What song could be a great Bond Theme?



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    That was fun, @mtm.

    Just came across this inspired track. Could be good for product placement as well.

    Afro-Pop Group BGC Melody And Tasa
    Share James Bond-Inspired Single “Cookie

    “This is what James Bond would sound like if 007 was an African secret
    agent" — Don Julio Bats (BGC Melody founder)
    Elaborating further, Don Julio Bats says, “This is what James Bond would sound like if 007 was an African secret agent. I asked my beatmaker to produce me beats that fused a James Bond-type theme with modern African beats. Our goal was to deliver what it would sound like if the James Bond franchise ever reached out to us to deliver a song for one of their productions. And yes, I personally wanted Idris Elba to hear the song and say to himself: ‘I can be James Bond 007!’”
    “Cookie Crumbles” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

    BGC Melody x Tasa - Cookie Crumbles [Theme Song] - Lyrics Visualizer via @bgcmelodystory (4:35)

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    This just released TODAY on their new album. Depeche Mode is still my top artist choice for next Bond theme. Their song “Heaven” also is quite Bond-ish.
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