No Time To Die: Production Diary



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    MGW on the "no title": "I can't remember the last time we had a title when we announced the beginning of the film."

    Eh.... SPECTRE?

    So Jamaica will feature early in the movie?

    Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

    Oh...another rogue "I'm not working for MI6" story?

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    Not lying. That synopsis sounds almost identical to a fan fiction piece I wrote a few years ago.
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    Well I'm very satisfied with all the news we've got today.
    So there was no title. It's not the first time a Bond film has gone into production without one.
    We do have a brief synopsis, but more importantly a confirmed cast.
    Very happy to have Malek confirmed, though possibly the worst kept secret concerning this Bond film.
    Really happy to have Jeffrey Wright back. Great news.
    Very happy Bond fan here. Good end to my day.
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    So...what is tomorrow about?
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    Good news and bad news is what I got out of it.

    Full cast announced! I'm really happy about everyone returning and new.
    Jamaica will be a beautiful locale and the set looked great.
    Confirmed locations (but we already knew)

    NO title yet?
    Awkward interviews? Daniel especially seemed like he would rather be anywhere but there haha.
    It was all over in 20 minutes.

    Daniel has never been the greatest of public speakers so no real shock. As long as he delivers in the film that's what counts!

    I think Malek could make a creepy villain. Looks like it could be spot-on casting. :)
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    Great cast and one of the strongest overall selections of actors for a while. I'm pleased as punch - but the live stream was a bit rough and ready - as others have commented on.

    Having produced live streams for some global companies in the past - they're a particularly high-stress experience. It's like live TV with zero margin for error and a multitude of points of failure. We'd call them "Bum Squeakers" for when something went wrong. But hopefully, we'll have more of this kind of presentation throughout the production and I'm sure they'll get slicker.

    But let's focus again on the positives - what an amazing cast!!!!
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    The Rory Kinnear video is priceless. Has that been posted on Hilarious if so.
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    Sorry to be a moaner, but no title! How anticlimactic. The 'interaction' with social media
    added nothing whatsoever. It was only to generate awareness over social media. Questions were picked that would have been asked anyway, and they were the usual dull generic questions and answers, such as "how are you feeling?". I didn't expect more than that really. But I WAS looking forward to the title. We did get a video of a hut being built though.

    Either they are having trouble deciding between multiple titles, or they just haven't got one yet. If they DID have a title, can any of you suggest what the reason for not revealing it could be??

    This will be ANOTHER film where Bond is not just DOING HIS JOB. He's retired at the beginning. Every one of Craig's films has him being doubted, relieved of duty, or considered 'too old'. This is for another comment I think, but why can we not just have a film of Bond being given a mission, going off to investigate, getting in over his head and relying on his wits to get out of it alive? This'll probably be another film where everything is a struggle and where Bond spends most of his time getting help from Q, Moneypenny and M over Skype.

    But.. I hope not.
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    As @Getafix stated, the outline does sound quite Dr. No-ish. Rami Malek as the mysterious villain armed with a dangerous new technology. I wonder what this "dangerous new technology" could possibly be? Maybe a more advanced EMP electromagnetic pulse type tech, perhaps, which would be an update on the GoldenEye weapon? I suppose an EMP attack would be quite topical.
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    Dali Benssalah:

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    Craig looks like he’s being held prisoner. He’s nowhere near excited as he was on Colbert. It looks like they threw everything out from Boyle and we are getting a straight spectre sequel. There’s a lot of new characters, maybe too many. No Bautista or waltz.
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    I'm so stoked Ana de Armas is the next Bond girl! She is so beautiful and is excellent in Blade Runner 2049. Lashana Lynch is someone I had no idea would be in Bond. She is one of the key emotional pieces of Captain Marvel. And I'm genuinely surprised they bought Felix back (didn't think they would do it).
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    I was kinda mad when Barbara reviled that Bond is out of active duty at the beginning of the film. It might be wise for me to avoid this thread completely since I don't want to know anything about the plot.
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    TripAces wrote: »
    So...what is tomorrow about?

    Exclusive interviews I guess. Sky airing some tonight, GMB I presume tomorrow morning followed by GMA across the pond.

    @Zekidk when was the last time they had an actual tagline for a Bond film at all? At least we have a synopsis

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    I'm so stoked Ana de Armas is the next Bond girl! She is so beautiful and is excellent in Blade Runner 2049. Lashana Lynch is someone I had no idea would be in Bond. She is one of the key emotional pieces of Captain Marvel. And I'm genuinely surprised they bought Felix back (didn't think they would do it).

    I remember seeing her in War Dogs. Thought she was gorgeous. Couldn't be happier about that.
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    Mallory wrote: »
    Still no composer announced :(

    This is what disappointed me the most. Very, very happy about Felix's return - definitely the best piece of news we got since 2015 - but I wish they would tell us who will compose the score.
    For those unfamiliar with him, David Dencik is one hell of an actor. Other than the return of Jeffrey Wright, this was the casting that made me most pleasantly surprised.

    Edit: Rory Kinnear's video is brilliant!

    Tanner is to many people the real hero of Bond films :)) Gotta admit I love the guy's sense of humor :))

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    FoxRox wrote: »
    An underwhelming show - and I am ticked off at still not having a title - but some notable takeaways. Getting Jeffrey Wright back is an enormous win. Ana de Armas is a great choice, Malek confirmed is nice. Casting wise I couldn’t ask for much better. But beyond that we barely know anything we didn’t before...

    My thoughts exactly. At first i was dissaspointed with there being no title reveal, BUT the cast made up for it. Really hyped to get Jeffrey Wright back, Ana de Armas is so beautiful couldn't asked for much better. Malek confirmation is also nice like you said. We got some information on the film though, Bond is apparently chilling at Jamaica. I thought the PTS was going to be the matera bit? With Bond visiting a grave and then a car chase..

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    If Eon have been constantly rewriting the screenplay they could have used the current climate change debate as part of the storyline. Blofeld Jnr (Malek) uses a weapon to change the weather and threatens the world with constant snow!

    Does that sound ridiculous! Yeah, but it's Bond, baby!!!!

    Another plot could be artificial intelligence - the rise of robots or something. Not quite Terminator type robots but some enhanced intelligence in league with the main villains. I wouldn't mind that in Bond 26 rather than Bond 26 - it's hard to imagine Daniel Craig's Bond fighting robots!

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    I'm glad the fans are happy about this event. Unfortunately Bond twitter and the video live stream just shows how disappointed the general public is. I agree with them.

    I will admit, the synopsis sounds good and the cast is pretty excellent. I am very happy with Ana de Armas as a huge fan of BR2049, and Jefferey Wright is so good he steals the show from Craig.

    Still, Craig has proven to me to be completely outdated and archaic as Bond. Cary's answers were so lame. I'm skeptical about this movie. Spectre also had a great cast in theory, and that was a colossal letdown.
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    I wonder if the title reveal will be tomorrow instead?
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    The 'secret weapon' nonsense is always just a bit of a McGuffin. The meat is in the character interactions, dialogue and visuals. Hoping Cary hits it out of the park.

    I've never even seen Malik talk before. I thought his little snippet suggested he'll make a decent pantomime villain if nothing more.

    Still getting over how amateurish the live stream was. Frankly why not just prerecord the whole thing. The presenter was awful - could they have found anyone less knowledgeable and awkward? It felt like a bad segment from British daytime TV, which is what it was I suppose.

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    Quick glance at the cast. (And what a cast it is!)

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    That was what I expected to be honest. We know the cast have to remain tight lipped, and BB and MGW are always very coy. But Cary has assembled a very impressive cast and the short (teaser) synopsis reads well.

    My guess; Pre-title scenes set just after SP, with Bond and Maddy in Italy, perhaps visiting Vesper's grave, then something kicks off, leading to a car chase with the DB5. Bond and Maddy escape.

    After titles, we find Bond, 4 years later, happily retired in Jamaica with Maddy -- and then Felix (the brilliant J Wright) arrives and asks for Bond's help.

    That's a good set up.
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    I am convinced that fellow dane, Daniel Dencik, will play the scientist:
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    2Wint2Kidd wrote: »
    I'm so stoked Ana de Armas is the next Bond girl! She is so beautiful and is excellent in Blade Runner 2049. Lashana Lynch is someone I had no idea would be in Bond. She is one of the key emotional pieces of Captain Marvel. And I'm genuinely surprised they bought Felix back (didn't think they would do it).

    I never heard about her before, but she surely is stunning. Maybe just a bit too young for Craig?
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    Awesome to see confirmation of Malek and Wright! Pleasantly surprised De Armas was cast, looking stunning as usual. Not familiar with the other newbies though. Bond's home looks great, amongst the greenery. Satisfying synopsis too.
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    Ana de Armas mentioned working with Daniel again, so I have to imagine that working together on Knives Out impacted her being cast in the film.
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    For those of you who had picture quality issues, all you had to do was change the playback setting. While the default was set to the lowest quality, the stream was actually selectable in 1080HD.
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    I’m not even disappointed we didn’t get a title because this cast looks incredible!! Here we are finally starting production on a Daniel Craig James Bond movie after far too long a wait! Just as long as they’re making the thing I can wait a little bit longer for what it’s officially called!
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    Now I’m really trying to understand how the little girl in Norway will fit in to all this.
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