The "Step Outside Of Yourself For A Moment" Thread (SPOILERS)

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Take a moment to take a few of your hardened (or negative) beliefs or feelings about Bond movies, & turn them around a bit in your head as if you weren't you, but a totally different person with different takes on things. An experiment in a form of temporary objectivity, if you will...

My top three Bonds don't actually include a Connery one. Goldfinger is the most perfect Bond movie, always has been, and always will be. From the shocking PTS to the timer on the bomb at the end. Absurdity within complete control.
Skyfall sucks. The unintended betrayal, the literal fall into limbo, and the rise & fight to regain his place in his world is incredibly powerful.
Jaws is the worst henchman ever. In the absurdity of the world of Bond, Jaws is at once the single most terrifying & hilarious henchman- doing both is more difficult than you might imagine.
Bond cannot die! In Craig's tenure, to take all of the pain he has endured and laser-point focus it on one last real mission- to save his Queen, Country, world, and not least, FAMILY, makes his sacrifice not unlike Christ's. He died for our sins. Worked well for Heston in a few movies.
The CGI in Die Another Day was distractingly terrible. Okay, I got nothing here.

This actually forced me to realize how rigid I can sometimes be.
Not that I'm gonna change or anything...
Anyone want a go at this?


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    I at one point had Spectre at the top of my ranking. You must just form opinions solely to be a contrarian and take the piss.

    I'm fine that they killed Bond, and happy that we have this story among the many others we have. A fundamental characteristic of Bond is that he does not die. He finds a way out of every situation. The stakes of a Bond film are to see how he manages to save the day, and escape. But when you watch a Bond film, you should know that he always does.

    Octopussy bores me to tears. Not every Bond film has to be serious. And there are moments in Octopussy that are pure Fleming. Maud Adams is a legend, and her Octopussy gang are inspired.

    Hope I'm doing this right. :))
  • chrisisallchrisisall Brosnan Defender Of The Realm
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    Hope I'm doing this right. :))
    Try not to think of it as right & wrong. -Morbius

    The martial arts in The Man With The Golden Gun are simplistic & even a bit embarrassing. The Man With The Golden Gun is not a martial arts movie. See the previous year's release of Enter The Dragon for that. This movie was about the Scaramanga showdown, and Goodnight's butt.
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    Wow, that Ana! Sure would like to get me some of that! Yessirree!! Some of that, mmm-hmmmmm!!! But what s she gonna look like 60 years from now?? What do you think, huh???
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    She’ll look better than me in sixty years— that’s for certain.
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