Connery did a FRWL game in 2005, which film/actor would you like to see with a game next?



  • Either an OHMSS game or a CR game would be good.
  • AgentJamesBond007AgentJamesBond007 Vesper’s grave
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    Having a chance to watch YOLT again, I think it could’ve made a great game. Some great levels could’ve included the Little Nellie chase, the rooftop fight, and the volcano finale.
  • Major_BoothroydMajor_Boothroyd Republic of Isthmus
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    Thunderball game

    Level 1 PTS - fight with Jacque Bouval and escape with jet pack
    Level 2 - Shrublands stealth mission
    Level 3 - Casino challenge
    Level 4 - Swimming beneath disco volante avoiding grenades (Boss level confrontation: Vargas)
    Level 5 - stealth, shoot and kill at Largo's house (ending with fighting man underwater and avoiding shark)
    Level 6 - skeet shooting challenge
    Level 7 - stealth through Junkanoo (Boss level confrontation: Fiona Volpe)
    Level 8 - swimming down to bomber avoiding sharks
    Level 9 - underwater battle
    Level 10 - fight with Largo on speeding ship (Boss level confrontation: Largo)
  • Major_BoothroydMajor_Boothroyd Republic of Isthmus
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    FYEO Game

    1.) Helicopter PTS - get control of helicopter, drop Blofeld down a chimney!
    2.) A Drive in the Country - car chase
    2.) Ski chase
    4.) Fight the motorbikes
    5.) Ice hockey battle
    6.) Casino challenge (win a target amount of money on a card game)
    7.) avoiding dune buggies and fight on the beach
    8.) raid on the warehouse
    9.) chasing locque and kicking car off cliff
    10.) Underwater search of wreckage and fighting enemy underwater
    11.) Surviving keel hauling
    12.) Rock climbing
    13.) Assault on St Cyril's ending with fight with kreigler
    14.) Fight with Kristatos

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