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    I hope Fiennes will find a different villain voice for B23 than his Clash of the Titans and Potter voice... It's getting cliched.
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    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2, wow, do I want Feinnes in Bond 23 or what!
    i had no idea that feinnes had something with HP lol
    btw i am watching Escape to Athena currently and i wanted to post it somewhere cause it have some feeling like a Bond movie. not much but a little
    it somehow reminds me of OP
    not to mention Moore,Savalas and Nieven
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    Pirates of the Carribeans 4. Good movie, better than the third. Of course, it may be due to Judi Dench's "blink and you miss it" appearance ("Is that all?"). Today, I may go and see X-Men: First Class. It will be better than staying at home while they change the elevator. It's been noisy since 8.30 am.
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    A Bay Of Blood (1971)

    An elderly countess is murdered by her husband, causing her relatives and family friends to descend on the house to claim thier inheritance. Between the greedy heir hunters and a killer stalking the grounds, the inheritors are whittled down.

    When we had the forum switch-over, I forgot to make a note of the films i'd watched. Finally, i've decided to make a new list. So what have I seen...

    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Jack And Sarah (1993) - (FW)
    Cheaters (2000) - (FW)

    Tier 3
    A Bay Of Blood (1971) - (FW)
    Broken Arrow (1996) - (RW)

    Tier 4
    The Punisher (2004) - (RW)

    Tier 5

    FW = First Watch
    RW = Re Watch
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    I watch so many movies last month but Hangover 2 was really great but not better than first one. All things were right but just a places were replaced in that movie. I rate it 7/10.
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    I watch so many movies last month but Hangover 2 was really great but not better than first one. All things were right but just a places were replaced in that movie. I rate it 7/10.
    Welcome @natalia, use this thread
    and tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, favourite Bond etc.
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    127 Hours

    Ouch!!! It's hard not to think of this film without wincing slightly. James Franco is brilliant as the cheekey rogue climber who has to cut off his own arm after it becomes trapped under a rock deep within a cave. The film's key strength is that it relies on a relitively basic (true) story in which we already know the outcome (unless you have been living in a cave for the last few months) yet manages to keep us compelled throughout.

    In many ways it reminded me of Buried and am not sure atm which film I prefer. Both are solid, suspensful films.

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    And Alan Rickman, he was phenomenal in Potter.
    Everything is better with Alan Rickman.
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    Because I like Kevin Smith's work.

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    @DarthDimi You and I should be friends. Here, try one of my chocolate-covered pretzels.
  • Batman Begins (2005)


    I love revisiting this movie, it came out at the perfect time for me. I was able to relate to so much of the character issues. And unlike a lot of people, I think Katie Holmes does a really fine job as Rachel Dawes. I really believe her Rachel has a genuine care for Bruce. The rest of the cast of course is phenomenal. Cheers.
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    X-Men: First Calss. Wow! Just Wow! Not as good as the first two, but way better than the third one.
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    Ferry To Hong Kong
    Curd Jurgens anybody?
    exotic crumbling empire action-comedy-adventure directed by Lewis Gilbert
    panned by reviewers and disliked by the director himself, but I rather enjoyed it
    Jurgens does a decent job in the lead role, as the aging anti hero vagabond
    Orson Wells gives us an excruciating pot pourri of English accents, but pulls off some effective gurning as the comedic villain
    Milton Reid (aka "The Mighty Chang"(1)) can't act to save himself, but with his archetypal "evil henchman" looks he doesn't really need to
    and Sylvia Syms makes a pleasing nubile young school teacher
    I guess I mainly enjoyed seeing a time capsule of 50s Hong Kong exotica
    but there's also a decent amount of good old fashioned action
    in particular I found the opening bar fight scene very reminiscent of that in "Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom", perhaps Spielberg watched this film?

    Gilbert, Jurgens, Reid, something of a The Spy Who Loved Me "preunion" then?

    (1) Milton Reid was an Indian-born English actor and professional wrestler. He was born in India, the son of a Scottish-born Customs and Excise inspector and an Indian woman.[1] He wrestled in England under the name of "The Mighty Chang."
    As an actor, Reid was known for playing thugs, henchmen and brutes, typified by his role as Yen in the film Ferry to Hong Kong (1959) that starred Curt Jurgens and Orson Welles. Reid appeared in two official James Bond movies as Dr. No's Guard in Dr. No (1962) and as Sandor, Roger Moore's opponent in a roof top fight in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).
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    Along with "North By Northwest", its one of my 2 favorite Hitchcock films.
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    Good choices @PrinceKamalKhan! although Strangers on a Train remains my favourite Hitch film. Watched The Spy Who Came In From The Cold this morning. Always impressive to watch Burton put in a great performance considering how soaked in booze he usually was. Fun to watch George Smiley as a minor character too. 8 out of 10
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    The Fighter - 8.4/10
    A great inspirational movie along the lines of Rocky and The Kirate Kid except these characters are dealing with much more extreme issues. Christian Bale gives yet another superb performance, in fact the one that finally nabbed him an Oscar at this years ceremony. The supporting cast is also great, particularly Amy Adams who turns in a performance that is quite a switch from her normal "goody two shoes" roles, which I also enjoy. ;)

    Batman: Under The Red Hood - 8/10
    I'll always remember that first time I went to see Batman: Mask of the Phantasm when it was first released in theaters, and not until now has an animated movie reached that same level of excitement for me. This is a great addition to the DC animated PG-13 movies and one that I know I'll enjoy revisiting. For any Batman fans out there, if you haven't already done so, give this film a chance, it's well worth it. B-)
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    By far the best of the 3 new superhero films I've seen this summer. It's a little anticlimactic after the scene where Rogers/Capt. America rescues his entrapped compatriots behind enemy lines but still a worth *** out of ****.
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    The Slammin' Salmon (2009)

    My new favourite Broken Lizzard film, formally it was Super Troopers. I've been watching their films since the afforementioned ST (i've never seen Puddle Cruiser), and after Beerfest, I had low expectations for their next film(s). But this was by a margin, their best.

    Broken Lizzard:
    1. The Slammin' Salmon (2009)
    2. Super Troopers (2001)
    3. Club Dread (2004)
    4. Beerfest (2006)

    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Jack And Sarah (1993) – (FW)
    Cheaters (2000) – (FW)

    Tier 3
    A Bay Of Blood (1971) – (FW)
    Broken Arrow (1996) – (RW)
    The Persuers (1961) – (FW)
    Post Grad (2009) – (FW)
    Piranha (1978) – (RW)
    The Slammin' Salmon (2009) – (FW)

    Tier 4
    The Punisher (2004) – (RW)
    Devil (2010) – (FW)

    Tier 5

    FW = First Watch
    RW = Re Watch
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    The Italian Job 1969


    the original with Michael Caine and Benny Hill

    it's pretty good and better than the remake with Mark Wahlberg (except for the Charlize Theron part, no one can be better looking than Charlize)

    I like Michael Caine, he is a good actor even when he makes bad movies

    I uploaded the trailers here:
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    this movie had a good premise but there are so many plot holes in it....

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    Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

    An entertaining but rather smug little indie movie featuring 11 short duologues. In each scene one character is pompus while the other is more humble and a lot of the scenes are well acted with good interaction between the performers. However the film sometimes seems a little too "knowingly cool" for my taste.

  • Mission: Impossible (1996)
    Started re-watching the first three films this afternoon, while at my grandma's.
    I've always enjoyed the intense action sequences in this film and the clever plot twists, though i always feel that it's un-finished as a film, it doesn't look or feel right, it reminds me of late 80's tv detective shows. And it is the only film of the three that drags at parts, although the hugely tense action sequences, especially the train/helicopter part (Which in my opinion is one of the greatest action sequences of all time.)

    I'm going to watch M:I-2 again tomorrow, which in my opinion is better, though that doesn't mean that Mission Impossible isn't a great and interesting film! :D

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    What can I say? Is it not one of the greatest films of all time?
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    Such a flawless film. There doesn´t seem to be one line or performance that doesn´t hit the nail on the head. The music, while hard to listen to on CD, is awsome in the film. After watching it I wondered how anyone could have the preposterous idea to make a sequel.
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    Captain America, the first avenger.
    What can I say, great entertainment and very well directed by Johnston who remained true to the origin. The first movie this summer I really enjoyed and will recommend to anybody. :!!
  • Mission: Impossible 2 & III
    - Both great films, both director's bring a different approach to the franchise, but i by far prefer M:I:III, and it is definately my favourite from the series, JJ Abrams totally gets everything brilliant, it's defiantely one of my all-time favourite movies. While the second doesn't quite match the third's brilliance, i do really enjoy it, but i'm not a fan of Jon Woo's style, with all the slow-mo, random vehicles exploding into huge and unbelievable flames just because they flipped the carslightly, and kung-fu type style, but still i love it.

    The first was always missing something, the second imrpoved on that something, then the third just got it all right, can't wait for Ghost Protocal...

    M:I-2 - 9/10 - A great and entertaining film, which is let down by it's style.
    M:I:III - 10/10 - A brilliant movie, and defiantely the best in the series so far.
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    Psycho (1960)

    The original and best horror movie! Absolute classic.

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    I liked Psycho II more. And Psycho has never been one of my favourites.
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    I've never seen Psycho 2 actually (or indeed any of the other sequels). Never really saw the point - only the original has the Hitchcock/Herman combo ;)
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    Well, like I said I liked Psycho II, I hated Psycho III and i'll forgive Psycho IV for it's prblems, because of it's inclusion of Olivia Hussey (Hussey not being on of the problems) :-D . I've never seen the Perkins-less Bates Motel. But I suspect it may be worse than Psycho III. I certainly can't recall it ever being shown on tv.
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