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    Reading through this thread directed me to watch TB last night…. I have such an incredible soft spot, rate it highly, think it’s Connery’s best, and realize some (some, not all), of my love is tainted because it was the first Bond film I saw (it was on tv, and I must have been four or five); it still has that magic… from punching out the “widow” at the beginning, to Bond vs Lippe at Shrublands, to the glory that is Nassau, to a hijacked jet camouflaged in the ocean, to the psychopathic and cold Fiona Volpe (no femme fatale has been able to touch this character)…

    It’s just so fantastical and Connery was so smooth… His face-off with Fiona has always been , and will continue to be, one of the best confrontations in the Bond series.

    That film was always butchered for network TV. I recall the who Fiona and Bond in bed with the caged animal was chopped by ABC. Also the death of Colonel was cut so you didn't see the final pull back by Bond. The mink glove scene was chopped as well. I remember my first viewing of TB on VHS it was almost like discovering a deleted scene.

    I think it has more to do with the borderline explicit content: in the caged animal scene you can pretty much tell when Fiona Volpe is being penetrated.
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    Fiona and Largo are both great villains. Fiona provides the sass and sex. Largo is suave and cultured like Bond. He is different from previous Bond villains but very watchable.

    "Your coat, sir?"

    "Happy landings!"
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    I believe in a Starlog interview with Richard Maibuam he seemed to indicate they had to invent things to make Largo appear more villainous. I think the Quist sequence fits into that. Even the dialogue between Fiona and Largo while Bond circles overhead comes across that Fiona is in charge. The film suffers a lack of energy when she dies.

    The whole Quist sequence makes little to now sense. It was supposed to be the day after Bond meets Largo at the Casino but for some reason that I can't recall was shuffled to be before Bond meets Largo. Now we have Quist returning after Bond punches Leiter for uttering double-o-7. Then Bond and Leiter say double-o-7 in front of Quist. Hunt did what he could with the editing but Young left him with a bit of a mess.
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