If you could re-make any of the Bond movies... (Future of bond)



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    Yeah, I really hope they remake the series and modernize it/improve most of the ones that can be improved. In fact, it might be possible that once Craig leaves after Bond 25, it starts again in Dr No (since this is a reboot).

    As for improvements I can list in any such remakes, bear with me:

    1. First and foremost, Diamonds Are Forever and You Only Live Twice need to be swapped around, desperately. I just can't get myself to believe that a movie called Diamonds Are Forever could be a suitable revenge story for Bond after what happened to his wife in OHMSS. Conversely, You Only Live Twice belongs after OHMSS, and it should be a proper revenge story where Bond gets the help of the Japanese (rather than MI6, just to reinforce the notion that MI6 does not support Bond's personal affairs) to kill Blofeld and Irma Bunt, who just vanished after appearing in OHMSS. Having Bond strangle Blofeld to death would be particularly fulfilling. Just shooting Irma Bunt in the head would suffice for revenge, too.

    2. The first three movies are pretty much spot-on. For remakes, they need to be adjusted for a more modern time (more modern tech and settings, etc.), and in Dr No, Bond can't be unaware of SPECTRE since he already knows of its existence, but he should be surprised of Dr No's affiliation with it or something along those lines.

    3. Thunderball needs less underwater/island sequences, in my opinion. Maybe they'll be more appealing with digital enhancements, but too much will still be an off-putting element.

    4. Live and Let Die should involve some elements of the book, such as Felix Leiter getting mauled by the shark, and similar elements which were borrowed for LTK. Mr Big needs to be killed coldly by being fed to the sharks like in the novel, not inflated and blown up like in the film. That being said, some of the film's scenes are good and should be reused - I'm thinking along the lines of Bond running along several crocodiles' backs. Perhaps Tee-hee could meet his demise at the hand of those crocodiles. No Sheriff J.W. Pepper, either.

    5. The Man With The Golden Gun needs to have less focus on Scaramanga's third nipple (lol), and no side plots like the solex agitator and what not. It should be purely a rivalry between the world's greatest pistol marksmen - Bond, and Scaramanga. Both setting out to kill one another. And definitely no Sheriff J.W. Pepper in this one.

    6. The Spy Who Loved Me, if remade with modern cinematography and effects, is already on its way to being one of the all-time greats. I recommend not having Jaws in the car that goes over the cliff, and the comedic scene where he drops the rock on his feet needs to be removed. Stromberg should be written to be less Blofeld-like, and the third act of the film should be faster-paced. Otherwise, things should be kept more or less the same and you've got possibly the best Bond flick ever.

    7. Moonraker needs a major overhaul. Most of the comedic elements need to be ditched. Jaws shouldn't come back at all, and the space scenes need to be wiped clean off the table. More of the darker scenes like Corinne's death scene would be welcome. Otherwise, sticking more towards Fleming's novel is the way to go.

    8. For Your Eyes Only should either ditch the Blofeld opening, or have Blofeld become the main villain of the story for one last time. This time, he can wear the neck brace and what not, and be revealed as having survived getting choked to death in YOLT or something along those lines. Bibi isn't needed; otherwise it can be kept the same.

    9. Octopussy has to get rid of the Cold War connotations. The enemy should be changed to some worldwide/multi-national smuggling syndicate, with less of the comedic scenes like the Tarzan yell. And preferably no clown disguises at all. Alternatively, and I think this is the better option, Octopussy should just be derived from the short story, with the script expanded to fit a 2.5 hour movie. Of course, it shouldn't be a flashback, and Octopussy's character/backstory from the film should be kept, but I like the idea of a Major being a villain and a villain committing suicide for once.

    10. A View To A Kill needs to ditch the theme of horses. It should be something about Max Zorin leading a multi-national corporation but also having a sect of assassins in private. To provide a potential plot, one of Bond's contacts in Paris gets assassinated by Mayday (one of the assassins), which prompts Bond to pursue her. They could have a fight on the Eiffel Tower ala the crane fight in Casino Royale, with Mayday escaping. Bond should chase her in an intense car chase of sorts, basically a "race against the clock". Mayday can get onto the ship again, with Bond making it on. They have a brief tussle or something before Mayday escapes. Afterwards, Bond can use a disguise to infiltrate Zorin's company, and talk with Zorin for some time to uncover his plans, before Mayday finds out that Bond is infiltrating Zorin's organization. Then the rest of the movie unfolds, with Bond trying to evade Mayday and Zorin whilst trying to stop the latter's genius plan.

    Somehow, the Siberia Ice Chase could be implemented (I'm a fan of it), but without some of the comedic rubbish like the Beach Boys' theme. I suppose it'd tie in well with something Zorin plans - with Bond trying to stop a vital element of the plan and succeeding in doing so, before being discovered and chased by many of Zorin's goons on skis. Just for intensity and a sense of danger, the helicopter and snowmobile soldiers should also be brought back. That could set the scene for one of Bond's greatest ice chases, if not the greatest.

    I'll make another post addressing some of the later Bonds and how they could be improved if they get remade.
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    Soft remake of FYEO or LTK
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    I wouldn't remake one movie really but I would like to be Bond 25 similar to Spectre with making many homages and re-enacting sequences of past Bond movies.

    In Spectre we get
    a plane/car chase that is almost a re-enactment of the great tank chase in GoldenEye
    a helicopter ride through the alps with arriving at Piz Gloria...pardon me...an alpine clinic (OHMSS)
    a train fight that resembles the one in FRWL
    a speed boat sequence that is at first again almost a re-enactment of the one in TWINE

    and there is much more.

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    What about remaking the novels to the letter of Flemings writing in a TV drama format? Imagine seeing Moonraker done the way Fleming wrote it, as a 50's period piece/drama/action adventure show. Each book could become a seasons worth of episodes and it would allow for more nuanced portrayals of the stories. Again, Moonraker feels like a perfect example to me for this. Imagine the bridge game at Blades where Bond and M have dinner and get drunk and then take down Drax at cards done properly over an hour long episode. I really like this idea...

    I've longheld this idea of doing a TV series alongside the main film series, which takes some of the less expansive and fantastical Fleming novels, like Moonraker, and adapts them as period pieces for TV. I get how the franchise has kept going by changing with the times and don't think the films should ever be period or remake earlier etires, but this TV idea seems good to me. Just as they have been doing radio adaptations on the BBC with Toby Stephens as Bond.
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    Said it before and will say it again, none of them, even the DAD ice berg sequence! It is a part of the Bond movie history.
  • It's clear they've been re-imagining Bond lore, and that's as far as it should go. No remakes.

    The next thing that would be logical to re-imagine is Bond's marriage and his wife's death. Not a remake of OHMSS, but a re-imagining of Bond history in this new era. They'll have to be careful, though, as OHMSS is so beloved, it would be near impossible to top it.
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    I don't think any should be re-made. But if such a thing were to happen, then I'd plump for Moneyraker, sorry Moonraker to be done a la Fleming's book, which I think is one of his best.
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    I don't think any should be re-made. But if such a thing were to happen, then I'd plump for Moneyraker, sorry Moonraker to be done a la Fleming's book, which I think is one of his best.

    I think Moonraker is Fleming's best Bond novel, certainly. :)
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    I'd agree up to a point @Dragonpol. But what would you do in terms of plot, though? The rocket is certainly dated. (Maybe the Trident missile system, in place of the Moonraker?) And would you keep most of the story centered in England? (It'll help keep the budget down!)
  • the latest one SPECTRE

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    They need to redo the films based on novels that actually weren't based on their respective books.

  • I would not remake any of the films, but I would love to revisit locations previous from the classic Bond films in the 'modern' world.

    Bond in Tokyo, for example. Or Brazil.
  • Bond and Madeleine have another adventure, get married, Oberhauser/Irma Bunt kill her at the end of the film. (Bond 25)

    Bond goes after Oberhauser, exacts his revenge (Bond 26)

    This would also complete the "deal" that Christoph Waltz stated, saying that he would continue to play for 2 more films, if Daniel Craig does them as well.

  • What do you a think a modern remake of Goldfinger would be like?
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    What do you a think a modern remake of Goldfinger would be like?

    I think they tried that, and we got A View To A Kill.


    As much as I enjoy Goldfinger, it's a sixties Bond film. I don't think audiences today would be thrilled by an updated version of it. If it's anything like the fans who disliked TFA because it was a similar to Star Wars, then I can't see Bond fans or anyone for that matter liking a remake of Goldfinger.
    I don't like remakes, why can't writers come up with something original?
    It really isn't that hard. Just use some imagination and thought. Remakes are a lazy option.
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    I would like to see a Bond movie that more closely follows the Live and Let Die novel. And I'd love to see Lennie James play Felix Leiter in it. Bits and pieces of the novel were sprinkled throughout the franchise but I don't think the effect was as good as in the original story. I'm currently at a loss for living actors I'd like to see play the villain though as he is described as being very large. Last I heard the producers had sworn off "re-makes" though. A much closer film adaptation of Moonraker would be nice some day too.
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    Yep. LALD. I'd love to see the diving sequence and a well cast Mr Big.
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    I think if they ever wanted to try to remake the older films, they could take a page out of the J.J. Abrams and his Star Trek movies. The two movies he's done aren't remakes but they take elements from the original series of films from the 70s and 80s, and then twist them around to make a new story. I don't want to see the same story that's already been told, but I like the idea of them doing a kind of modern-day equivalent.
  • Goldfinger remake
  • Bond in Vegas, this time without the camp humor, please.
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    Agent001 wrote: »
    Goldfinger remake

    Get out of my garden.

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    The only Bond film I think EON would even "consider" remaking is Thunderball, and that's only because McClory's hands were all over the original (which was still a great film) and because he muddied it further with Never Say Never Again. There might be a sense within Eon that they want to go about doing the film as their own enterprise.

    I'll double down on this.

    Christoph Waltz as Blofeld (in a larger role than Blofeld had in the original)
    Oscar Isaac as Largo
    Morena Baccarin as Domino
    Karen Gillan as Fiona Volpe
    Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter
    Michael Shannon as Vargas
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    None of them. Thunderball was perfect.
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    Murdock wrote: »
    None of them. Thunderball was perfect.
    Lazy idea. Just make good new films.

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    chrisisall wrote: »
    Murdock wrote: »
    None of them. Thunderball was perfect.
    Lazy idea. Just make good new films.
    Here here. Bond movies don't need remade.
  • I agree, but i would have no issue revisiting places seen before. Brazil. Tokyo. China. Vegas as well.
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    Well, the operative word in the title of the thread is "IF." :D
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    I want a re-make of FYEO with Timothy Dalton as Bond. He can do it. Just watch him kick-ass in Penny Dreadful. Plus, FYEO could be transformed into today's world easily, story wise.

    Re-make Skyfall with Pierce Brosnan, kick Silva into an Austin Powers movie where he fits in perfectly and get some decent British actor as villain. Drop the stupid soap opera plot and of course no tear-jerker ending with a dying M.
    M will save the day sacrificing herself in the end, so her death has a meaning.
    Brosnan is better than ever and can do it.

    Three's a charm.
    So re-make OHMSS with Daniel Craig, Swann is his Tracy. Therefore Waltz has to come back as well. Get George Lazenby to do a cameo appearance.
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    Licence to kill
    Only thing to change when bond captured by his own side turns out reason that M did not want
    him involved is that 008 and mi6 Hong Kong agent with two of tigers ninjas were planning bring
    the main villain down in long running mission.
    Spy who loved me
    The lotus does not become a sub but longer running car chase and its defence systems get used
    and jaws men are pro ex soldiers not small time local mafia .
    Bond and xxx go swimming using diving gear and bond underwater diving tank is one he used at the end of thunderball for the underwater battle .
    The villain lives on ocean liner
    There would be night time car chase when there chased by a helicopter and the car brings it down and has a stealth mode like the one used in recent batman films.
    And xxx would not be xxx but the major would be part of iron hammer section she would be
    iron hammer 10
    Jaws is called jaws of death but is he's called jaws as it's easier but has no metal teeth
    and he more like bane fron dark knight rises.
    Moonraker would be missiles defence system like in the book drax has build't icbms in a secret
    with a bio warhead from the plant turn a former city and temple into a secret base and home for
    his new master race and he has a kill switch that would turn off the moonraker off.
    Drax is been investigated because he sold moonraker to Warsaw Pact countries and there allies
    And drax has sold moonraker to nato and its allies
    And at end off the film a big battle at temple in stoping drax
    Man with a golden gun
    Man with a golden gun would be more like the book
    With him using gold Colt 45 and gold derringer
    International villain that lives the good life but works number governments
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    Bronson era
    The BMW' s replaced with DB 7
    The world is not enough
    Lord King would have two daughters and would be half-sisters
    Electra would be the good one
    Ms Christmas the bad one
    it would be more about sibling in-fighting for control of business empire and the oil
    Ms Christmas Would be more female JR Ewing
    Die another day
    The DBS would not vashish
    The Good guys would be bond , jink , ms frost who would be 006 sent undercover as graves PA
    A duel between two of Q cars the jag and DBS vanquish
    The bad guys would be graves , moon , zaol , and the major or oversaw 007 toture she would be the villainess of the film also she be spy assigned to both moons and she gave bond up at the start of the film
    Jink and falco are CIA
    Moon and graves would be different people for the film not the same person
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