Take 3 Bond films to a desert island...

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Ok, short and simple: what are the three and only three Bond films you would take to a remote desert island?

Here's my picks:

FRWL: The quintessential Bond--it never really tires on me: Plus Tatiana, The Mediterranean settings, that fight...

OHMSS: It has so much to offer: the beautiful Swiss Alps, skiing, Bond in love, a group of ladies atop the Piz Gloria, Christmas, Kojac, John Barry--all wrapped up in one

MR: Not one of my top favorites, but there is so much variety in locations and character, it would keep my attention going on an island. Once again, the John Barry score alone would soothe my senses.


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    Brilliant topic :)

    For me GE would have to be in there. It was my first Bond film and subsequently holds a very special place in my heart to this day.

    FRWL, classic Bond. The Grant/Bond fight never fails to excite.

    TSWLM (sorry Luds :p ). If I was stranded on an island I would want some light relief, the kind which only Sir Rog could provide. Also, there's Jaws, Carley Simon and the breathtaking PTS. Out of Moore's 7 films this is EASILY HIS BEST ONE ;)
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    My top one from each of my top 3 Bond actors:

    TB(Classic 1960s Bond with Connery at his apex)

    TLD(Best one made post-TB with the most underrated Bond actor)

    MR(Good fun with the funniest Bond actor. Be perfect for comedy relief on a desert island).
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    TB: it has everything that makes Bond, Bond. All time classic in every way.

    TSWLM: it has everything great about the Moore ear, my favorite Bond actor.

    CR: it has everything that makes the Craig era great.

    These three demonstrate the full power of Bond in a multitude of areas.
  • LudsLuds MIA
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    No doubt, I'd take the 3 best films: TB, OHMSS, GF.
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    TLD, FRWL, OHMSS. - Three great Bond films for every occasion.

    I'd also take a solar powered generator, an imac, monica bellucci, lucy pinder, Belladonna, Brianna Love and a never ending supply of vimto.
  • LudsLuds MIA
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    You know what, I'll change my pics.

    TB - The best flick
    GF - Outstanding flick and an absolute epic
    TLD - I prefer OHMSS but I'll take Dalton over Lazenby.
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Dr. No, From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the three films I rate as the best.
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    TMWTGG, DAF, MR. :-bd
  • From Russia with love
    On her majesty's secret service
    Live and let die
  • KerimKerim Istanbul Not Constantinople
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    While these do not necessarily represent my three favorite Bond films, these are the ones I would be most entertained with on an island

    TB, TLD and CR (TSWLM would be 4th pick)
  • AgentJamesBond007AgentJamesBond007 Vesper’s grave
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    OHMSS, TB, and OP (TLD and GE would've been my next)

    My favorite entertaining Bond films for a while on an island
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  • GF, TSWLM, GE- should keep me happy in my island exile.....
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  • NicNacNicNac Administrator, Moderator
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    YOLT (Blofeld, Ninjas, Little Nellie, Volcano, rockets, helicopters, pirranhas, giant magnets GET IN THERE)
    OHMSS (the most glamourous and seductive of all Bonds)
    CR (I do like Dan)
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    - Licence to Kill
    - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    - Casino Royale
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    Dr. No
    Man With The Golden Gun

  • GoldenGunGoldenGun Per ora e il momento che verrà
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  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    Quoting MrSpy: Man With The Golden Gun
  • Jazz007Jazz007 Minnesota
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    On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    The Living Daylights
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    On Her Majesty Secret Service
    Casino Royale
  • saunderssaunders Living in a world of avarice and deceit
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    This takes careful consideration, you wouldn't want to take DAD and end up throwing your only TV into the sea, nor would you need to take the tropical films like DN or TB as you'd already be in that exotic environment. I suppose you could go for your top three, but I would choose:

    OHMSS- It has snow, ice and mountains which will make for a pleasant change of scenery on a desert island.

    CR- With a isolated environment like a desert island you need a film that will connect you to the real emotions and feelings of people.

    TSWLM= Yes there are far better Bond films but this along with the other two will give you variety, you get 60's classic with OHMSS, 70's camp with this and CR will provide the rebooted alternative.

    Yep that's my choice, though I would be desperatley wishing for a copy of TLD to get washed up in a bottle!
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    Just to bust the bubble you'd take ANY dvd/blue-ray. go to the locals say its discs of the gods and say they are messages to take me off the island in a boat :-"
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    From Russia With Love
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    The Living Daylights

    If I had a friend planning on visiting me on the island and was permitted to ask him to bring one more Bond flick, I would opt for Moonraker. ;-)
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    To show future generations how not to make a Bond film.
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    Quoting DarthDimi: To show future generations how not to make a Bond film.
    Ha! Very good....
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    For me, it would be :
    Quantum of Solace, The World is not enough and Goldfinger.
    Not my favourite, but those I rediscover each time and that I like a little bit more each time. With a long time to spend on the island, they would have time to improve in my ranking.

    But if you would ask me for 3 Bond's Items, that would be :
    - Bond 23 (to have someting new to watch)
    - The book : James Bond Movie Posters
    - and Licence to Thrill from James Chapman. With these, I guess I would have a lot of food for thoughts and will never get bored.
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    Quoting The_Preacher711:
    Quoting DarthDimi: To show future generations how not to make a Bond film.

    Ha! Very good....
    But if really had to choose, it would be:


    I'd miss the rest but these were the first three, iconic in every way, and I'd be heart-broken if they weren't available anymore.
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