Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)



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    I got to see Strikes Again on Saturday. I think my friend and I laughed more and harder than anyone else in the cinema, though the screening was almost full.

    There weren't as many crying-with-laughter moments as in Reborn, for me, but when they came they were very good (the scene in the club especially).
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    In 10 weaks the movie almoost did $ 4,9 million in The Netherlands. This or 11th weak was the final weak of the movie. That's more then second movie did in 2011 who deliever $ 4,5 million and first movie did $ 4,2 million in 2003.

    Total worldwide the movie deliever $ 153 million, but The Netherlands whas one of the first country's where movie be released. Almoost one month earlier then in UK. So mabey the movie is stil runnig in some country's. Possible movie going to be even/close to the or beat second movie who did $160 milllion.

    Dutch release date of Bluray (4K BD, DVD) is 13 February 2019.

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    That's a healthy box office. This series has remained profitable.
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    Really looking forward to watch the film when it's released on DVD/Blu-ray. With a $25 million budget, it looks do have done quite well; unsurprisingly perhaps, given the popularity of Rowan Atkinson.
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