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Anyone the proud owner of a theatrical Bond standee?


  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
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    Yeah, I got the massive Spectre one that took half an hour to dismantle and luckily I had the work van at the time to get it home. Six years later and I still haven't assembled it. Not my photo below, but it's this exact one (vending machine added in for size comparison):


    On a related note, I own some video store counter standees, circa TWINE/DAD era.
  • M_BaljeM_Balje Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Pierce Brosnan from a rental store promoted the Goldeneye VHS
    Tomorrow Never Dies poster with tv screens on a small cardboard used as promoting in cinema.

    Skyfall poster with Bond & Severine from V&D promoting Dutch DVD and Bluray.
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    I have a TLD video store standee that's in my storage unit with most of my other Bond collection. It has been really hard to keep in good shape, unfortunately.
  • I’m looking to purchase the USA theatrical standee for TWINE and or NTTD
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    jbtwine84 wrote: »
    I’m looking to purchase the USA theatrical standee for TWINE and or NTTD
    I hope you have a huge area to place one as the NTTD ones I took pictures of were huge. And you don't mind paying large shipping fees to get them.
  • NickTwentyTwoNickTwentyTwo Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Not a theatre standee, but I do have an enormous vinyl window-cling poster advertising Casino Royale's release on DVD, from back when I worked at Rogers Video here in Canada.
  • brinkeguthriebrinkeguthrie Piz Gloria
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    I did the Cincinnati market radio promotion for three of the four Brosnans. Here I am with a BMW we gave away, complete with Bond girls: it was cold that AM.


    Our premiere was on Tuesday 11/14, and I had the car there. The theatre manager was a friend and asked me to bring it back for opening night Friday 11/17, so I did, and said you can come get this standup Saturday morning before we open. Someone stole it between closing and opening that night.


  • Agent_99Agent_99 enjoys a spirited ride as much as the next girl
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    I love these things - they're so ephemeral. I especially like the countertop kind advertising videos or lottery tickets or whatever the tie-in is.
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    Not a proper standee but for the longest time when I was younger, I owned this large, cardboard cutout type image of Brosnan in TND. It was one of the many few hanging on the walls of a local Suncoast Video that I had dibs in when it closed. Ended up moving years back and it somehow got lost (or stolen - the thing was damn cool) along the way.

    It was this exact image, though on a thicker, wider cardboard-type material:
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    I have a Skyfall and AVTAK one!
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