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I don't know if there is a thread for this already or this is the proper place, but thought I'd relay a few stories about product placement in Bond movies. First I'll set the lay of the land, the producing team have their peeps contact companies about having their product/logo used in the movie. You're shown part of the script, it's explained how the product is used and then the cost to the firm. They use an escalating scale from just showing your logo, to having a supporting actor using the product to having the principalactors, to having the main character use the product and for an additional charge-even mention the product name. I've never had to pay anything for product placement, luckily.

I was approached to have a forklift used in 'License to Kill'. The script called for Col. Heller(Don Stroud) to be speared on the forks and then driven thru the walls of a building in Sanchez's drug factory. Since there are tragically more than 100 deaths(USA) annually involving lift trucks, I immediately rejected it. They found another company. When LTK came out and the scene happens, you can clearly see the brand of the fork lift on the side even though it was crudely covered with white paint. I'm told that clip was used in a lawsuit against that firm a few months later.

I was later approached to have a forklift used in 'Tomorrow Never Dies' in Carver's printing plant. Bond jumps on a rolling platform, slides across the floor and narrowly misses a fork lift. Good response from that one.

Among other deals: Heavy equipment used in 'Casino Royale' construction chase sequence, 'Godzilla' lift truck scene(NYC) where she tries to squash the truck with her foot(no chance!) and fork lift used as protective barrier by Steven Seagal in 'Fire Down Below'. Ford paid $19M+(US) for CR exclusive vehicle placement.


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