Star Trek (1966 - present)

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All movies and shows -- past, present and future. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

Gonna be putting my DS9 and VOY reviews here now.


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    Look forward to reading them.

    I'll look for that old post you made with all the montage links.
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    Montage time? Montage time.

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  • It's 2009 all over again. Just wait for the inevitable power ranger links.
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    Wow, I didn't know the site actually resizes the photos. I can no longer worry about linking an image that might be too big. The one improvement I actually dig.

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    The site does resize, but I reset my Photobucket account to hard resize everything to 640x480. Works better with the new layout.
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  • Good to see the Trek thread back up -- only 588 pages of spam to go before we're back where we left off. B-)
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    If it's spam you want, it's spam you'll get.
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    I realize Skyfall production is the main event here and all eyes are on filming and that's all very well but I'll try to keep my distance to avoid too much information giveaway for the actual release later this year

    Anyway let's cut to the chase

    As I understand there may be one or two who have an interest in Star Trek, by that I mean primarily the original series with Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley. As far as I am aware there is no duplicate thread or any such thing. The next generation with Patrick Stewart is good, but I've always prefered the original. Yesterday I got the opportunity to but the entire film franchise from 1979-1991 in one scoop, saw the Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan in one go, and actually have Star Trek III on now, The Search For Spock (1984), it's not very good admittedly

    Going to watch the last one with the original cast (Part 6, The Undiscovered Country) in a few days, haven't seen this one for years and it's supposed to be one of the best of the series so looking forward to it

    The Wrath of Khan (Part 2) I feel is the best, in no small part to the wonderful and superlative Ricardo Montalban, without him I don't think the movie would of been the success it was

    I also watched the original series in the 1960s, the Motion picture (1979) was only released 10 years after it had finished, and some of the actors don't look that much different actually, James Doohan could of done without the moustache though, it just doesn't suit him

    Anyone who has seen the six Star Trek movies with the original cast or even any of them at all this could well be your platform as I'd like to hear about it. Even the next Generation or Original series would be worth a mention. I don't hold Star Trek in the same high regard as James Bond but needless to say I'm a bit of a fan and am certainly no novice in this specific area, they are always worth a watch
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    I own all the movie's including the post original crew. khan is one of My favourite movie's, meyer did a fantastic job, the navy parallel worked well. montalban was superb, meyer pushed shatner and arguably got the best performance any director got from him, star trek 5 no comment. had the metallic box set of seasons 1 - 3. favourite episodes... city on the edge of tomorrow, metamorphosis. think first episode i ever saw as a kid was the episode with gary seven and iris, assignment: earth. when they went back and improved the special effects, enterprise in earths atmosphere was excellent.
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    Of the films, my favourites are The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, and Generations. When it comes to the TV series, I'm partial to TNG.
  • Perfect Timing

    The Search For Spock has just ended and the end credits are rolling as we speak

    This was a letdown, they gave us a whole movie to search for a character and it's like the Bond equivalent of Goldfinger in that it's rather dull and uninspiring

    It's a double feature so Part IV on next, The Voyage Home, I will not be watching, you thought this was bad, next they go to San Francisco to hunt for whales, what the thump does that have to do with anything :-w

    It does pick up in Parts 5 and 6 though

    Best bit about Star Trek III was the self destruct of the Enterprise, 'Doc Brown' from Back to the Future plays the part of main vulcan. There is no starship enterprise in Star Trek IV, they steal a bird of prey vessel and it simply doesn't work, neither does having main characters such as Leonard Nimoy or Bill Shatner in the directors chair for Star Trek movies

    Rant over
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    I happen to like all the Star Trek series. But my favourite is the originals with Shatner and co. I do not own any but from the movies of the Original cast. My personal favourites are The Wrath Of Khan and The Undiscovered Country!
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    The original series are simply the best of al ST output.

    Loved the original first movie that contained some pure unadulterated starship porn. The Genesis- trilogy is excellent and the characters all get their moment in the spotlight. Of course the Enterprise-three (Kirk, Spock & McCoy) get most screentime.
    ST 5 has a great beginning but the ending is a bit baffeling, one movie running out of ideas or special effects money.
    ST6 is once more an excellent adventure that gives us a great farewell to all of the Enterprise crew.
    ST7 is a poor effort even SHatner couldn't save that piece of gorram space rubbish.
  • Undiscovered country is a great send off for the original crew, a film that improves with time. meaning when you finally get past how old they are :) search for spock, ILM did a great job for the time, the rest of the film is not particularly well shot and the sets are distinctly average.
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    ...'Doc Brown' from Back to the Future plays the part of main vulcan.

    Klingon, mate. Klingon. ;)

  • Yes it was Klingon, got my characters mixed up. Maybe that illustrates something in that I dropped off during the film, it was a bit dull, so many of these types out there, Kilngons, Romulans, Vulcans etc, my mistake fair enough

    Worth noting for that Star Trek 6 (1991), The last film with the original cast, most of the original crew wanted to stay on and do another picture, but Nimoy and Shatner had simply had enough, even though Kirk, Scotty and Chekov do appear in the next release with the Next Generations crew

    They gave us six official entries after the original series finished, and while not all of Oscar winning standard, they did have the original crew which is all that matters sometimes, even if the releases are poor

    I saw The Motion picture yesterday for the first time in years and many people hate it, can't quite understand why as I quite enjoyed it, I even saw it on it's original release so showing my age maybe
  • The motion picture my second favourite, very much a seventies sci fi movie, a decade of good sci fi, logans run, demon seed and silent running to name a few. definitely influences in the movie from 2001: A space odessy. story by alan dean foster who wrote alien.
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    The motion picture my second favourite, very much a seventies sci fi movie, a decade of good sci fi, logans run, demon seed and silent running to name a few. definitely influences in the movie from 2001: A space odessy. story by alan dean foster who wrote alien.

    Alan Dean Foster wrote the novelisation of Alien (aliens & Alien 3). And the novelsisation of Star Trek (2009)

    Writers of Alien Dan O'Bannon (story & screenplay) & Ronald Shusett.

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