What Do You Like Most About 007?

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I don't think there's a thread on this - I really thought there would be - but I searched and couldn't find anything.

So, what is it that you love the most about the character James Bond? Is it his physical abilities or his style? His sexual confidence or his knowledge in almost all topics? What are the parts about the man himself that you may not like that much, if any? Discuss.


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    It's interesting, that on a forum dedicated to Bond, that we have not had a thread like this.

    My pick, would be Bond's sense of purpose, of himself. Watching The World Is Not Enough, as a twelve year old boy, that had a profound effect on me, what with all the insecurities being a twelve year old boy. ;-)

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    @royale65, did you mean we haven't had a thread? I couldn't find one, so apologies if this is a duplicate. I was surprised myself.

    Yeah, I love that about him, as well. No matter how much he flirts or has sex with random women or vacations or what have you, his number one job is always the mission. Just like GE, he and Natalya arrive in Cuba, soaking up the drive before Wade gets there, and after they arrive at their place for the night, Bond sits on the beach reflecting on the past, knowing that tomorrow he will have to kill his ex-best friend and colleague.
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    I find Bond's sense of duty and determination to be his most admirable trait. No matter how much he is pummeled to the dirt he never gives in and keeps going regardless of what is placed in front of him. He's extremely dutiful, always focused on the mission and the integrity of the agency he stands for over his own personal feelings or vendettas. A man who somehow finds a sense of morality in what he does even though he sometimes has to make the tough decisions and get his hands dirty to do what is necessary and just. I love that ambiguity about him as well; he is in a profession where good and bad are easily interchangeable. The villains he fights off think they are the heroes and Bond is the one who is the opposer standing in their way, and vice versa. Bond also understands the tough "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type of decisions you have to make on the job, like M's choice to turn Silva in to the Chinese. It's impossible to please everyone and you often have targets on your back. I'm also always curious as to what drives him. He's in such a patriotic, nationalistic position that sees him constantly risking his life while fending off threats both foreign and domestic for the good of Queen and country, yet there's always that mystery behind what makes him do what he does. Even after all these years, the character still keeps us guessing and analyzing, another reason why he is more than timeless and always interesting.
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    I love that Bond is contemptuous of death. Characters that don't expect to live long are interesting in that they make unusual choices the rest of us generally don't. He's very in the moment, almost Zen-like. At once questioning his role in his job and then fighting fiercely for England and the Free world.
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  • Well, I like the fact that he´s a hard and ruthless killer on the outside but he´s actually kinde of a tragic character under that hard shell. As a hardcore Bond fan you want to know everything about he´s past and even if your just a casual fan you´ll still get to know him better out of watching SF. He´s a man who likes to be alone, but does not mind having company. And of course you must love he´s "Pathetic love of country. Where ever he is, he will finsish the job ´cause he´s doing it for Queen and Country, and I kind of admire him of that...
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    I will write more later, but just to say that some main traits that I love about Bond are:

    ~ he's cool and confident - he stays cool and confident in himself, no matter what, and is always thinking, sizing up a situation, looking for a solution (good at "outside the box" thinking); he's very keen, cool, and confident

    ~ he takes action without hesitating when it is called for

    ~ he has a heart and feelings; he is not a 100% stone cold killing machine; that would actually not interest me

    ~ he has charm and style (and each Bond actor brought some of that); yes, I love that about James Bond

    ~ he has a strong sense of duty, commitment, and loyalty; yet he does not trust easily and is no fool

    Bond has strong character and traits, not just amazing skills. I only wish I could be more like him in many ways. He is a character I admire and enjoy.
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    The shear escapism, action and fun of it all! And that it still attracts affection after all these years from all around the world both young and old! :-bd
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    It's funny that his sexual prowess has yet to be brought up, because that was exactly what gave me the idea to make this thread.
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    Yes, well that goes into his "charm" category for me, I guess. ;)
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    Yeah, I think Bond's patriotism and commitment are my favorite traits of him. No matter what obstacles get in his way he never stops until the job is finished. He usually stays cool under pressure, and does have a heart past all his cold killing. He's a great movie protagonist - cool, smart, charming, determined, and loyal. I wouldn't change his character at all, flaws and all!
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    What do I love about Bond?

    The fact you can rewatch or re-read most of the adventures with ease...even if you've seen/read them many times before.
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    Freaky Ken Adams sets.
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    I enjoy the fact that the series never ends. I can always look forward to the next chapter in years to come. I think that is why I spend so much time watching, reading, and surfing Bond stuff.

    About the character of Bond in particular, I like the fact that he seems to have very little fear of death and almost expects it to happen sooner than later. It seems he almost tries to kill himself regularly by taking huge risks constantly, even though the reader and viewer knows that he almost certainly will not die.

    I like the fact that he is an all around expert about so many subjects, is always traveling to a different place, and is not emotionally bound down by a woman. He goes out and does his thing without 1,000 strings attached. He always seems to know what to say in most situations. I agree that his commitment to job and country are very admirable. I'd like to see this commitment tested a bit more in future films.

    Great topic Creasy, thanks for posting it.
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