Complete List Of James Bond Soundtrack Cues

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So I started a thread a few months ago trying to chronicle every musical cue used in an official James Bond film. One of the mods thinks another mod may have accidentally deleted it, so I'm re-posting :-?

I've seen posts on various forums about individual scores, but as far as I'm aware, there isn't a thread with every soundtrack in the order the music appears in the movie.

Please feel free to post below if you've made a complete listing of a soundtrack or if you spot any mistakes or have any other comments or suggestions.

I'd love to be in a position to have a definitive soundtrack for the films, including source music, omitted and alternate cues, different versions of the theme song, rejected theme songs etc. etc.

An asterisk denotes a track or cue not commercially available. I haven't included the Nic Raine re-orchestrations, focussing just on original source material from the film. I have made up many of the titles of the missing cues; they are not 'official' designations. Here we are so far...
DR. NO (1962)

01 Gun Barrel* - Main Titles (James Bond Theme/Instrumental Dance*/Kingston Calypso) (3.10)
02 The Death Of Strangway’s Secretary* (0.32)
03 Bond, James Bond (James Bond Theme)
04 Golf At The Flat* (0.41)
05 Bond Arrives In Jamaica (James Bond Theme)
06 Leiter Tails Bond* (0.20)
07 Mr. Jones* (1.09)
08 Love At Last (Queens Club Source)
09 Under The Mango Tree (Monty Norman Version - Club Source)
10 Leiter Meets Bond* (1.08)
11 Jump Up
12 Under The Mango Tree (Jazzy Instrumental Version - Club Source)* (2.08)
13 The Three Blind Mice Take Aim* (0.23)
14 Dent Retrieves The Tarantula* (0.35)
15 Bond Back At The Hotel (James Bond Theme)
16 Death Of The Tarantula* (1.19)
17 Bond Travels To Miss Taro’s (James Bond Theme)
18 A Surprise Visitor (James Bond Theme)
19 Under The Mango Tree (Diana Coupland Version - Miss Taro’s House Source)
20 The Island Speaks (Film Version)* (1.40)
21 Covering The Boat* (0.33)
22 Boat Patrol* (1.03)
23 Killing The Guard* (2.38)
24 Drugged* (0.49)
25 Meeting Dr. No* (1.20)
26 The Death Of Dr. No & Escape* (2.25)
27 The Marines Arrive* (0.40)
28 End Credits* (Underneath The Mango Tree Instrumental - James Bond Theme) (1.00)

24 minutes approx. unreleased music

29 Jamaican Rock
30 Audio Bongo
31 Twisting With James
32 Jamaica Jazz
33 Under The Mango Tree (Instrumental)
34 Jump Up (Alternate Version)
35 Dr. No’s Fantasy
36 Kingston Calypso (Diana Coupland Version)
37 The Island Speaks (Album Version)
38 The Boy’s Chase
39 Dr. No’s Theme
40 The James Bond Theme (Dr. No’s Fantasy Instrumental)
41 James Bond Theme (Alternate Version)


01 Gun Barrel - Bond Back In Action Again
02 Nightclub (Source)* (0.31)
03 Goldfinger (Main Title)
04 Into Miami
05 Into Miami 2 (Hotel Source)* (0.20)
06 Enter Goldfinger (Tracked Music - Death Of Goldfinger/End Titles)
07 Bond Meets Jill (Tracked Music - Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement)
08 The Best Place In Town* (0.39)
09 Golden Girl
10 Korean Caddy* (0.10)
11 Goldfinger Loses/Planting The Tracker* (0.38)
12 Deadly Hat* (0.17)
13 Alpine Drive
14 Auric’s Factory
15 Death Of Tilly
16 Hitting A Brick Wall* (0.48)
17 The Laser Beam
18 Bathroom Spying* (1.22)
19 Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus
20 Auric’s Stud* (1.37)
21 Teasing the Korean
22 Gassing The Gangsters
23 Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement
24 Car Crush (Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement)
25 He Wants You* (0.33)
26 He Had A Pressing Engagement / That’s My James* (1.11)
27 Bond & Pussy In The Barn* (1.13)
28 Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
29 The Arrival Of The Bomb
30 Bond Vs. Oddjob* (0.32)
31 Countdown
32 Plane To The White House* (0.45)
33 The Death of Goldfinger
34 No Time To Be Rescued - End Titles

35 Goldfinger (Big Band Instrumental)
36 Goldfinger (Demo by Anthony Newley)
37 Goldfinger (Single Version)
38 Alternate End Titles (The Death Of Goldfinger/End Titles)


01 Gun Barrel
02 Bond Spies Tracey
03 This Never Happened To The Other Feller
04 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Main Title)*
05 Try (Film Version, 2M2)*
06 Bond And Tracey
07 Journey To Draco’s Hideaway
08 Bond And Draco
09 Take A Memo Please Moneypenny*
10 Resignation Memories (Underneath The Mango Tree/From Russia With Love/Thunderball)*
11 Request Granted
12 Tracey’s Return
13 Guitar Source (4M2)*
14 Louis Armstrong ‘We Have All The Time In The World (Film Version)’*
15 Gumbold’s Safe
16 Bond Meets Sir Hilary
17 Nina ‘Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?’
18 Journey To Blofeld’s Hideaway
19 Bond Settles In
20 Bond Meets The Girls
21 Dusk At Piz Gloria
22 Sir Hilary’s Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays)
23 Berne Brass Band (Source)*
24 Blofeld’s Plot
25 Escape From Piz Gloria (Film Version)*
26 Ice Rink (Source)*
27 Car Chase*
28 Blizzard (Soft Suspense Cue, 13M1)*
29 Stable Mates (We Have All The Time In The World Soft Orchestral, 13M2)*
30 Ski Chase
31 Avalanche
32 Blofeld & Tracey*
33 Over And Out
34 The James Bond Theme
35 Battle At Piz Gloria
36 Bobsled Chase
37 The Wedding Ring (Tracked Music - Bond Meets Sir Hilary)
38 Tracey’s Death - We Have All The Time In The World (Film Version, 16M3)*
39 End Titles (The James Bond Theme)

40 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Album Version)
41 Louis Armstrong ‘We Have All The Time In The World (Album Version)’
42 We Have All The Time In The World (Instrumental Source)
43 Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown (Children Only)*
44 Nina ‘The More Things Change’
45 Try (Album Version)
46 Escape From Piz Gloria (Album Version)
47 Tracey’s Death - We Have All The Time In The World (Album Version)
48 We Have All The Time In The World Jazz Combo (Unused Film Version, 2M1)*


01. Logos & Gun Barrel (Film Version)
02. Safin
03. Matera
04. Secrets*
05. La Tomba Di Lynd*

06. Message From An Old Friend (Film Version)*

07. Square Escape

08. No Time To Die (Main Title)
09. Heracles*

10. Someone Was Here

11. Not What I Expected

12. What Have You Done?

13. Shouldn't We Get To Know Each Other First?

14. Cuba Chase

15. Flight To Felix’s Ship/Fight With Logan Ash*
16. It's A Good Life*
17. Back To MI6

18. Definitely The Same Desk*
19. Recovering Obruchev's Data*
20. A New Patient*
21. Good To Have You Back

22. I Need To Call The Prime Minister/Belmarsh Prison*
23. Lovely To See You Again
24. Blofeld’s Entrance*
25. Examining The Bionic Eye*
26. Blofeld Baiting Bond*
27. The Death Of Blofeld*
28. Home (Film Version without Billie’s vocals)*
29. 007 Locates Logan Ash*
30. Safin’s Backstory*
31. Norway Chase
32. Madeleine Fires/Bond In Forest/The Death Of Logan Ash/Helicopter Escape*
33. Gearing Up
34. Poison Garden*
35. The Factory
36. One Drop Of Tea*
37. Make The World A Better Place*
38. Matilde Leaves/Approaching Transports/Death Of Obruchev*
39. I’ll Be Right Back
40. Opening The Doors
41. Permission To Launch/Poisoned*
42. Final Ascent
43. A Man Named Bond (We Have All The Time In The World)*
44. Louis Armstrong ‘We Have All The Time In The World'
45. End Titles (Square Escape/Home (Album Version)/What Have You Done?/Back To MI6)*

46. No Time To Die
47. No Time To Die (Instrumental)
48. No Time To Die (Acapella)
49. No Time To Die (Original Demo)
50. No Time To Die (Live From The BRIT Awards)
51. Q1 (Vinyl Only)
52. Q2 (Vinyl Only)
53. Q3 (Vinyl Only)
54. Q4 (Vinyl Only)
55. Gun Barrel (Album Version)
56. Message From An Old Friend (Album Version)
57. Home (Album Version)
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