Bond movies love their animals (2nd edit)



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    Collecting stray dogs.

    The most obvious one is the one doing its business in the middle of the road in the junkanoo parade.
    There's a stray wandering about the outskirts of Bangkok towards the end of the car chase in TMWTGG.
    Quantum of Solace as Bond and Camille emerge from the desert.
    There may be some others.
  • zebrafishzebrafish <°)))< in Octopussy's garden in the shade
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    Bumping this up for the current animals-elimination game.
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    Thanks for the bump!


    SP: mouse (L'Americain hotel room); Persian longhair cat (Blofeld's lair)
    NTTD: snapper fish x2 (Jamaican jetty); sheep herd (Matera); birds, maybe pigeons (London lab explosion); Sphynx cats x2 (Q's flat)
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