Your favorite Bond track? Can be title song, or anything from a soundtrack. Only name ONE!

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Mine, personally is Goldfinger (instrumental).


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    I meant tracks in general, not necessarily theme songs.
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    Fair enough, just making sure in case mods deemed it a duplicate, for some reason.

    Let's see: one little bit of the score that comes to my mind is when Bond is sneaking around toward the beginning of TB, either before or after he finds Count Lippe's body. There's just something I love about the score in that scene.
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    Cool. Thanks for "taking care" of the mods. :D
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    No problem! I'll go ahead and defy your discussion title and name another:

    I've always loved LALD's theme song. So, so, so, so, catchy, I think it might be my favorite.
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    Same. Best theme ever! Gotta love McCartney.
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    The little instrumental of Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in Thunderball, where Bond sees/enters the Kiss Kiss Club. Love it.
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    Choosing one, okay then:
    Nobody Does It Better. I just love Carly's voice and that particular song.
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    'Fleugal Horn solo' from FYEO when Bond and Melina swim the surface above that underwater temple.


    'Hercules Takes Off' from TLD a real muscly piece of music.
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    The music during the Stealth Ship destruction in TND, with "Surrender" playing after it. Wow!

    Plus almost anything from TLD and OHMSS, Barry's two finest scores for the franchise. "Escape From Piz Gloria" and "Afghanistan Plan" in particular.
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    Just remembered two superb musical cues from JB. They don't last long and are used as intros to scenes.

    The first is when the Hercules/Antonov is flying to Afghanistan with 007, Koskov etc - there is a little short burst of the 'Where has everybody gone' instrumental. Its short but sweet.

    Second is OP. Bond arrives in India. There is a shot of girls looking out at a helicopter as it flies past Agra Fort and then soars above the Taj Mahal. The music is loud, beating and redolent of the subcontinent.

    Its a terrific moment. Best intro to a location in Bond IMO.
  • It changes a lot. Right now it's "Bond Meets the Girls" from OHMSS.
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    here's the one I am talking about

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    actonsteve wrote:
    here's the one I am talking about

    Yeah that's a damn good cue Steve. The "Into Miami" cue from Goldfinger is also short but sweet too.
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    So many to choose from,but the laser in space music "007 and counting" in Diamonds Are Forever is brilliant. One of those pieces,where if you hear it anywhwere apart from in the movie you immediatly think of Bond.
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    "Golden Gate Fight" from AVTAK, pure suspense, pure Barry. :D
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    For me it would have to be Journey To Blofeld's Hideaway (2003 Digital Remaster and longer version) from OHMSS. One of the most beautiful haunting themes I've heard and still a favourite.
  • I love driving to the OHMSS theme. Closest I'll ever get to being 007.
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    Murdock wrote:
    "Golden Gate Fight" from AVTAK, pure suspense, pure Barry. :D

    I'll second this! It sends chills down my spine every time!
  • Moonraker , when Bond is in wearhouse ,before Jaws attacks the female agent from rio ,the back ground music is all most like Something from TB !!!
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    actonsteve wrote:
    here's the one I am talking about

    .....that's one awfully arranged copy of John Barry's "Bond goes to India"!!

    "This Never Happened to the other fella".... Now that's pure Barry!!! :-B
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    Damn! We only get to pick one? How's about a tie?

    Drop in the Ocean YOLT
    [b]Battle at Piz Gloria OHMSS

  • For me, it's always the Goldfinger title song. Iconic. Quintessential. Pure Bond.
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    I love Barry's arrangement of the JB theme it's musical perfection but I guess if you are going to single out a particular track it would have to be OHMSS Theme, it screams excitement and is just scoring genius, they'll never be another John Barry.
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    For me, it's always the Goldfinger title song. Iconic. Quintessential. Pure Bond.

    I'll be in the vast minority here, and will probably not even make it out of this thread alive before I get sniped down by the GF lovers, but I really don't care for Shirley's title song. Honestly, I think it's very over-rated and quite cheesy if you ask me.
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    You're not alone in that, it is quite an effort to get through, Goooooooooldfingeeeeeeeeeeer, screeches Bassey to almost nauseating effect, it's just another nail in the coffin of the 1964 release as a whole for me..

    The only two James Bond releases I simply can't listen to are Madonna's Die Another Day, and the awful piece of crap 'effort' from Keys and White for QOS, the latter is the worst, but for the most part the series has given us some very good themes

    It's just every once and a while, something quite awful and unsavory comes along in way of James Bond themes, I sincerely hope we can avoid this for Skyfall, but feel a bit pessimistic sometimes on that issue

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    @Baltimore_007: Oh dear me, yes, the Quantum of Solace theme song is a trip to get through, if I put it lightly. It's not even singing, but more like the "singers" screeching as they are barreled over by a semi-truck and then blown to bits by a rocket launcher. I mean seriously, is that the best we could do for a theme song? If so, then the producers need to step up their game quite a bit when it comes to selecting a singer! (and please, not Adele!!)
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    Great minds think alike is the best response I can give

    PS I forgot to add Carly Simon's 'Nobody does it Better' as a quite disliked Bond theme, it has to be in my top five or even three of all that has been done

    It's a good film, quite entertaining, but spoilt for me by the quite awful Simon theme intro - I'm being quite serious - never liked it one bit
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    @Baltimore_007: Really? I mean that's fine by me, but I for one adore the Simon theme song. It really fits the tone for the rest of the movie I think. In fact, it gives me chills down the spine every time, haha. It's funny though, because every time I hear it I always imagine Anya Amasova singing it. Weird I admit, but she is in the movie, so it's slightly credible, haha.
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    I was never really a fan of Maurice Binders title designs either, and when you put the two together - well that's what we got in 1977

    Don't you mean Barbara Bach also..
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