James Bond 007 on the big screen in VR 24/7......WOW!

For those of us who have Virtual Reality headsets that have access to the Bigscreen app. be aware that many of the James Bond films play constantly on their "James Bond TV Channel". Sharing a huge theater with other viewers watching the films on a crisp screen is very next thing to being in a real theater. The down side are commercials because it is a TV channel.


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    There must be some members here that have Virtual Reality headsets.
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    delfloria wrote: »
    There must be some members here that have Virtual Reality headsets.

    I have... PSVR.
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    I love my PSVR but unfortunately BIGSCREEN is not accessible through it and I use my Quest to watch the Bond films at random. Have you gotten "I Expect You To Die"? It's worth it just for the Binder style main title credits.
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    I don't have a VR headset, but that "virtual theater" looks really cool. Thanks for sharing!
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    It's amazing how far virtual reality headsets have come and seeing Bond up on a 40 foot screen is pretty awesome. The Oculus Quest2 is now available and makes VR available for only $299.00. Wild times.
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    I bought an oculus quest 2 last week. Im not a serious gamer, but I wanted an escape from working, eating, sleeping, living.....etc. in the house over the last 6 months and the foreseeable future.

    I have to say, its like magic. Absolutely incredible.

    I also think I've jumped on board at the right moment - its reasonably priced, light, got good specs and I can't knock it at all.

    Highly recommended.
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