Rank your favourite Leiters by movie

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Live & Let Die
Liscense To Kill
Never Say Never Again
Dr. No
Casino Royale
Quantum Of Solace
aaaaand after that they're kind of generic.


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    Is it okay for you guys that we continue this discussion here?

  • The Thunderball novel has some really nice passages where Bond and Leiter are working together. I think it's probably the book that shows their working relationship the best. It was reflected in the movie somewhat.
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    1. LTK
    2. DN
    3. GF
    4. LALD
    5. DAF
    6. TB

    7. CR
    8. TLD
    9. NTTD
    10. NSNA
    11. QOS
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    1, LALD (Hedison's chemistry with pal Moore just tips this over LTK)
    2, LTK
    3, NSNA (wish he could have crossed over to EON world)
    4, Dr No (the right choice at the time to sell Bond State side, pretty cool)
    5, TB (believable as a mate of Bond's)
    6 GF (he's in that one so needs to be on the list somewhere)
    7,8,9 CR/QOS/NTTD (I just can't get on with Jeffery Wright in anything somehow)
    10, DAF (as weak as the film he's in)
    11, TLD (I blinked and missed him)
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    LALD - a mostly jovial Felix except for the end of the boat chase where he's annoyed with Bond
    LTK - great to see Felix integrated so deeply into the plot
    NSNA - likeable Felix and believable as a mate; gets in on the action with the XT-7B and MAC-10
    NTTD - some funny lines from Felix as he sits there dying: "I'm with YOU"/"I'll be over here"
    CR - nice intro to how Wright's Felix meets Bond
    QOS - great scenes with Beam
    TB - not the most convincing line delivery, but I like this Felix
    GF - serviceable Felix believable as a mate - not bothered by his age or look TBH
    DN - nice intro, decent screen time, but always thought Lord could've been a bit more animated
    DAF - see GF ^
    TLD - unconvincing line delivery fails to impress
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    I think NTTD gives us the best Felix moments: believably friends with Bond, and they have an actual bond (ho-ho).
    Then CR; they work together effectively and he's very charismatic.
    LALD after that: I buy them as colleagues and they have very good chemistry as friends. Again, he's got good charisma.
    QOS: he has some nice moments and Wright is giving it everything. He can't even hand a phone over without doing it in a cool way.
    NSNA: he's very charming and likeable, not sure they seem like great friends though.
    LTK: he's great in it and has a good role (apart from his final, insane, scene) but I don't buy them as friends at all I'm afraid. Bond looks like he doesn't want to be there.

    Then you have the uninteresting ones after that.
    GF - he seems like a nice guy.
    TB - pretty good, they seem like they know each other.
    DN - average. He's there.
    DAF - he's a bit tubby and I get the vibe that Bond hates him, but he's played adequately
    TLD - looks like a human, I guess.
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    Is it okay for you guys that we continue this discussion here?


    Let's continue this here folks.
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