Tailored to Kill- Choose YOUR Bond attire!

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Alright, now I know that we have all discussed the various Bonds and their style, from formal and casual wear to the in between...But here is where we will share what WE would love to wear, either in our everyday lives or on our own dream missions as 00s ourselves. You can choose any number of pieces, from 5 to 10 choices, or maybe just choose a few favorites and then post more favorites later on if you are overwhelmed with all the great Bond clothing we have seen this past 50 years. Now, this is a unisex topic here, so both the boys and girls around the forum are able to share. Us boys (with a considerable amount of toys) can share what we love seeing Bond (or other supporting male characters) wear that strikes our fancy. The clothing can be something we would choose to wear simply because it looks attractive to our eye or because the attire seems suitable for a certain purpose (like for a dream mission). The lovely ladies here can share what clothing they find to be their favorites from whatever the Bond girls (or other supporting female characters) have worn that they could see themselves dressing in, being tantalized to buy from a shopping window afar, or what clothing you think would befit your own dream spy missions. Each of you can feel free to go into depth about why you would choose such attire, and link some pictures for reference. The brilliant site The Suits of James Bond is a great source for picking clothing and posting links to pictures.

As for me, here's how it breaks down:

1. Goldfinger: The Gray Three-Piece suit (James Bond 007)

This is likely my favorite suit of the series. I love three-piece suits anyway, but this one is just special. Sean wore some great three pieces in his era, but none beat this one. The lighter gray really shows off the great style of the attire, and the gray mixed with the white dress shirt and black tie go seamlessly together to form one brilliant suit. I would wear it any given day, and Sean's confidence and suave demeanor while in it immortalizes its legacy as pure Bond style.

2. Dr. No/Thunderball/Casino Royale: The Classic Black Tuxedo (James Bond 007)

These are (in my mind) the quintessential Bond tuxedos, and the ones I would choose for any kind of instance when going undercover at a high class party or gala event was mission critical. Here is where it all started, ladies and gentlemen. We first see Bond in a tuxedo, worn with such a suave disposition, cementing Sean as James Bond the moment he makes his presence known on screen. His style carries over to Thunderball, where we see him ride in to the party on a boat with great class, where he has a great bout with Largo at the casino’s tables and later shares an intimate dance with Domino. The tuxedos from Casino Royale and Quantum (with their own minor differences) are great modern visions of the classic Bond attire, with larger bow ties on both tuxedos. Royale’s tuxedo is without a pocket square, while the Solace tuxedo is accompanied with a pocket square and dress shirt with frills. The tuxedos are worn with immaculate style by Sean and Dan, and are synonymous with James Bond in every way. The midnight blue tuxedo from Bond’s time in Macau and later at Silva’s island is a great addition to this high standard as well. Going to my senior prom in a tuxedo akin to these was quite a magical experience, as I felt just like Bond walking amongst the crowd. That fond memory and the great history the tuxedo has had in Bond’s long celluloid existence cement it as a classic favorite of mine.

3. Goldfinger- White Dinner Jacket and black dress pants (James Bond 007)

What a classic opening to a Bond film. In Goldfinger’s pre-title sequence, Bond rises out of the water in his duck disguise, repels up the wall and rigs a drug laboratory to blow. He sheds his gear to reveal a white dinner jacket and black dress pants. When Bond places a rose in his left lapel, the look is complete, a classic attire making an instant impression on film history. As he waits for the lab to go sky high, Sean lights a cigarette, checks his watch and waits to speak to his contact. In this scene, Sean plays it like he does best: With effortless cool. This attire is just as classic as the black tuxedo, and is worn with equal class by Sean, as he did with all his suits. I wait and hope with great relish to see Dan’s Bond in a white dinner jacket, which will without a doubt heighten my already enamoring relationship with this piece of clothing.

4. Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace: Sunspel blue polo/dress pants/with or without sunglasses (James Bond 007)

This is one of my favorite pieces of casual Bond attire since Sean’s era. I get a Connery/Thunderball vibe with the Sunspel blue polo featured in both Royale and Solace, and the clothing is fashionable attire that breathes in any environment. I am a big fan of polo shirts myself, and a Sunspel polo would be a great addition to my wardrobe on any occasion that requires blending in. Other notable casual wear pieces are:

The long sleeve blue shirt from the climax of Royale:

The grey linen suit Bond wears in the Bahamas (he discards the suit coat for much of the trip):

The Alfani shirt and pants Bond wears while beating Dimitrios at cards:

5. Quantum of Solace- Tom Ford Charcoal/Brown suits (James Bond 007)

Tom Ford has done Bond some serious justice in regards to his suits. In just Quantum of Solace and Skyfall alone, Ford has given us some jaw dropping suits, some of my favorites being the charcoal suit Bond wears while following up on Mitchell in London (followed by a little briefing on Slate at MI6 HQ) and the later brown suit Bond wears in Bolivia while bumping into Fields. These suits are beautiful, not too tight, and yet not too loose on Dan’s form. The colors of the charcoal suit bring out Dan’s eyes while the mohair (fitting for the hot Bolivian climate) brown suit with white dress shirt and beige colored tie go perfectly together. The black sunglasses are an added asset to a cool Bond look, made all the better by Dan.

6. Skyfall- Gray Pick-and-Pick suit (James Bond 007)

Tom Ford returns to sprinkle some magic in Skyfall, with great assortments of suits for 007 to rumble in. This stylish Pick-and-Pick suit is the first attire we see, and boy does it make an impression. It screams Bond, though it may not be practical for the time. The suit is a tight fit, but Dan’s physique makes it work well. The grey suit coat and tie is made with a spectacular fabric, and nicely compliments the white dress shirt underneath. I like how many Tom Ford suits we see in Dan’s era have no belt loops, and instead include side adjusters, which work well for Dan’s Bond and seem more plausibly flexible for a spy who could be thrown into action at any second. The Ford suits are tight fits and may indeed prove to be restricting and uncomfortable at times (especially during action scenes), but their style and colors pull off a classic Bond look that cancels out any apparent flaws they may have had.

Those are some of my favorite picks that I would wear in a heartbeat, and I anticipate reading some of your responses! :)


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