's hotel.

    Recall 3 Send- the code for Bond's phone to electrocute Kaufman

    MG JH473 - Registration plate of the Citroën that the car below smashes into.

    HH K4958- Registration plate of one of the Mercedes Benzs that chases Bond through the carpark. Bond pops its tyres with the caltrops.

    HH W3847- Registration plate of the Mercedes that has the sledgehammers. It follows the BMW up to the roof and almost goes over the edge.

    DD M6895- Registration plate of one of the cars in the parking garage.

    MG HO5923 - Registration plate of a BMW 5 in the parking garage

    208 Z-2182- Registration plate of a Honda in the parking garage.

    HH BK 3557- Registration plate of a car in the parking garage.

    HH DY886 - Registration plate of a Volvo in the parking garage.

    S MA 2085 - Registration plate of a car in the parking garage.

    SBG GL485 - Registration plate of an Audi in the parking garage.

    HH CH7085 - Registration plate of a Citroën 2CV (like Melena Havelock's, only in white) in the parking garage.

    HH F7283- Registration plate of the red 1988 Opel Senator. Bond destroys it by shooting a missile at it.

    12 - number of missiles in Bond's BMW.

    15 - number of BMWs wrecked during shooting.

    HH J5273 - Registration plate of the 1985 Ford Scorpio that Bond outruns by driving over caltrops and reinflating his tyres. Later blown up by a bad guy's missile.

    HH WK1054 - Registration plate of the towtruck that Bond gets past with the saw in the BMW's bonnet badge.

    200 ft - altitude below Chinese radar Bond opens his parachute.

    31-23 04976 - number of the boat that is supposed to rescue Wai Lin and Bond.

    25-1085 - Registration plate of one of the Land Rovers following Wai Lin and Bond

    31-4836 - Registration plate of another Land Rover.

    2-0354 - Registration plate of the BMW motorcycle.

    8 - Total number of computers in Wai Lin's lab. The date on Bond's watch.

    PC-10 - Letters and numbers on what appears to be a box for wiring on the stealth ship.

    S4- appears above a keypad in the stealth ship.

    DS2- written on stealth ship door.

    2 Starboard- written on the wall when Bond first enters the stealth ship.

    C4- on a lifeboat

    23-V7 - On an oxygen tank where Bond places the grenade in the glass.

    AS AC 8S 8C QD - access code for gate 12.

    D0732- another access code for gate 3

    Gate 8 and 23- More gates on Gupta's computer. Gate 8 is labeled as "OPERATIONAL".

    022, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027, 028 - The Briitish fleet as seen by the tracking system of the stealth boat with them labeled as 121001A.

    2700, -120 - Numbers below Gupta's screen

    2800, -130 - Numbers below Gupta's screen

    2800, -140 - Numbers below Gupta's screen

    2800, -150 - Numbers below Gupta's screen

    2900, -150 - Numbers below Gupta's screen

    Bond's Omega watch: Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft, watch edge 20, 30, 40, 50, SWISS MADE is written just above the 30 on the outer edge of the face.

    5001, 3751, 7500, 6450, 2501, 1574, 7530, 06000160, 060000016, 169, 8006, 0012, 0163, 7569, 252.3, 1604, 6451, 9555, 9026, 9027, 2522, 0009, 0006, 0012, 0777, 1602, 20 3, 3785, 6892, 1682, 0777, 6449, 3784, 7567. - All of these are numbers in the engine room.

    2033- Number on the engine (The text telling the part was illegible)
    -241, -240 - Manifold Coolant Level
    5656, 5655- Turbine Coolant Status

    When Wai Lin shoots them out, the LEDs flash "Err" or just generally switch on and off not forming anything.

    06, 07, 08 - More oxygen tank numbers.

    JG1- Written on stealth ship door.

    AL3 - Written on stealth ship door.

    Through to - Written on stealth ship door.

    LB-17, 18 - more oxygen tanks and 18 is also written on the door of the stealth ship.

    Corridor 2A - The first corridor Wai Lin goes through on her way to the engine room.

    INL/4 - The name of a telephone station and INL/8 in the engine room

    - written where Wai Lin jumps down.

    Series 127/3A - written on an engine manufactured by AMQ Industries Ltd.

    1, 3, and 4 - written on the missile launcher Bond uses.

    Through to - written on the stealth ship door

    STR-IK - Letters on the door of the stealth ship

    .MAN.XTGA12#2 - On a ticker in the stealth boat.

    22(LEV2) - On a ticker in the stealth boat.

    00216 379 926 34 - on the same ticker

    MAT4GE- Written on the stealth boat monitor below the words "station status"

    1017265 72538 24- On a ticker in the stealth boat.

    --- - written in the stealth ship's engine room.

    HMS02, HMS03, HMS04, HMS05, HMS06 - The fleet of the British Navy.

    8436 95329486 46 - On a ticker in the stealth boat.

    X: TRAG A
    Y: TRAG B
    Z: TRAG C

    .20 1586 - number on Gupta's computer together with 2489.67 and XYZ above.

    A - Giant letter on Gupta's computer

    000296072- Number that the stealth boat appears as on the Bedford

    112° - course plotted by HMS Bedford

    4B- Service Hatch on stealth boat

    TR1-A - sign in hallway of stealth boat

    ASSY17 LEVEL 01 - written in the hallway of the stealth boat.

    5965-99-531-6629- Number seen on the headphones of the PWO of the HMS Bedford. For more information, they're AIRLITE 62s. Patent nos 892428 892682. AIRMED TYPE 2150010. Manufactured by CLEMENT CLARKE INT. LTD. ENGLAND

    100- Number of years of broadcasting rights in China if Carver's plan had succeeded.

    LB-15 - on the side of an oxygen tank in the stealth boat. (15 pounds of air?)

    A023, MCA -numbers and letters on the tailfins of the rocket.

    00:02:25:13 - Time left on the missile countdown clock before launch. It's shown right as Bond begins shooting up the bridge. It's also frozen.

    DTM 1727- On the detenators which Wai Lin throws Bond.

    25- total body count on the stealth ship. That's an approximation as not all the deaths are on-screen and there's around 3 explosions.

    |M2310| - The last number of the film, seen as M dictates to Moneypenny what happened to Carver.

    Numbers that change:

    Devonshire GPS computer:

    A data

    28w 403N 31
    Heading 3432N
    Log Speed 34.5 kts
    Sat/Dir 123 deg 4
    CSMG 34821
    Enabled 3N37 342 23.231 1

    Platform Data LATLOG

    2B = 40 710N9E

    Computed Heading 320 4 deg

    Estimated Log Speed 26.9 kts
    Estimated Set/Dir 38.1 Kts
    CSMG 014 1 4 1
    Variation 136.8

    Platform A Data

    Position 28w 40 SW 31 N 5 oding
    34.32 M
    Log Speed 34.5 kts
    Set/D123 deg 4
    CSMG 34821
    3N37 342 23.231 1

    Platform Data LATLOG
    Pos 2B = 402809E
    Computed Heading 324 1 deg
    Estimated Log Speed 26.9 K
    Estimated Set/Dir 38.1 Kts
    CSMG 02 46 41
    Variation: 136.8

    Numbers on the encoder as we see it in Hamburg Germany with Gupta (as the camera pans, more numbers come into view and then out of view as it pans away) Gupta also has a control panel with buttons labeled 1-10.


    The following numbers are on the computer at the US AFB

    CODE 1647

    R- 1468, 1568, 2775, 3566, 5623, 1176, 2234, 5411, 1132, 2132, 7355,1468, 1568, 2775.
    P- 2111, 1122, 1332, 1333, 2443, 5463, 1221, 8356, 6675, 7844, 6733, 8799.
    Y- 5623, 1176, 2234, 5411, 1132, 2132, 7355, 1468, 1568, 2775, 3566, 2234.
    TRK- 2111, 1122, 1332, 1333, 2443, 5463, 1221, 8356, 6675, 7844, 6733, 8799, 4563.

    Wai Lin's night vision binoculars:


    *End Report*


    Would anyone volunteer for TWINE?
  • TokolosheTokoloshe Under your bed
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    Holy cow, great work POAL!
  • DragonpolDragonpol Schloss Drache
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    Quite an achievement @PropertyOfALady! Well done, sir!
  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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    Yes, I missed just a few numbers in the encoder (those are constantly changing), some numbers on the ID screen of the terrorists, and the odd registration plate here and there. I didn't write the ones of minor cars. Also there are a few numbers on the door of ships and engine gauges and things that were just so numerous.

    Would someone like to do TWINE? We should all do a film and make this the most comprehensive 007 number database ever :D

    EDIT: Just updated to try and get the rest of the numbers. I got as close to everything as I could.
  • TokolosheTokoloshe Under your bed
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    For the record, I think we should stick to numbers which actually appear on screen rather than counting things, otherwise the list will become unmanageable. Great work with TND nonetheless.

    Any other brave volunteers?
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    It'll take me a while to get to TWINE in my new Bondathon (hoping to truck through a couple more of the films today), so if nobody else agrees to it by the time I hit the film, I'll absolutely do it. But please, if you're going to do it, let me know in advance so I don't go through it and end up doing all the work for nothing.
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    Figured I'd bump this and say that I'll be finished TND today and will start the (inevitably) massive collection of all things numbers in TWINE today, as well. Hope my eyes and ears are sharp and ready.

    EDIT 2: My friend came over and finished the ending of the movie + the entirety of DAD with me, so I didn't get to wrap up the numbers. I know where I was at when he arrived, but I want to continue my Bondathon this evening, so I'll wrap up the finale and all of the numbers tomorrow, I promise!

    'The World Is Not Enough' in numbers:

    La Banque Suisse de L'Industrie Final Statement:
    - Dated 15th November 1999.
    - Address:
    - Calle Arretxe, 5
    Bilbao 48002
    Tel: +34 94 1746263
    Fax: +34 94 1746233
    - Peseta 715,808,668 (Esp 235.75 to 1.00 Pound Sterling) £3,036,304.00
    - Handling Fees and Commission: £2999.97
    - Expenses: £5001.00
    - Debit: £6000.97
    - Credit: £3,030,303.03

    - 3, 1, 2 - Bond has Lachaise count to 3, and himself counts 1, 2...and then Lachaise is killed by Cigar Girl.

    - MI6 - Headquarters.

    - £50, 100 - Bond sorts the money, which are sorted via stacks of £50 notes of 100 Billetes. (The bills also have repeating serial numbers which are hard to make out, even on blu-ray.)

    - £3,000,000 - Sir Robert King buys stolen reports for three million pounds.

    - 00 - Division 00 on the MI6 floor seal.

    - 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, x100r/min, 2039, 2048 - numbers and dial listings on the boat dash of Cigar Girl's boat.

    - F-COM/09 - registration listing on the side of the Q Boat.

    - 100, 75, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 (listed twice, side-by-side): numbers on the dive gears in the Q Boat.

    - 2 - THAMES 2 listed on the side of the police boat.

    Q Boat Dial Numbers:
    - 1, 2, 3 - Configuration Numbers
    - 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 - Total Speed numbers
    - 0, 90, 180, 270 - Tidal Course numbers in degrees.

    - 21 - number listed atop a gate once Bond lands the Q Boat into the street.

    - 1/4 - size of burgers in pounds at a burger stand sitting in the street.

    - 1 and 2 - Torpedo forward prep numbers on the Q Boat.
    - 1 and 2 - Torpedo aft prep numbers on the Q Boat.

    - 6 - Amount of beverage cup holders in Bond's BMW.

    - $5,000,000 - Ransom amount for Elektra King.

    - 2 - amount of captors Elektra kills before "escaping."

    Elektra's File Information:
    - File 7634733.
    - File 1 of 10.
    - 28: Age.
    - 59.5 kg: Weight.
    - File 7634734: History.
    - Files 7634734-7634736: Experience files.
    - Level 1 Clearance required to access file.

    - 1996 - year that Renard was operating in Moscow.

    - 009 - 00 agent who shot Renard in the head.

    Renard's File Information (some is obscured by M):
    - 37: Age.
    - 5'9": Height.

    - 100 - amount of years passed since Elektra's family discovered the Azerbaijan oil.

    - 800 - amount of miles that Elektra plans to have the pipeline stretch to.

    - 8, 20, 30, 40, 50 - dial numbers on Bond's watch.

    - Typical roulette wheel numbers shown in the casino.

    - 4 - amount of pipelines competing with Elektra's.

    - $1 million, US - amount of credit line Sir Robert King had in Zukovsky's casino (and amount that Elektra 'loses' to Zukovsky.)

    - 3 - amount of cards Bond requests to be buried.

    Blackjack Table:
    - Pays 3 to 2
    - ...must draw to 16
    - 2 to 1

    Bond's fake VISA credit card:
    - 4000123456789010 - card number.
    - 1998 - year the card was issued
    - 12/02 - expiration date (almost like his exit from the Bond series)

    - 27-BA-618 - Davidov's license plate number.

    - M/K 159 J1 19 - crate numbers located behind Bond as he goes to move Davidov's body.

    - 00(Russian word)54 - listing on the plutonium that Dr. Jones is extracting.

    - 987-09N - Dr. Jones' badge number.

    - 4 - amount of test sites decommissioned the previous year.

    - 2000 - Portadec listing outside.

    - 5 - number on the side of what appears to be a generator next to the Portadecs.

    - 6 - amount of months Dr. Jones has spent cleaning up Arkov's bombs.

    - 26 - number of the bunker that Bond enters.

    - G165M - weapons crate listing outside of the bunker.

    - 21 - bunker tunnel listing that Bond sees to his right upon entering.

    - 63 - Dr. Arkov's age.

    - 29 - bunker tunnel listing located behind Bond when he has his gun on Renard.

    - (Russian word)80472 - bomb number that Renard is attempting to retrieve from the bunker.

    - 100 - number atop the generator that Dr. Jones starts up to open the doors.

    - 05.00 - amount in seconds that Renard's bomb starts on, ticking all the way down to 00.00.

    - 9 - number seen next to some Russian letters on the bottom-right of the same bomb.

    - 545600 - separate listing on the aforementioned bomb.

    - 45 - number on the top of the silo that Bond and Jones escape from.

    - 10 - amount of men killed at the pipeline.

    - 9, 10, 11, 12 - Rig Stations shown on the monitor (numerous more are shown once the camera pans out, some are hard to make out, but they range from 1 to the 30's.)

    Pipeline bomb details:
    - Rig 00
    - Vel. 71.45
    - RS 09 - location
    - KR35-9 - Rig Number
    - 70mph - Rig Speed
    - 45 degrees - Meter Temp.
    - 69.4 - Flowrate
    - 2000 - Length
    - 2.0654 - Diameter
    - 30 - Pressure Up
    - 18 - Pressure Down
    - 70 - Stan. Temp.
    - 14.2 - Stan. Press.
    - 1 - Efficiency

    - 78 - amount of minutes Bond and Jones have to reach the rig and defuse the bomb.

    - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 - GMY Valve numbers.

    - 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 - speed in MPH the rig can travel.

    - 5000 - timer the HP Windows tablet (I suppose) that Jones uses starts on.
    - 1:40 - first look at the timer of the bomb, giving them 100 seconds left.

    - 06/K9 - number located next to the stripped screwheads.

    - 50 - amount of yards destroyed on the pipeline due to the dud bomb.

    - 6 - amount of kilos of weapons-grade plutonium that Renard has.

    - Seven Heaven - name of Renard's boat.

    - 8:00:30 PM - time the clock is on when Renard first shows it to M.

    - 12:00 PM - time M is scheduled to die.

    - $5,000 - amount in dollars of beluga caviar that Bond ruins when he slams Zukovsky into the wall.

    - 20 - amount in megatons of the nuclear bomb.

    - V354 FMP - Bond's license plate number on the Z8.

    - 99 - registration year expiration date on Zukovsky's car.

    - 11:00 PM (?) - Bond passes a clock that appears to set the time at almost 11 PM.

    - 6:30 PM - the time shown on the clock when M asks for it back.

    - 2 6-digit numbers cycled every 15 seconds once M installs the locator card into the clock.

    - Numerous numbers are shown once Renard and his men gather the dead submarine crew members, but most of them are obscured by his goons.

    - 30 - time in minutes required to set up the machine to make the plutonium rod.

    - 5 - amount of turns needed in the torture chair to break Bond's neck.

    - 8 million - amount of people who will die via the meltdown and subsequent explosion.

    - 84-145 95 - number located on pipe when Bond catches the guard lighting a cigarette in the sub.

    - 87 PITA - located on the plutonium drill.

    - P30A - located on door behind the plutonium drill as it's being assembled.

    - 23 and 24 - located on some panels as Bond pursues Renard.

    - 1178w, P15 - numbers on the door to the control room.

    - 17 - number on a pipe in the control room.

    - 84 and 45 - numbers on panels in the control room.

    - 1.25, 1.00, 0.75, 0.50, 0.25, 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25 - numbers on the controls for lowering the sub.

    - 100 - listed below the sub leveling controls.

    - 100 - amount of feet Renard wants the sub leveled to.

    - MC-201 - wall listing behind two of Renard's men sitting at the controls.

    - 180, 160, 140, 120, 100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 0, -20, -30, -40, -50, -60, -70 - sub level listing controls, shown three times.

    - 32 - number on a door that Renard passes through to get back to the control room to stop Bond.

    - 1, 2, 3 - numbers on the switches that Christmas must hit to let Bond back into the sub.

    - 07, 01 - numbers on the hatch that Bond uses to get out of the sub. (just dawned on me that Bond tells Christmas if he fails to use the same hatch to get out...which is irrelevant, because if Bond does fail, she's dead, anyway!)

    - 6-28 - numbers on the hatch that Bond uses to get back into the sub.

    - 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, danger levels - numbers showing the level difference as Renard inserts the plutonium.

    - 507, 32 (mixed in with Russian alphabet) - numbers on the hatch that the plutonium rod falls on when Bond first attacks Renard.

    - 233702 - number on the wall inside the duct that Bond is kicked into.

    - 28-4-67, 32 - numbers on a bag that Bond is laying on.

    - 4-941912/00 - numbers next to the hose bit that is disconnected inside the duct.

    - 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 - smaller numbers on the reactor level difference screen.

    - 24-438, numbers shown on a pipe next to the hose that Bond uses to kill Renard.

    - 508 - numbers on a piece of the sub as Bond climbs his way up to escape.

    - 05, 04, 02, 01, 00 - numbers shown in the countdown that'll shoot Bond and Christmas out of the sub.

    - 05, 05, 02, 02, 492, 0-1-76 - numbers on the hatch that Bond and Christmas use to escape.

    - 3-3-3-11, 1M - panel numbers shown as the controls spark before the sub implodes.

    - F1, F2, F3, F4, 1, 2, 3 - numbers shown on R's keyboard.
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    Creasy47 wrote: »
    Also, I won't be as thorough as others have been, as some things are too blurry to jot down, and I don't see the point in noting every single license plate number of every car shown on screen. I'm just going for unique, stand-out numbers that aren't as common.)

    This is no doubt a jab at me, haha! Yes, I'll agree with you. When I start a project, I tend to get OCD and go mad for a time. ;). Great work so far.
  • NickTwentyTwoNickTwentyTwo Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    837737 - The password Bond uses for the poker game in CR; corresponding to VESPER
    Although in the scene where he creates the password, he hits '4' corresponding to no letter in VESPER whatsoever.
    Popped into my head when I read the thread title.
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  • chrisisallchrisisall Brosnan Defender Of The Realm
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    double post
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    Good work @Creasy47 .
  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    Good work @Creasy47 .

    He ain't done yet, but 'tis shaping up nicely.

  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    Many thanks! Yeah, I went out to town with a friend tonight so I had to stop, but I'll be wrapping it up tomorrow for sure.
  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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    Excellent work @Creasy47. Who wants to do DAD?
  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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  • BondJasonBond006BondJasonBond006 on fb and ajb
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    Well DAD is in my Top 10 of the Bond movies and I'm probably the only one here that finds DAD just amazing!!

    I can do it... ;)
  • Creasy47Creasy47 In Cuba with Natalya.Moderator
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    Well DAD is in my Top 10 of the Bond movies and I'm probably the only one here that finds DAD just amazing!!

    I can do it... ;)

    When I rewatched it, I was thinking during the PTS "Man, I'm glad I didn't sign up for doing the numbers in this movie!", simply because I remember spotting a bunch when Bond takes the helicopter to Colonel Moon's compound. Good luck!

    I only have QoS and SF left in my Bondathon, and I PROMISE I'll finish that TWINE numbers list once I'm done. All I have is fifteen minutes or so to scan in the finale and that'll finalize it.
  • BondJasonBond006BondJasonBond006 on fb and ajb
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    Ok, I will do this on Monday, very interesting idea and I'm sure it's a unique experience to watch a movie like that.
  • PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
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    It's pretty amazing to see us all build the thread together. Thanks for the interest.
  • BondJasonBond006BondJasonBond006 on fb and ajb
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    I finished doing Die Another Day by numbers. An harrowing experience :)) to catch all numbers on screen. Luckily I got to do it with one of my favourite Bond movies.
    DAD is so underrated that it hurts. A truly great PTS, Cuba, Fencing Club, Iceland, car chase, Icarus plane sequence, Miranda Frost, Gustav Graves...bloody great. And about 10 seconds or horrid CGI cannot make me prejudiced against that movie.

    I'm pretty sure I got about anything that looked like a number on screen. But I did not include those numbers that were just a blur and I would have to guess most of it.

    So here it is, ladies and gents, I give you DIE ANOTHER DAY in numbers:
    sidenote: I put something in bold lettering. And yes that really was displayed on the computer screen at MI6 :P


    2 C4 explosive devices hidden in Bond's surf board

    Helicopter navigation system:
    -Nav Beacon 254B, Current Heading 094, New Heading 075
    -Com 126.237, 231.45, Heading required 075, Correction -19, Current Heading 094
    Helicopter identification numbers: P-71, MI-8T

    2 C4 explosive devices in Bond's suitcase
    0009 number on side of explosives

    Bonds Omega watch: Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000, clock-face 20, 30, 40, 50

    741-3257 Military vehicle numberplate
    68-12-6 Vehicle identification number
    34-67-8 Another Military vehicle identification number

    44-081, 18-457 numberplate on luxury cars, Porsche and a blue-red car

    78-23-6 Another Military vehicle identification number

    Sony Ericsson Phone of Zao: on display: MI6 File 2747 on James Bond, 007, Division 00

    78/90 Military Tank identification number

    89900/3 Military Vehicle identification number

    007 appearing in title sequence

    14 months later (forced subtitles)

    241-3326 Military vehicle numberplate
    23890/5 Vehicle identification number
    6279/08 Military vehicle identification number
    45-90-6 Another Military vehicle identification number

    Bond in hospital medical examination room:
    Heart Monitor 2DFT, 40-505
    110/70 95 Heart Rate 60
    70/40 60 Heart Rate 56, 52, 44
    30/20 60 Heart Rate 38
    30/20 35 Heart Rate 30
    0/0 0

    30/0 35 Heart Rate 0
    30/20 35 Heart Rate 14, 30, 38
    70/20 60 Heart Rate 38
    70/40 60 Heart Rate 44, 52, 56
    110/70 95 Heart Rate 60

    Bond in hotel room:
    61 Bollinger Bottle

    209121 Hong Kong Fright Ticket to Cuba: Licence No

    Bond in Cuba:
    PH-60433 Taxi numberplate

    270 Number on Raoul Havana Tobacco Boxes

    3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 14, 17, 21, 24, 32, 87, 155, 383, 5°, 22° Numbers on map of cuba

    40 number on road sign
    BM-84763 numberplate on Ford Fairlane in Cuba

    42 Hotel room number of tourists

    2,000,000.- number on bank cheque
    11.11.2002 date on bank cheque
    1,000,000, 100,000, 10,000, 1,000, 100, 10, 1 numbers in fields of bank cheque
    20-00-01 serial number on bank cheque
    009321002 account number on bank cheque

    08.08.73, GJ/093-B, 03.03.02, (001-310) 555-4267 numbers on medical file of Jinx
    ABC 1234M 1234M 1234 numbers on photo of Jinx in medical file

    10, 11 hospital room numbers

    15.12.03 number on Zao’s medical file on computer screen

    GT5000/X2 model number of MRI in clinic

    03:00:00, 02:59:24, 02:59:23, 02:59:22, 02:59:21, 02:59:20, 02:59:19, 02:59:18, 02:59:17, 02:59:16, 02:59:15 countdown on Jinx’s phone
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 keyboard numbers on Jinx’s phone
    00:00:20 to 00:00:00 countdown on Jinx’s phone

    CU-H13 identification number of Zao’s getaway Helicopter

    2588 internal phone number at MI6 on display on Moneypenny’s phone
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 keyboards on Moneypenny’s phone

    52 number on photograph’s shirt in London in front of Buckingham Palace
    BT51 EKB numberplate of Graves Range Rover

    0 - 0 score board in fencing club
    0 - 1 score board in fencing club

    1, 2, 3 numbers that can be seen in the tube station below the Tower Bridge

    2, 5 numbers that can be seen on promotional posters in the tube station

    KE02 EWW numberplate on Aston Martin Vanquish

    FD-472, 2928 numbers on file of Miranda Frost

    ER1634 numberplate on Ford Thunderbird

    Numberplate on cars parked outside the Ice Palace:
    SD1254, AC-475, ED1471, TH1548, CP1354, CV-123

    Numbers on security system screen of Gustav Graves:
    B-2 Security Area, Code 3490, Sector T-034, Time 23:09:00

    9V, A5 numbers on laser cutter crane system

    TH 548, JK 891, UY 871, EB 634 numberplate on cars on car park outside the Ice Palace

    Numbers on Icaruscam:
    Status 3644, +342055W_070NE, 00:00:35

    1 to 15, 21 to 30, 32 to 41 numbers on stop watch clock face

    3919 number on cylindrical container outside the Ice Palace

    OR 203 (02) on Jaguar XKR (Zao’s car)

    Numbers on Aston Martin’s navigation system screen: a few numbers were too blurry.
    66542603 N, 23876694 E, 37°
    66540466 N, 23875275 E, 23°
    66539383 N, 23874557 E, 21°
    6653835 N, 23873856 E, 20°
    66537247 N, 2387338 E, 18°
    66536179 N, 23872421 E, 17°
    6653518 N, 23871704 E, 16°
    66534042 N, 2387002 E, 14°
    66532974 N, 23873265 E, 13°
    66531906 N, 23869568 E, 11°
    66530823 N, 23868866 E, 10°
    66529755 N, 23868149 E, 9°
    66528687 N, 23867482 E, 7°
    66527618 N, 23866714 E, 6°
    66526550 N, 23866013 E, 4°
    66525482 N, 23865295 E, 3°
    66524414 N, 23864578 E, 1°
    66523346 N, 23863861 E, 0°
    66522263 N, 23863159 E, 0°
    66521194 N, 23862442 E, 0°

    66542603 N, 23876694 E, 37° 36° 35° 34°, 33°, 32°, 31°, 30°, 29°, 28°, 27°

    03-248 numberplate on Military vehicle

    CV2 number on screen in MI6 commando base

    4540 KG, 2270 KG numbers on interior of Military plane

    Mission Window on screen in MI6 commando base:
    A980 X569 FR17 K689 B267
    Apache 500RN 03 09

    Numbers on screen in MI6 commando base:
    3784 1476 3436 3263 3872 2976 3542
    00:00:17:11 to 00:00:14:16 countdown backwards
    365020, 1840, 1850, 1860 G198—0 crosshairs numbers on screen
    00:00:05:21 to 00:00:04:07
    3843 2376 3642, 9464 3753 7532, 3485 4364 3764, 0000, 4893-3-34
    AT381-2 Missile number
    Gobledeegook = 384 - 3784ty, 83 3 283hd83nd 83 hd 8, d383dh 83d, dh38dh du3ghd, dj389hd hd83 dh8w d93h

    10 5 5 10, Range to target 00085, numbers on crosshairs on Bond’s sniper rifle

    6279/08 identification number on Military vehicle
    51-595 numberplate on yellow Ferrari on Graves’ airplane
    36-146 numberplate on red Ferrari on Graves’ airplane

    Gustav Graves special goggles with build in screen:
    128° x 39° Icarus, 127° x 40° Target, Orbit 22,252, Bandwith 17mhz, Longtitude 128.45°, Latitude 39.53°
    127° x 40° Icarus, 127° x 40° Target, Orbit 22,252, Bandwith 17mhz, Longtitude 127.00°, Latitude 40.00°

    R11, R09, R7D numbers on various screens in Graves’ airplane
    CETKA 3, on Kitchen cabinet in Graves’ airplane
    Airplane altimeter in cockpit:
    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 / 178 00 Feet 0860 Milibars, Altitude 05356, x1000, x10, 36, 72
    ACT 26.65, 126.65, 116.00, 116.00, ADFT 338.0, 338.0

    511 identification number of helicopter in which Bond and Jinx get away from Graves’ airplane
    88 Bus line number seen on double-decker bus in London

    5984958/BO File number of Miranda Frost, 00 FD-472

    On Moneypenny’s computer screen:
    Case Notes 00/JA/CLASS947 DELT49

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