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    Second viewing of No Time to Die, which has somehow now become competitive with Casino Royale to mount a serious fight for the top spot.
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    No Time To Die. Pretty great.

  • Rewatched Spectre again as prep for seeing NTTD tomorrow and I enjoyed it quite a bit more this time (though it still ranks very close to the bottom for me). This time around, the M/C subplot time waster aside, I actually quite enjoyed the movie up until they get to Blofeld’s hideout. I guess I just vibed with Craig getting a sort of easygoing Connery-esque adventure in a way that had rubbed me wrong in the past. The train fight, always a highlight, was even better than I remembered too. So good. Unfortunately the last 40 or so minutes really are so bad that it more less leeched out the enjoyment I had before. It’s not just the awful Blofeld foster brother stuff, or connecting all the past films retroactively, it’s pretty much everything that happens. The torture that does nothing, the anemic climax, taking the action back to London and MI6 again for some reason, Madeline saying she loves Bond after hardly knowing him and then saying she has to leave him a couple hours later (and then getting captured!), the ruination of the “now we know what C stands for” gag which would have been the only redeeming factor of that whole awful subplot, etc, etc. Oh well, I’ll still take it as a win that I enjoyed it more than the previous times I’ve seen it.
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    I like Craig's performance, his attempt at Connery/Moore's "easygoing" (as you say) approach. He's a little less adept at it. Those two were still able to make the audience feel a sense of danger, thrill. When Craig relaxes in those moments, it lets us off the hook.

    I assume that that's less the fault of Craig's performance than it is the expectations we have of his Bond 4 films in. If that makes sense.

    edit: Speaking of which, I am halfway through a rewatch of SP. Had to stop it last night. My thoughts haven't changed much, but I'm spending so much more time on the Bond/Madeleine stuff.
  • Also, through my Bondathon (protracted) that I started this summer:

    1. Casino Royale
    2. No Time to Die
    3. Skyfall
    4. Quantum of Solace
    5. Spectre

    (This is an extremely preliminary ranking based on one watch. It's closer to SF than it is CR, right now, and those two could easily swap).
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    Watched Quantum last night, right after I saw NTTD at the matinee. I did not feel like I’d want to watch any Bond for some time after NTTD. But I watched Qos, and enjoyed it same as always.
  • Spectre
    Wanted to see if NTTD improved this. It did, marginally. The strengths are the same as before:
    - Pre-title sequence
    - Bond’s general swagger and cool
    - Lucia Sciarra scene / SPECTRE meeting
    - Mr. white
    - Tangier / everything on the train / everything from there until Blofeld shows up in his lair
    - Hoytema’s cinematography is rich and tactile and delightful to look at.

    However, one thing that did work more this time was Bond and Madeleine. Thanks, NTTD, for helping to retroactively improve that dynamic. It still isn’t incredible, but I felt it more.

    That said, the flaws here, unlike in some Bond films, REALLY detract. And I mean really.

    - The pacing is abysmal. All of the intercuts to London *kill* the film. The C subplot is egregious.
    - Enough has been said about Blofeld, but Waltz’s performance is flat and lifeless and dull. On paper, this is embarrassingly bad. Offensively terrible. Bond’s greatest enemy is his jealous older foster brother? And then “it’s all connected” now because Blofeld didn’t like that his dad liked Bond more? It is unfathomably bad. I cannot overstate how much that ruins the film once we get there. Not that there’s much to ruin. Aside from some good photography, everything dies once we get to his lair and then gets worse ofne we’re in London. Maybe the worst climax of any Bond film ever.
    - Aside from the train fight and the PTS, the action here is dreadfully lifeless. The Rome chase is the most egregious. When your big action scenes actually detract from a film that is already badly paced (I blame Mendes’ stuffy, stately, snoozy direction) you’ve got a problem.
    - The whole movie just feels rather tired to me. The Scooby stuff toward the end and intermixed. It has many good parts - many - but they’re all broken up and dispersed amongst a lot of fat, a lot of stuff that bogs it down.

    For me; this is a movie that is often better in memory, because you remember the good scenes and you forget all that between them. Anyways, I liked it more this time around. I appreciated a lot of it more, including Bond and Madeleine (it isn’t great, but it’s stronger than I used to think). But it’s still bottom tier for sure.
  • Just want to emphasize how dreadfully bad Waltz is in this. Truly can’t believe this is the same actor from Basterds and Django
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    I wanted to see Bond actually face off against Mr. White. One final showdown. Would have been so much better than Blofeld. Yes, Waltz was disappointing to say the least.
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    Just watched Casino Royale. I think Craig gave his best performance in this one followed very closely by NTTD. Would have tightened up the first half of the film as it seems like Purvis & Wade dumped all their ideas for the 5th Brosnan movie that never got made into it but overall the movie holds up remarkably well and I still consider it a modern classic.
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    NTTD, of course. And I cried at the end, when you know what played during the credits.
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    Watched On Her Majestys Secret Service in 4K. Beautiful film and still holds up today in many ways.
    Like NTTD, this film has a gut punch for an ending. This film is a lot more fast paced than I remembered! I was also impressed by the editing, the ski chase/ escape from Piz Gloria as well as the following vehicle chase.
    Lazenby performs admirably for his experience. The only thing I don't like is the dubbing for Bond as Sir Hilary Bray, made me cringe and wish they didn't do that! Also, feel a bit weird about Bond falling for Tracy and then still bedding the girls, but I suppose Tracy herself said that 'love would come someday'. After she saves Bond, the scene in the barn is one of the series best.

    It's always hard for me to rank this one because I enjoy so many others, but it deserves to be in everyone's top ten!
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    I watched YOLT a couple of nights ago. I always enjoy it, as it has no many iconic aspects, but the one that particularly struck me this time was when he was running across the rooftop, fighting off far too many henchmen at once, with the camera slowly zooming out and rising into the air as the music plays... Magic!

    But I was also struck by how far ahead of it's time it was in other respects

    For instance I'd forgotten the part where James Bond confronts Covid 19


    And the Star Trek crossover, where Bond poses as a Romulan Ambassador


    Or that this is the only Bond film that features two incarnations of Ernst Stavro Blofeld at the same time


    And the only really sexy Toyota I have ever seen in my life


    Oh, and they killed James Bond!!!
  • YOLT is magical, it really is. That Toyota 2000GT is really beautiful. If they finally retire the DB5, I wouldn't mind them bringing this one back!
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    Restarting my Silver Anniversary Bondathon...

    My mixed feelings haven't changed much. I still think the Mexaco sequence, up to the collapsing building, is Craig finally being Bond. And there are a few other moments throughout the film that I like, but there are equal number of elements that grind my gears.

    Silver Anniversary Bondathon
    1. SPECTRE
    2. No Time To Die
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    About the 5th time this year, Casino Royale. My go to Bond film at the moment. I just can't get enough of this masterpiece. The scene on the train with Bond and Vespa I could watch on a loop. Hell, I could watch the whole thing on a loop, it's that good.

    I thought after NTTD it could affect my viewing, but the latter Craig films hardly registered at all I was so engrossed. In fact i find SP has about as much in common with this film as The Wizard of Oz.

    CR is it's own beast and holds its own regardless of what came after. Everything works. It's a classic already and it raised the bar to heights possibly never to be attained again.
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    NO TIME TO DIE (2021)

    Treated myself to a matinee of the newest film today. Third time. My previous 2 viewings had been hampered by the time constraints of going to work afterwards, so there hadn't been a real chance to truly relax, enjoy the film and let everything sink in.
    That said this was by far the best viewing I've had of NTTD.

    One sour note was that the film was projected slightly un-even on the multiplex screen. WTF!
    The gunbarrel dots rolled across the screen a bit low and reminded me of that Lowery AVTAK transfer in which the opening of the film was framed incorrectly.

    Still I'm thrilled I had the chance to see this again on the big screen. My hunch is next week it will no longer be playing in my neck of the woods.

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    Something regarding NTTD, so I will put it in tags...
    Watching the past Craig Bond post NTTD, does anyone else feel a sense of sadness. No one could ever accuse me of being a Craig fan, but still....

    Silver Anniversary Bondathon
    1. Skyfall
    2. SPECTRE
    2. No Time To Die

  • SPECTRE's on in a few moments on ITV2 for anyone who cares.
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    Quantum Of Solace
    As much as I would like to claim a new appreciation for QOS, I can't. The editing is still as atrocious now, as it was when I saw it on the big screen back in 2008. It doesn't make me feel like I am there with Bond. The opposite actually, it takes me out of the film. It makes me feel like I am being kicked in the head by a Rugby squad. I also find Greene's plan to be pitifully... meh, and as a villain, he's a joke. Elvis was his henchman, says it all.

    Silver Anniversary Bondathon
    1. Skyfall
    2. SPECTRE
    3. No Time To Die
    4. Quantum Of Solace

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    I showed the first 30 minutes of NTTD to my classes while they worked today. A little less than half were somewhat interested.
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    Interesting overall assessment and ranking @MajorDSmythe .
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    I showed the first 30 minutes of NTTD to my classes while they worked today. A little less than half were somewhat interested.

    Are you able to download it already? That was quick!
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    Prime. $20 for 48 hours. Maybe only in the US because of the lower than expected box office. As long as you don't go all the way to the end of the film you can restart it and watch it again as many times as you'd like during that time frame.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    Interesting overall assessment and ranking @MajorDSmythe .

    The editing is my biggest issue. It ruins what could have been some good sequences. I do like the way that Bond deals with Greene at the end, but that's about it, really.
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    After six views combined, between trips to the theatre and the local drive-in, one full watch at home on Amazon Prime, and watching the first 35 minutes of it four times today with various classes that I teach (today leads into a four day weekend, it was just for fun while they did their make-up work, generally my film clips come with a lecture and have a point to them), NTTD is now, to me, just another Bond film. The newness is gone and I am already about as familiar with it as I am the other Bond films (meaning I can already near run the entire film in my head if called upon to do so). Happens quickly.
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    Everyone's favourite 20th Bond film, Die Another Day. A lot of bad, some good. Possibly Brosnan's best performance of his 4 Bonds.

    Silver Anniversary Bondathon
    1. Skyfall
    2. Casino Royale
    3. SPECTRE
    4. No Time To Die
    5. Die Another Day
    6. Quantum Of Solace
  • Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

    Extremely tired, so I'll keep this brief. This continues to rise in my estimation. It is well paced, has some wonderful action, Brosnan's performance is pretty strong, contains some of the better thematic heft out of many of the Bond films despite its relative lightness.

    Maybe my tastes are just worsening with age, but I dig it. It's also easily one of the most gorgeous Bond films. Elswit is an absolute master. So many beautiful, thematically communicative compositions and the lighting is exquisite.

    Some of the humor falls flat, but it isn't as bad as in the following two. And quite a fair bit of it actually works. Michelle Yeoh is absolutely wonderful and gorgeous, despite being a bit underused for what she brings to the table.
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    That pretty much sums it up. I watched it the other night too. More than any of the other entries, I can feel one way or the other on any given viewing.
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    Skyfall tonight. Wow, my take on this film has changed radically since seeing NTTD. Now I think it's pretty great. Still don't like Severine's death, but it's not the dealbreaker for me that it once was. Once you *do you know what*, a lot of crap in prior films seems like nothing. ;)
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