Which Bond would you most compare yourself to?

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Just an idea...(im not sure if this is the appropriate section for this or if its been done before)
which bond would you most compare yourself too in terms of looks charm or anything (pictures welcome)
i would like to compare myself to daniel craig's bond i have a similar hairstyle and have a good Physique it can be as simple as that.. i would love to hear what everybody else has to say.


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    I remember doing a light hearted test like this. Apparently I'm Timothy Dalton :)

    I want to be Roger Moore though :(
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    At my best: Roger Moore

    At my worst: Woody Allen

  • Guess.
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    Simply because i'm mean moody and magnificent, Dalton

    And being Welsh helps.
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    Well, I guess they were all influences through the years, in one way or another.

    Pierce. GE hair, swagger
    Connery. Voice, charm(?)
    Dalton. When I´m serious
    Moore. I can raise an eyebrow
    Lazenby. Drawing a blank here...
    Craig. Nothing at all, unfortunately
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    going purely on my sense of humour it would have to be moore =)) and its who i grew up with. in terms of cold heartedness when someone annoys me? CRAIG! >:) lol
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    mark hamill?
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    Without knowing very well how others view me, I would have to say that I'm mostly a Dalton with a good degree of Moore. A more reserved, seemingly cold, and slightly intense exterior, but I bring out the charm, wit, and humour in good company.
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    To the black one.
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    Probably Dalts; a bit more quiet and serious than the others.
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    Walter Cronkite?

    I'd be Craig. He and I see eye to eye on what to do as Bond.
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    Roger Moore.

    I can raise an eyebrow, have a youngish looks (now let's see how long those last) and I'd be the first to lose in a fight. Fight with girl scouts no less.

    Brosnan; If I'd wear a tux, I'd look like a guy borrowing from his father's closet.
  • KerimKerim Istanbul Not Constantinople
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    Connery: When I feel like being dutiful and distant
    Lazenby: When I feel like being romantic
    Moore: When I feel like being witty and charming
    Dalton: When I feel like being moody
    Brosnan: When I feel like being overly handsome
    Craig: When I feel like kicking somebody's butt.
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    When I'm at work:

    Connery. The knowledge of pleasing my boss uplifts me more than many many things. When given the opportunity (and even expected) to automatically have knowledge on something, I can always contribute. I work in a fast food restaurant by the name of Chik Fil A in the States, and am trained and know how to do everything in the restaurant with the exception of scheduling. I've worked very hard to do so, only unlike M, my boss doesn't appreciate me.. at all.

    When I'm at college:

    Moore. My humor is on its A-game when I'm in class for some reason. So easy to pick on people in history and teachers.

    When I'm at home:

    Dalton. I'm a moody sunnabitch when I'm home. Mostly because I have an OCD thing about being alone, and I live with my parents. I need my alone time, and welcome it dearly.

    When I'm out 'on the town':
    Lazenby/Brosnan. I feel good, and -usually- look good. Acne is a problem, and I'm the only one in my age group that is semi-attractive and not a complete douche, yet for some reason girls only go for douche's at my age. :/ I still feel good when I get that look though.

    And when am I Craig? Usually when I leave an epic movie, especially spy flicks. Fast Five I got home in under 5 minutes, Transformers me and my friends ran about a mile from the theater to the McDonalds for the fun of it, and after MI:III I bought a air pistol and jumped around my house like it was a jungle gym. Also trained myself to take it apart and put it back together. No lie.
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    I'd say Sir Rog'. I'm always in a good, care-free mood and making light-hearted jokes whenever I can.

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    I was told once that I look like Brosnan, sound like Connery and have the personality of Moore!

    Ouch - one of the best insults I ever received.
  • Dalton- I feel we both have a similar smile and the determined approach his Bond had is something I can relate to.
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    Roger Moore - when he's hanging off the back of a fire engine.
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    Sir Rog of course !! And sometimes Craig when I try to practice my 'intense action' face when I run...
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    As a 29 year old black guy I don't really look like any of them. In terms of personality, I'd say moore because I crack jokes about almost everything
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    Realistically ... ... I would probably be similiar to Timothy Dalton or Daniel Craig protrayal.
    A serious James Bond with a dry sence of humour.

    In an ideal world, Roger Moore because he " a lover not a fighter " LOL and those awesome suave one liners
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    Fleming's Bond.
  • Sean Connery. I just completed a personality test and it said I would be Connery. Yeah I never give up, have a soft and dangerous side too. Im playful to girls and hard on enemies. Yayy since Connery is my favourite Bond Im going to celebrate.
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    Batman23 wrote:
    I just completed a personality test and it said I would be Connery.
    Well, it doesn't get more conclusive than that, does it?!

    :| :)) :-j =))
  • Where can I take this personality test?
  • chrisisallchrisisall Brosnan Defender Of The Realm
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    I am exactly like Dalton.
    In my dreams. :-<
    In real life, I guess I'm a way less attractive version of Brosnan.
  • Went with Dalton as I'm not one for humor and see things straight faced, and he's my favorite of them all, so it was good enough
  • On google just type which Bond actor are you and you should find many.
  • Pierce Brosnan for sure. My hair is just like his from GE.
  • Pierce Brosnan for sure. My hair is just like his from GE.

    Cool I don't look anything like any of the Bond actors.
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