'Casino Royale' Japanese Play Adaptation



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    I like a bit of weird in my Bond stories (some of the continuation novels for instance) but this is just too weird for even me. You have to draw the line somewhere. :)
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    Sorry to be late to the thread, but can someone explain to me how does the copryright law works for this?

    How can Japan make a CR adaptation but not the rest of the world? Or ...can anyone make a CR-inspired media and Japan is the only place to use this???

    I dont' get it
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    So it's going to be streaming worldwide on 11th of June apparently. How on Earth is that legal?

    The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater “Casino Royale -My Name’s Bond-” will be live-streamed to the world on Sunday, 11th June 2023 at 13:30 JST! This will be the first time that a Takarazuka Revue performance will be live-streamed overseas.
    The live-streaming will be available in 8 subtitles including English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional) on the "Beyond LIVE" video streaming platform. In addition to the live streaming, we will re-stream for fans who cannot watch it live due to the time difference.

    Takarazuka Revue Cosmos Troupe “Casino Royale -My Name’s Bond-” Live Streaming
    [Live streaming Date and Time] Sunday, June 11, 2023 from 13:30 in Japan Time
    [Re-Streaming Date and Time] Monday, June 26, 2023 from 04:00 in Japan Time
    Live Streaming Platform:Beyond LIVE
    ※Due to copyright reasons, Beyond LIVE will only stream the performance of “Casino Royale -My Name’s Bond-” (There will be no stream after the Sayonara Show).

    Supported languages: English, Korean, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Indonesian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai
    ※Re-Streaming is only available in English.   
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    With the popularity (or at least regular activity) of discussion, I expect a watchalong is possible.

    I thought there were lawyers on this forum.

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    Looks like Eon need one of those transmission jammers that the US used against Saddam Hussein to block his speeches during the invasion of Iraq in 2003!
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    It's a wonderfull news. 
    How on Earth is that legal

    I don't see why it wouldn't be. Internet is not the property of any country or private movie entreprise ; there is no owner. In Japan, Fleming book are public domain and anybody can adapt them in theatre. And the creators of theatre play can post it on internet from Japan if they want. They don't have to include a way for to prevent any people from other country to watch and nothing prevent them to do the adaptation in any langage they want (and even if it was the case : Fleming novel are in english, so it would be valid to have english text/subs), probably no (stupid) local or international law say they have to so (and even if there was: you would still can use a VPN).

    Just immagine if it was otherwise, if the whole internet must conform to the individual laws of every country in the world : there will be no internet cause North Korean and religious countries would oppose and remove 90% of it's worldwide content that enfreign their locals laws.

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