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    It’s so interesting looking back on 30 years of BTAS. Without a doubt, it’s perhaps the greatest incarnation of the Batman mythology on any screen, everything about the show just informs how I view Batman and his world. The design of Gotham is practically unmatched by any of the other interpretations, the voice acting is flawless, and the decision to keep it rooted in a Late 30’s/Early 40’s styled era is perhaps the biggest reason why the show ages like fine wine. Having said that, a lot of what makes BTAS great stems from the Burton films, as well as that 70’s/80’s era of Batman comics. Here’s to hoping Caped Crusader will see the light of day!

    100% agreed.
  • I have to agree with BTAS. It is flawless. I would argue Mask of the Phantasm is still one of the best Bat films as well.
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    A month and a half till Gotham knights the video game

    Honestly this feels like a battle for the cowl game with out it being a battle for the cowl game which is ok I guess
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    Here's Barry Keoghan's audition tape for The Riddler in The Batman:

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    Thought i'd share this here too.
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    Thought i'd share this here too.

    The long-chinned image reminds me of m-m-m-m-m-Max.
    The name ? Headroom, M-M-M-Max Headroom.
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    Always worth reading if TAS people are in charge.
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    Yes, very good news. I enjoyed the first two "seasons," even if some people had problems with them. They're not on the level of the very best episodes of BTAS/TNBA but still superior to modern Batman comics and they retain the spirit of the show. I hope Ty Templeton will be able to return, since he's the best non-Timm DCAU artist, but Jordan Gibson is a fine replacement.
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    I don’t know what to say or think.
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    MaxCasino wrote: »

    I don’t know what to say or think.

    I can see why they replaced Curry. I know even Conroy had to re-record and adjust aspects of his performance as they honed out the artwork/tone of the series. Hamill's take on the Joker just has that extra bit of humour that makes it... well, still a cartoon that kids will watch, if that makes sense, while still having that menace.
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    Seems fine to me to be honest. Both are good.
  • Tim Curry's take on the Joker actually sounds quite a lot like Hamill's. One of the interviewees even mentions something to the effect that Hamill modeled his early version of the Joker on what Curry had done. You can absolutely hear the similarities in the angrier, more menacing side of Hamill's Joker. Where Curry appears to be lacking is in that maniacal gleefulness that Hamill brought, but again, as one of the interviewees mentioned, was that because Curry couldn't deliver that or because they didn't know what they wanted at that point and didn't direct him to deliver that? I think Curry would have turned out perfectly fine and not all that dissimilar from Hamill's Joker in the end. Would he have been quite as perfect, quite as legendary? It's hard to imagine anyone topping where Hamill took the Joker. But I think it's safe to say Curry would not have been a bad choice at all.
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    Yes, there's a definite similarity. But while Curry sounds like he's putting on a funny voice, Hammil's version sounds lived-in, less constricted, and more natural, with that afore-mentioned maniacal glee. Curry's broad attempt at an American carny accent also contributes to an impression of staginess. I don't think the Joker would have gone on to the heights he did in BTAS with Curry's voice. Paul Dini and company wrote the later Joker episodes/films with Hammil in mind, with the knowledge of what he could do and the conviction that he was truly right for the character. Curry's Joker wouldn't have been a disaster by any means, but if he'd continued we'd probably be discussing it today as a fun/interesting casting choice rather than a legendary one.
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    The right choice was made. I love Tim Curry and the terrific performances he's given over the years, but Mark Hamill's Joker voice and mannerisms are absolutely unbeatable. He and Conroy as Bruce / Batman were both total lightning in a bottle, and I hope most people recognize just how lucky we were to get such definitive voices for these characters at the same time. The original animated series is the best collective Batman on screen material we're ever going to get.
  • Hamill's Joker does sound more natural and less put-on than Curry's, though I'm not positive Curry couldn't have grown into the part. What's not debatable is that the voice acting was spot-on all around, and not just Conroy and Hamill but Richard Moll, Paul Williams, Arleen Sorkin, Bob Hastings, Adrienne Barbeau, David Warner, Roddy MacDowall, and so very many others. As you say, lightning in a bottle.
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    In light of Kevin Conroy's passing, I just wanted to share some moments from his career as Batman that I always think of, and that underscore just how incredible he was in the role in a way no other could match.

    This heart breaking moment from Mask of the Phantasm may be my favorite bit of performance from him, for how he so perfectly captured how the deaths of his parents haunt Bruce and compel him to do what he does. His agony in realizing that he's found a happiness he didn't believe was possible never fails to cut right to my heart.

    Another great Justice League: Unlimited clip that shows the humanity of Batman is this one, where our hero takes on the task of confronting Ace, a young girl whose power has grown destructive. It's a downplayed scene, but Kevin perfectly plays a very stoic but warm Bruce who sees so much of himself in this young kid whose world has been upturned. The quiet yet firm way he comforts her and allows her to die peacefully always gets me.

    I recommend everyone check out the "end" of Kevin's role as Batman in the DCAU through the same Justice League: Unlimited episode that includes the Ace clip above, titled "Epilogue," that shows his Bruce as an old man, a far cry from his crime fighting days. I just really love that the writers had the balls to show Bruce in an unflattering light, very much a tragic figure because his devotion to his mission made him lose those closest to him. Kevin really captures the weathered and past it Bruce well,

    It was a lot of fun when Justice League: Unlimited told a story that brought two Batmans together, or rather a past and future Batman. It's just amazing and awesome to hear Kevin playing off of himself, and to see how different the two "versions" of Bruce are with so much time and experience between them.

    A powerful scene in Kevin's Batman tenure is what kickstarts Batman Beyond, where Bruce is still fighting crime despite being too old and past his limit. In a moment of weakness he picks up a gun to make a criminal run before the thug beats him to death. In horror, it's then that he realizes that he can no longer do the job anymore, no doubt unable to shake how much what he did reminded him of Joe Chill sticking up him and his parents when he was a boy. It's shocking and worrying to see a Batman so incapable, given what we've seen Kevin's Batman do before. It brings to mind the bittersweet nature of watching your heroes age, because they can't live up to what they once were.

    Another great Beyond episode, this time from one where Ace, Bruce's dog, goes missing. We see genuine concern from Bruce, as much as he tries to mask it, and get a touching look into how the two first met, leading to Ace's adoption.

    And these last ones are just generally badass...

    Kevin reciting Batman's contingency plans for the Justice League, should they turn evil:

    And finally, a really great animation depicting the ending to The Dark Knight (and the behind the scenes leading to its creation), dubbing Kevin's voice over Christian Bale's performance using lines from the film that Conroy did a cold reading of during a podcast for Nerdist.

    Incredible to take in the sheer amount of work this man did as Batman. We will never see such a prolific career full of such achievement ever again. What a talent, what a treasure.
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    @0BradyM0Bondfanatic7, it was indeed great to see Conroy return as an older version of the character in Batman Beyond and Justice League. The opening of "Rebirth Pt. 1" was a definite standout moment for Conroy. I also love the way he growled at those thugs in "Where's Terry?" and his reflective moments in "Out of the Past."
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    @Some_Kind_Of_Hero, that's part of what I tried to impart in my post in the other thread. It is insane that we got to see him play Bruce from boyhood through to his adulthood and older age. It's something we've never seen done before, and I'm so glad Kevin got that opportunity because he deserved it more than anyone else. Part of what makes his Batman so engaging is how human he is, and just how much we know of him and got to see him go through. He truly does feel like an old friend by the time the end of Justice League hits. From birth to near death, we got it all.

    More than anything, I'm just grateful I was alive to experience all this, and to grow up when I did. His Batman changed my life in much the same way the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films did. Those two characters, and those two actors, were so quintessential in me becoming who I am and believing what I do. It was wonderful to have something to look up to growing up, that made me want to be a better person.
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    Kevin Conroy was Batman for 30 years. And there is no doubt that he will remain a fan-favourite for decades to come.
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    DarthDimi wrote: »
    Kevin Conroy was Batman for 30 years. And there is no doubt that he will remain a fan-favourite for decades to come.

    I couldn't agree more.
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    Well the only thing I will say is

    I wish he was Batman for the Hush and long Halloween films

    But over all he was my Batman and it saddens me he isn’t going to do any more Batman projects

    It also annoys me that whole Arkham beyond game with him voicing Batman also never happened
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    Such a loss. He's definitely the Batman I grew up with watching The Animated Series, to the point whenever I think of Batman it's Conroy's voice that immediately comes to mind. The Mask of The Phantasm is still the best Batman film in my opinion too.
  • Depressing news to be sure. RIP Mr. Conroy, you’ll always be my Batman.
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    Kevin Conroy was an unalloyed positive for our generation of Batman fans. Yet, he never let our praise and fan enthusiasm turn him cocky as the king of spades. Always modest and thankful, Kevin Conroy walked among us like he was one of us. When 9/11 had happened, he went out there to help people. That's Batman.
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    Contains Swearing.
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    Leave it to Kevin to weave a tender and sweet tribute. Funny he mentioned the Ace scene from Justice League, as that one and many over powerful Batman moments are the ones I've revisited in the last week to remind myself of how perfect Kevin was in that role.
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    Leave it to Kevin to weave a tender and sweet tribute. Funny he mentioned the Ace scene from Justice League, as that one and many over powerful Batman moments are the ones I've revisited in the last week to remind myself of how perfect Kevin was in that role.

    I would have loved to have listened to the watchalong commentaries they had planned, I need to get hold of Fatman and Batman #11 that's Kevin's first appearance on Fatman on Batman its a great conversation.
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