The films of Timothy Dalton (non-Bond)

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It dawned on me that out of all the Bonds Dalton's career outside the Bond film was mostly unknown to me. I did some research and it sees the pre-Bond Dalton did a host of really interesting screen work (mostly a lot of the stuff he did seems to be costume dramas). After Bond his career was far less exciting.

Are there any Tim Dalton films people recommend? I really want to watch some of his other stuff.

I hear Hawks is meant to be very good:


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    The only other movies I've seen him in are Flash Gordon, The Rocketeer and Hot Fuzz.
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    Flash Gordon, The Rocketeer, Bitter Suite, Hot Fuzz, The Tourist, Scarlett. I think those are my Tim Dalton films, at least the ones that spring to mind. ;-)
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    He also was in Brenda Starr and Sextette.
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    Murdock wrote:
    The only other movies I've seen him in are Flash Gordon, The Rocketeer and Hot Fuzz.

    He seems to be better suited for the part of baddie, just like in Doctor Who as Rassilon the uber evil Time lord.

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    He's also in the TV series Chuck as an evil Spy.
  • He was brilliant in Hot Fuzz.
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    He was brilliant in Hot Fuzz.

    I LOVED him in that. You could tell he was genuinely enjoying himself. In the commentary he admits the most fun he's ever had working on a film was when he was shooting out of a car at 70mph.

    I've seen him in The Rocketeer too. I get the feeling Dalton is at his best when he's playing more theatrical parts.

    His enunciation here is wonderful :D
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    Jane Eyre, Hawks and Hot Fuzz are, imo, his three best non-Bond works. Jane Eyre especially.
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    After having a look over the internet it seems a lot of Dalton's films can be found on YouTube:


    The Doctor and the Devils:

    Also here is our first look of Dalton in Penny Dreadful:
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    I have seen him in Agatha where he plays Archibald Christie. He was quite good. The movie was entertaining, but far from great. Is it only me or did Timothy Dalton did not choose the best cinematic projects?
  • After having a look over the internet it seems a lot of Dalton's films can be found on YouTube:


    Is that the same girl at 9:00 who helped Koskov escape in the 'pig' in TLD ?

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    Yes it was, and Admiral Robuck was the Car Salesman.
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    His film career isn't all that extensive considering he's been around since the late 60s. Theater is were his true love is. I get the feeling he might've just gotten into movies because it can be tough to make a living off just being a stage actor.
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    You know this thread reminds me that I really need to get more Timothy Dalton non-Bond films, as I think the only one I've ever seen was The Rocketeer and he is my favourite James Bond actor.
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    He was so good on CHUCK it nearly made me cry.
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    I liked him as the villain in the Rocketeer! :D
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    Isn't he in the Lion in Winter as well?
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    And he's in Cromwell with Richard Harris and Alec Guiness.
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    I liked his small role in The Tourist.
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    chrisisall wrote:
    I liked his small role in The Tourist.

    @chrisisall, I think he was the only truly enjoyable element in that film, which I consider an overall disappointing experience.
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    I haven't seen the Tourist, but read reviews that totally trashed it. Sounds awful.
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    Getafix wrote:
    I haven't seen the Tourist, but read reviews that totally trashed it. Sounds awful.
    I liked it okay.
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    How about Bond actor Non-Bond role like his predecessors Sean Connery, Roger Moore although his 2 previous famous Roles before Bond. Including his Sherlock Holmes role. George Lazenby & his successors Pierce Brosnan before & after Bond & Daniel Craigs which all know before his time.
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    Timothy Dalton was interesting in The Executioner (aka: Permission to Kill) (1975), where he plays a homosexual who is blackmailed by Dirk Bogarde into becoming a spy to do his bidding. In some ways, it's an interesting forerunner to his version of Bond, and the movie is pretty good, if you can find an old VHS copy (and VCR to play it on). He's also good in the rare Chanel Solitaire (1981), where he stars next to the beautiful Marie-France Pisier as one of Coco Chanel's lovers. IMO the closest he came to a Bond type film (post Bond) was the TV movie Lie Down With Lions (1994), which also starred Kabir Bedi (the henchman from Octopussy). Not great, but interesting if you can find it.
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    Penny Dreadful picture proof in my opnion Dalton have look amazing Rufus Scrimgeour (Dutch: Rufus Schobbejak) for Harry Potter who i liked to be played by him. The part is now played by Bill Nighy and chacter offcial also be in the 6th book but canceld for the movie.

    Hot Fuzz whas unexpted good.

    Tourist disapointed me too, but not Dalton. Steven Berkoff (Octopussy) also play in it. Better you see this movie first before you see ''Salt'' and better see ''Duplicity'' before Tourist. All three have same composer.

    The Informant already be for more then 3 years in my collection, the only none Bond movie with Dalton that i have. It whas cheap and i haven't seen it yet.
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    The Tourist is just ok, the original French version was much better, I recommend seeing Anthony Zimmer (2005) beforehand.
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    The Tourist cast Angie as Angie and Depp as Depp. Dalton was cast to act, and he did. I liked him very much in the film.
  • Dalton is hardly in 'The Tourist'. Dalton deserves a good leading role. I really hope that 'Penny Dreadful' will give him that role.

    Here are some new material from the show:


    Dalton's rather marvellous voice is also used for the new trailer:
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    Dalton was absolutely brilliant in the tv series Centennial(1978/79) as sheriff Oliver Secombe. In fact the whole series is brilliant. Other Bond alumni that feature there are Barbara Carrera as the beautiful Clay Basket, Anthony Zerbe as Mervin Wendell and Donald Pleasence as the bounty hunter Samuel Purchase, both utter slime balls. Based on the novel by James Michener.
  • So...I recently watched 'The Doctor and the Devils'.

    I must say I was really unimpressed with the film as a whole. The conceit of the film had so much going for it dramatically: firstly, it's loosely based on the Burke and Hare murders as well as being based on an early script written by the poet Dylan Thomas. It's shame the film never then lives up to its potential.

    The film has a odd heavy/moody tone to it but it dosen't really suit the material. I think the material would have been better handled had the filmmakers seen the inherently comic side of things and turned the story into a dark black comedy akin to something the Coen brothers may have made.

    If not that the film could have gone down the sensationalist route and made itself really gory, disgusting and disturbing. Or possibly it was better suited as being a really dark character study into the murderer's and Doctor's disturbed minds. Instead we get an unsuccessful combination of a gore story with thin attempts at character exploration. The film is flat, the characters are dull and there are numerous flat scenes throughout the film that just fizzle out.

    On the good side of things: the production design is fantastic as is the art direction, costume design and makeup. Jonathan Pryce is also clearly having fun as one of the killers and gives a good if not slightly cartoony performance. Dalton is good in the film but he dosen't really get much to do, he is essentially given the same scene to do throughout the film discussing the film's theme of science vs morality. Despite the rather crappy script the juiciest lines of dialogue are reversed for Dalton and he delivers them with such zeal. He has a marvellous lyrical and smooth voice (this film is worth watching just to hear him speak); here are some of the great lines he has to give you a flavour:

    "as some have green fingers for gardening, they have black fingers for death. Do you expect the dead to walk here? They need assistance!''

    "Can you believe it? Out of the mud of darkness come two ignorant animals and quite slowly they set about the task of bringing my life and my work down - down into the slim that bred them."

    He also looks great in the film:


    But beyond all this there is little for him to do. Twiggy gives a surprisingly good performance but Julian Sands is the very definition of awful.
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