Tilda Swinton as Irma Bunt



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    How do rumors get started?
    Will the Bunt character be in SP ? Would not put it past EON to use characters from other books in the films. Hell, FYEO had characters from the short story Risico in addition to the source story, "For Your eyes..."
    Milton Krest was a character in "The Hildebrand Rarity"

    I don't see them having a Bunt character in SP. Perhaps Belucci will be named Irma Bunt or Melina Havelock for that matter . Since the Craig films are all a totally different timeline and the events of the first twenty odd films never happened.

    I digress....

    We know she will not be named Bunt. And it would be pretty useless for Irma Bunt to be so different to her novel's counterpart if Bellucci had been cast as her.
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