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    No Time To Die - what is the score here? Are we doing 5 stars as tops or what?
    It's a solid 5 out of 5 for me or 10 out of 10 - whatever the highest score is, that is what I am rating it. I've seen it twice now. Beautiful, moving, great Bond film.

    Loving your enthusiasm for NTTD in all your posts! Wish I had it! Hopefully my second viewing will be better!
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    If you want to just have a good time, this isn t the film, but it is very well made and a work of art. Amazing cast and it gets very exciting towards the end. In an unpleasant way. One of Scott s best. Me and my son were the only two in attendance.
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    Dune. 10/10.
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    No Time To Die 7/10

    31 October 2021. 17.30 (05.30 PM). Because of time jump earlier that day it stil feels a bit as 18.30.
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    No Time To Die. 2/10
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    No Time To Die 7 out of 10. The film has issues though I enjoyed it.
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    I didn't mark it here, but Spencer gets a 4/10.

    No Time to Die, after an eighth time through, not only retains its 10/10 rating, but has leapfrogged over Moonlight and Dr. Strangelove to sit at about #16 on my all-time film list.
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    Imaginative and artistic, but it isn t one straight forward story such as Wes Anderson s previous masterpiece, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. Anyway, it is an impressive achievement. I was the only one in the theatre.
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    Ummmm... lousy story, ponderous pacing, characters I didn't give a damn about, and an interminable running time. A complete waste of both my time and money.

    2/5 or 4/10
  • Eternals 3/10

    Might just be one of the very worst Marvel movies ever made. It's right near the bottom spot IMO. The only Marvel movie I've ever been to where the crowd never once cheered or laughed. I feel like I wasted money and time (over 3 hours total counting the movie and the trip)
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    House Of Gucci

    A well shot and beautiful film as you would expect from Ridley Scott, and in general well acted and funny. Al Pacino delivers one of his best performances in a quite a while and Lady Gaga is surprisingly brilliant. Jared Leto is outrageously over the top, borderline pathetique in his comic portrayal, but does in fairness provide some of the best laughs in the film. The film is arguably a little too long and loses some of it’s steam about half way through, but in general this is a very solid and entertaining film.

    I give it a score of 7/10
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    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    This starts poorly, with fight scenes involving daft cgi monsters, but luckily the rest is pretty great. One of the best Marvel movies lately (I haven t liked anything since Black Widow). Far better than the first, and I really loved the score by Danny Elfman.
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    Last one I saw in theaters was The Northman about a week back and I loved it. Not as weird as Eggers' past two films but it still balanced the magical realism and historical accuracy well enough. Can't wait to see what he does next.

    Next film I'll catch in theaters is Top Gun: Maverick on opening weekend this month.
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    I saw The Northman last week, and thought it a very poor film. I couldn't wait to go to Rotten Tomatoes after the showing, and see what the critics thought. I was amazed it had got 89%. There's obviously something I'm missing, because I thought it was a bloated mess.
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    Ternet Ninja 2
    More Danish animation gold. Had a great time with this along with a niece and nephew of mine. Not many people in the theatre.
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    Technically it was You Only Live Twice (great in 4k and the large cinema screen really demonstrated the epic scale of the sets and cinematography).

    Before that... Operation Mincemeat. I really enjoyed it, liked the nods to Fleming and Bond (Q Branch, for example). Tom Newman's score stood out a bit, seemed a bit too "modern" sounding for a WW2 film, but ratcheted up the tension nicely when it needed too.
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    Bullet Train

    Stylish and entertaining but this one works way better as a comedy than an action film surprisingly. None of the action sequences ever really grabbed me like some of Leitch's other works but the comedy and lightheartedness is gold and the characters were fantastic. Pitt, Henry and Taylor-Johnson definitely stole the show and everyone looked like they were having a blast.
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    Last movie for me in the theatres was Top Gun Maverick! Wow wow wow! I jumped into my car after the meeting and hit the Kenny Loggins! LOL!

    Great spirit in the film, well written and acted. Dare I say that I loved it a bit more than the original. This movie is a great summer movie and Cruise does some great acting here. The new characters enhanced the plot and the movie. Love John Hamm and it was nice to see him being a bit of a prick.

    Great movie I hope they don't ruin it by doing a third one. Leave them wanting more.
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    Originally a Danish film series. I loved the Norwegian remakes from the 60s/70s and still do. This is maybe not quite as charming as those, but a lot better than the later films from the 80s/90s in that timeline. I had a really good time with it. Approved update.

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    Don't Worry Darling

    I'm glad they're scouting unknowns to be the next Bond because Harry Styles? He's not it and definitely isn't deserving of leading man status. The film as a whole was bad, only made better by Florence Pugh's performance and some of the production design. Other than that, the only enjoyment I got was trashing it alongside my girlfriend throughout the two hour runtime. Awful stuff.
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