Timothy Dalton's most ruthless moments as 007 (and other significant endeavors)

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If Moore can have his own badass moments then why not my own favorite Timothy Dalton and his most ruthless moments on screen ? Yes there was something similar (in fact for both Bond actors) in the past, but they were for general favorite monents of their respective tenures and not in a situation where they had to have a cruel streak to their nature or radiate some actual menace

I think if allowed, one the very best moments for Dalton that just about encapsulates that, or maybe James Bond as a whole, would be the interrogation of Lupe Lamora aboard the Wavekrest with the knife at her throat "make a sound and you're dead" - truly one of my very best sequences with Dalton as Bond

other worthy inclusions of Dalton being ruthless. Or if that's too strong a word, then just damn serious

# After the killing of Saunders and the look in the eyes after he pops the Smiert-Spionam balloons

# Torching Sanchez with the Leiters gift lighter

# Dropping of Killifer in the shark tank. "you earned it, you keep it"

# Giving Necros the boot on the cargo plane

# Finding a maimed Leiter at home with the message, "he disagreed with something that ate him"

# Not sure if it's in the right place, but when he and Milovy are picked up by Kamran Shah and his men, and he (Dalton) explains who he is, what he is doing, where he has to go, (and the potential danger to the Mujahideen)

That's a good a list as any for starters, and other Dalton enthusiasts may (or may not) have their own idea for inclusions


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    "Make a sound and you're dead". Although, as ruthless as Dalton can be, I highly doubt he would've killed Lupe if she did scream.
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    The Pushkin interrogation at the hotel I'm TLD.
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    Not ruthless, but drop dead serious- "Go ahead, tell M what you like. If he fires me I'll thank him for it."

    After Moore's run, a line like that must have shocked folks back then. I know it made ME know this was no Beach Boys movie... :))
  • I think the confrontation with M in LTK is one of his more serious moments...
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    When he says "Stuff my orders". The most rebellious Bond.
  • Ohh, I like this thread!
    "Get on your knees. Hands behind your head."
    Or in the LTK interrogation scene- "Piss off"
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    Bradford4 wrote:
    When he says "Stuff my orders". The most rebellious Bond.
    Not quite Her Majesty's loyal terrier.... b-(
  • I think the confrontation with M in LTK is one of his more serious moments...

    Easily one of my favorite Dalton moments. It really hits home when you see Bond's boss and alley for 16 films would have no qualm with having him murdered right then and there. Dalton sells the entire scene like a million bucks.
  • Wouldn't categorize it as an actual Dalton ruthless moment as he had no real intention of harming anyone (just wanted to make an escape and aid Leiter) but it's indeed a great little sequence that only Dalton could quite achieve. Craig also could of done it to fine effect, as the two actors are so similar with approach and characteristics

    Should of mentioned the interrogation of Leonid Puskin at the hotel before (and when) his security is alerted and Dalton swings into action - again, with great effect. Apologies @doubleoego realized it had already been mentioned

    Wanted to add the incident at the cocaine factory in License to Kill when Bond leaps into action and headbutts Dario before setting the lab on fire with the flammables. Almost panther-esque..

    The shooting of Clive on the Wavekrest (compliments of Sharkey) warrants an inclusion also. Only Dalton could pull that off in such a nonchalant manner. Gets a revenge for a friend, takes a moment, no song and dance, no humorous quips, gets the job done. Classic Dalton, as always
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