Sir Sean Connery 1930 - 2020

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Devastating news. Gutted beyond belief.

RIP to the first James Bond and a legend of the big screen. A truly British icon in every sense of the word.



  • mtmmtm United Kingdom
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    Yes, horrible news. So sad.
  • MJH1973MJH1973 North West, UK
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    The worst of news. Very sad. RIP Sir Sean
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    RIP Sean.
  • RichardTheBruceRichardTheBruce I'm motivated by my Duty.
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    Sad news. Also a great life lived. Relished his enjoyment of tennis matches and other rare appearances in retirement.


  • 00Heaven00Heaven Home
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    2020 is truly awful. RIP Sean.
  • No omg
  • FatherValentineFatherValentine England
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    Bound to happen sooner rather than later, but still sad.

    What a man.
  • SeanCraigSeanCraig Germany
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    Oh dear ... what a loss :-( Forever the first and best James Bond 007 and great actor overall. Sad news
  • mtmmtm United Kingdom
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    Just one of the greatest movie stars ever, no question.
  • CraigMooreOHMSSCraigMooreOHMSS Dublin, Ireland
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    I think we all knew this day would arrive soon. Still quite a painful sting, though. It's made me very sad, today.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Flat Earth Society-now all around the globe
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    Fantastic and unbelievably charismatic actor. Still the best Bond. Will probably never be a better.
  • Broke down in tears, I know it was going to happen soon, all my life idolized Sean
  • mattjoesmattjoes The page you were looking for could not be found.
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    What irredeemably awful news, goddamn it. There's something I want to express but I don't know how at the moment. I'm not even going to try watching a film with him in the short term. It's going to take some time.
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    Noo I feel a research of from Russia with love is in order. R.i.p Sir Sean
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    So sad, a blow to the heart. 2020 has really been the worst of the worst.

    RIP Sean.
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    saxby wrote: »
    Noo I feel a research of from Russia with love is in order. R.i.p Sir Sean

  • suavejmfsuavejmf Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England
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    Devastating news. Gutted beyond belief.

    RIP to the first James Bond and a legend of the big screen. A truly British icon in every sense of the word.

    The first and the best. RIP.
  • JeffreyJeffrey The Netherlands
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    Awful news. :(
    Rest in peace, Sir.
  • ImpertinentGoonImpertinentGoon Everybody needs a hobby.
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  • RoadphillRoadphill United Kingdom
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    The two greatest Bond's, the absolute colossus's of the series are gone. RIP
  • Terribly sad news. SIR Sean Connery, a true legend as a character himself in life and a character on screen. His performance as Bond cemented the character of Bond as the man every man wanted to be and every woman wanted to be with. Thank you for helping Bond become the cinematic legendary character that still endures today. RIP Connery, Sir Sean Connery.
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    RIP to the first and the greatest James Bond of all time Sir Sean Connery. There wouldn't be a James Bond franchise without Connery. Thoughts and Prayers go out to his friends and family.
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    Very sad news. The only James Bond you ever needed to watch. He was the bar they all tried to reach. RIP
  • royale65royale65 Caustic misanthrope reporting for duty.
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    Thank you Sir Sean Connery for all the wonderful memories, both in the world of Bond and outside of it.

    RIP to the most charismatic actor to ever grace the silver screen. Icon.
  • infoviseinfovise Ireland
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    RIP Sir Sean Connery.
  • GadgetManGadgetMan Lagos, Nigeria
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    Jesus! I'm not a fan of this year at all!! This news further reaffirms that. EON surely have to pay a grand tribute to this COLOSSAL JAMES BOND. RIP to the greatest BOND of all.
  • BibiBibi Washington
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    I’m still in shock and am shaking, I can’t believe it...
  • JeremyBondonJeremyBondon Seeking out odd jobs with Oddjob @Tangier
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    My first Bond, my favorite Bond. A good man has gone. Good bye and thank you, Sean. You made my life a happier life.
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Goodbye, Sir Sean. You were the greatest.
  • AgentJamesBond007AgentJamesBond007 Vesper’s grave
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    Completely devastated.
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