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    WHile LTK had the better villain, overall TLD is a FAR superior movie, in fact it is one of my top 5. LTK suffers from a struggling budget, is over lit and has the look of a made for TV movie.

    TLD -2
    LTK -0
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    Hmm...I actually find LTK the more compelling out of the two films eventhough TLD is the more Bond-like. I suppose if I had to pick one it would have to be LTK. Thats currently #10 whilst Daylights is #12 in my list.
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    TLD is an absolute masterpiece, the only once since the Connery era. Not that LTK isn'a a great flick, both Daltons are vasty superior to anything done since 1969.

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    Definitely TLD, the best Bond film made post-TB IHMO. Bigger budget, better lead girl, better locations, better score, more Cold-War-ish atmosphere and classic feel. LTK has a better villain and Leiter and better work from Robert Brown(his finest hour in the series) and a larger, terrific role for Desmond Llewellyn. However, TLD still beats LTK on the whole.

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    I think TLD is one of the best films in the franchise and while I understand the points raised regarding the villains I actually really like the way Koskov and Necros are written, though Whitaker's role is drastically underwritten. I don't really miss the lack of menace, the LTK villains on the other hand are way too menacing and realistically violent for a Bond film and their actions just taint the film with an air of unpleasantness.

    TLD - 5
    LTK - 1
  • Im going to go for License to Kill...its more fun than its predecessor and has a much tighter plot with a better villain and much better girl. Saying that though, Maryam D'Abo is probably the series worst. Dalton is much cooler as well and overall, the film feels a lot closer to a Fleming novel than The Living Daylights.

    I do love Daylights but Kill just has that edge.
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    Licence To Kill for me as well. It's a much better film that plays to Dalton's strengths and feels so much more like a Bond film in my opinion.

    Scores so far are:

    TLD - 5
    LTK - 3
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    love both films .... but the daylights is best for me
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    Keep adding to the score!

    TLD - 6
    LTK - 3
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    There could be no tougher choice in the Bondverse for me. Each film hase certain aspect that are better utilised than in the other. But for the sake of this thread, i'd have to go with TLD (just).

    TLD - 7
    LTK - 3
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    hm no idea i guess i shouldnt vote in this poll.i like both Dalton flicks so i dont know.but it will look stupid just to comment and not to vote so i guess TLD gets this vote altough this is hard.

    TLD - 8
    LTK - 3
  • KerimKerim Istanbul Not Constantinople
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    I'm going to borrow Haserot's criteria.

    Bond: TLD. Welcome back Fleming. Although I do love the rogue lement in LTK.
    Babes: LTK. TLD didn't have much in the way of women.
    Villains: LTK. Sanchez alone does laps around Whitaker, Koskov and Necros.
    Humour: LTK. The dark humor really comes through.
    Sadism: LTK. No debate here.
    Snobbery: TLD. Bond does come off as snobbish in Sanchez's casino, but Bond at several operas comes through.
    Action: LTK. The tanker chase was a brilliant chase sequence.
    Locations: LTK. I'll take Key West over Morocco and Afghanistan any day.
    Gadgets: TLD. Love the winterized Astin Martin.
    Music: TLD. LTK suffered badly without John Barry.

    Final Score:

    LTK: 6
    TLD: 4

    TLD: 8
    LTK: 4

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    I'll use the provided criteria as well:

    Bond TLD
    Babes: LTK
    Villains: LTK (Sanchez is one of the best villains in the entire franchise)
    Humor: LTK
    Sadism: LTK (like @Kerim said, not much of a debate on this one)
    Snobbery: TLD
    Action: LTK (TLD had some nice sequences, but LTK's action is slightly better)
    Locations: LTK
    Gadgets: LTK (loved the exploding toothpaste)
    Music: TLD (but I love LTK's music as well)

    Final Score:
    TLD - 3
    LTK - 7

    TLD: 8
    LTK: 5
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    why you are choosing LTK over TLD in caregory babes? Felix's wife was good but why you say LTD didnt have babes,well maybe cause they werent dressed more open ;)
  • KerimKerim Istanbul Not Constantinople
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    re: dragonsky

    Dalton drew the short straw when it came to women in his films. LTK isn't really much better, but drama queen Pam, Della the tragic victim and a mustachioed Lupe are better than what TLD has to offer.

    I've always felt Kara was overated. While she does work well with Dalton, to me she's otherwise just bland. The remaining women in TLD a motorboarding Czech, a woman on a boat with a bad 80s hair style and a less than impressive Pushkin's wife.
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Bond: The Living Daylights
    Babes: The Living Daylight - as I don't like Pam or Lupe all that much.
    Villains: Licence To Kill
    Humour: The Living Daylights
    Sadism: Licence To Kill
    Snobbery: The Living Daylights
    Action: The Living Daylights
    Locations: Licence To Kill
    Gadgets: The Living Daylights
    Music: The Living Daylights

    overall winner : The Living Daylights

    TLD: 9
    LTK: 5
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    Bond: LTK
    Babes: LTK
    Villains: LTK
    Humour: LTK
    Sadism: LTK
    Snobbery: LTK
    Action: LTK
    Locations: LTK
    Gadgets: LTK
    Music: TLD

    overall winner : LTK

    No contest IMO

    TLD: 9
    LTK: 6
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    Bond: TLD - I don't like Dalton in LTK
    Babes: TLD - Kara was perfect, mixing vulnerability with some guts.
    Villains: LTK - Davi was terrific
    Humour: TLD -
    Sadism: LTK - easilly
    Snobbery: TLD
    Action: TLD - as great as the tanker chase was, TLD had better overall action
    Locations: TLD
    Gadgets: LTK
    Music: TLD

    TLD is better directed, it flows nicely. LTK just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    TLD 10
    LTK 6

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    Just watched License to Kill last night for the first time in ages, and boy was I taken by surprise. Superb action film, much better than I remembered, and superior to TLD. I will need to watch TLD again soon, though.

    TLD — 10
    LTK — 7
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    TLD — 11
    LTK — 7

    TLD wins by a hair, I really love both outings. Dalton is the man !!
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    Added a funky new poll. Which can be found within the left column \:D/
    Be sure to submit your vote.

    As these films go, I love them both. But for choice it's TLD everytime. A remarkable debut imo.
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    Nice one Benster....2 new features in one day - MI6 is rising from the ashes,it just needed faith !!
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    So can only admins and moderators create polls or can any member do so?
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    Quoting Bond: So can only admins and moderators create polls or can any member do so?
    Testing on this feature is being done at the moment.
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    They used to allow polls on KTBEU but people started abusing it and doing stupid polls.
  • My point goes to TLD, by a hair.
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    I used to thing TLD was much superior, but on a recent rewatching LTK has grown in my estimation.
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    Getafix wrote: »
    I used to think TLD was much superior, but on a recent rewatching LTK has grown in my estimation.

    Same here. Now they're basically both in my top spot.
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    Are we allowed 2 in our top spot? Can we have more than 2? ;)
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    I will say that I like LTK but somehow it feels like a smaller film.
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