What Bond film have you never seen in a theater?

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Just wondering so we can keep an eye out for Bond film festivals to help fill in the gaps.


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    Dr No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, OHMSS, Diamonds are Forever and Live and Let Die. 1974 was my first theater viewing, and in retrospect, it wasn't a bad one to start with
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    All the classics, especially the early Connery era, I am sad to say. :(
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    Casino Royale, regret is as hell!
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    Unfortunately, all of the films prior to the Brosnan era (plus GE). I highly doubt I'll ever get to see them on the big screen here in Australia.
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    Connery's era, OHMSS, Moore's era and LTK (it was a 15 and I was 7).

    I've seen TLD and every Brosnan and Craig on the big screen.
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    Why would this be news?
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    From Moore onwards. Wish I'd been around in the sixties - saw some great pics of the Connery era premieres at the Odeon Leicester Sq. They had proper glamour in those days.
  • 1962-2002 :(
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    1962-1999 , die another d was my first at the pictures
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    All of them up until TND
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    I am awe-struck at how the majority of you were born at the time to watch the early Bonds.
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    I've seen them all at the cinema - the Connery ones multiple times. :)
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    bondsum wrote:
    I've seen them all at the cinema - the Connery ones multiple times. :)
    Its nice to see some more senior members here

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    All the films prior to Octopussy.
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    AVTAK was my first so nothing before that unfortunately. I would love to see them in a theater someday.
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    1962 - 1995 ... TND was my first Bond film at the theater.
  • Have seen all of them since TLD in theatres, and I was lucky that there was a rep theatre in my neighborhood that used to play the old ones. So I've also seen DN, FRWL, GF, OHMSS, and TSWLM on the big screen with an audience. That rep theatre has since changed to playing documentaries but the Toronto International Film Festival theatre recently showed all of the Bonds to coincide with the Designing 007 exhibition when it was here. Sadly, I missed the interview with John Glen - I can't remember which of his films they were screening with him in attendance.
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    Casino Royale (1967)
  • TLD was my first on the big screen, so everything before that. :(
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    1962 - 1997 - missed.

    1999 - onwards.
  • Finally got to see Goldfinger on the big screen back in January at the Designing 007 exhibit in Toronto. Never been a fave of mine, but seeing it at the theatre really gave me a new appreciation for the film. A true classic. I loved that the cinema was piping in all the Bond themes in chronological order before the film started. Really got you in the mood!

    Gutted to have missed out on all the other screenings though. Should never have moved away from Toronto! I have never seen any of Sir Rog's films at the cinema, so that's something that needs to be rectified at some point in time
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    Dr. No - Die Another Day.
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    I have never seen the first 18 movies in the theater. Been going, though, since 1999!
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    All of them from Dr No to Licence To Kill.
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    All of them from Dr No to The World Is Not Enough.
  • I have watched all the Movies at the cinema from 1995 and when I was little I remember seeing NSNA with my best friend for his birthday treat. I don't remember seeing any Moore or Dalton at the cinema. Truth is I didn't really get into Bond until Goldeneye.
  • At least through Die Another Day. I don't think I've seen that one, but I'm not sure. I've definitely seen all the Craigs.
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    1962 - 1989

    Started active movie going a little after LTK.
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    I've seen every film in the theatre except OHMSS, TWINE, DAD, and Craig's 3.
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