Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes Confirmed for 'Bond 23'? Naomie Harris as Moneypenny?



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    @TrueMiracle85, thank you. It would work very well, allowing them to tackle both sides of what the fans want: A Bond girl, and a new actor for MP.
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    Shirley Bassey? Yes, please. She'd win my vote any day.
    A bit off topic...but yes, absolutely! Bassey should without question be in the running.

    As for Naomie Harris as Moneypenny? Sure, why not. Throw on some geeky glasses and tie her hair up in a bun and I think she could look the part.

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    But it's been years since we have had MP on screen - and this will be the first time we have a black MP - I wonder if they will change her up at all.
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    I want her to change up but my idea is instead of M's Secratar and her only addition to the plot is a pointless flirting scene I would have her be an internet Junkie. She might work for M (orignally I thought Q branch but that might upset to many bond fans) and rather then just flirt she gives him what little background she knows about the assignment or main villian I could imagine the flirting could still come out of the discussions something like

    "I see Mr Michaels has a lovely wife Perhaps you can get information from her"
    "Moneypenny why would you think i would sleep with a dangerist terrorists wife"
    "Because she is quite attractive"

    ok that is poor dialogue but u get the idea.
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    Harris as BOnd Girl that DC Bond does not get...the reason? Simple she is Money Penny sent by M to protect bond from the other Bond Girl or someone else. He is Brutal Blunt Commando and she the Stiletto of M her personal assistant but Bond doesnt know her or her name till the debriefing.

    oh he does try to get her but every time she vanishes...its her duty...Queen and Country.
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    So what if Harris is a Bond Girl that turns out to be Moneypenny?
    That's a great idea! She shouldn't be some physically oriented arse kicking chick though like Jinx or Wai Lin. That wouldn't be good. She should be more along the lines of Vesper.
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    I hope Fiennes has a nose in this movie.
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    Just read that the "Dark Tower" is officially off at Universal.
    I guess that freed up Bardem.


    "The Dark Tower" sleeps with fishes.

    Universal's ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's fantasy series has been cancelled, TheWrap has confirmed.

    The first film was slated to begin production this summer, but shooting was delayed last spring with the studio announcing that it needed to make the project more cost-effective.

    That temporary delay become permanent this week, and now deprives Universal of a film series that it had hoped to make a linchpin for its film slate for years to come.

    All told, the project was supposed to involve three movies and a television series.
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    @danslittlefinger, just spotted that, too. Getting closer and closer to a big possibility of him being in Bond 23.
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    According to Latino Review, he is - they quote Sam mendes as saying he is the villain.
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    According to Latino Review, he is - they quote Sam mendes as saying he is the villain.
    That "Sam Mendes" quote is actually from The Telegraph's source, who reported that Ifans will be in Bond 23. It's just more misquoting and Chinese whispers as information gets further distorted. Mendes hasn't said a word about Bond 23 since being in the frame from January 2010.
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    @Samuel001 Which means we are long overdue from word on Mendes' end. I hope we hear something new from him soon.
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    too bad about the dark tower....love that series. :(

    but if Javier is in bond23+ would be awesome.
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