The Women of Bond 25

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Considering we have a thread devoted to possible gadgets and the villain's plot, it makes sense for us to have a thread dedicated to the actual leading ladies of Bond 25.

Here we can discuss speculation on their characters and generally admire them. Possibly even discuss some of their past work and recommend films?

Before the mods start trying to lock, we have a 'Who should be a Bond girl' thread, but that is dedicated to actresses who could possibly join the film. This is for the actual actresses confirmed.

So they are:
  • Ana De Armas
  • Lashana Lynch
  • Lea Seydoux
  • Naomie Harris

Personally, I hope Ana De Armas has a significant role in the film. She often plays doe-like innocents in other films, so it be great if the film found a way to make her the femme fatale. Though it is looking likely that Lashana is the lead amongst them- possibly even the new 00 agent.


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    Naomi and Ana are the only 2 that look like classic Bond actresses. Llashana is frankly not that pretty and Lea has a bit of an off beat indy movie look. Hopefully though they are well cast in terms of their characters. Lea has a lot of work to do after SP. Lashana looks quite physically formidable and strong. I think we can expect her to be involved in the action quite a lot. Maybe she is the rooky MI6 agent.

    It feels like Bond has never really found the right black actresses. Apart perhaps from Naomi who as Moneypenny has other qualities. Rosey Carver, Mayday, even Jinx. None of them really work very well or are very convincing.

    They say Cubby originally wanted Dianna Ross for the Solitaire role which might have been interesting
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    I think Ana De Armas has the capacity to really sell this film.

    She's a striking beauty, with those wide doe-like eyes and full lips. She has a certain naivety and vulnerability to her look. I've seen her in Blade Runner 2049 and she plays that kind of character well. However, I really think she has more range and can play more than just innocent. I'd really like the film to make her the femme fatale. I reckon if they include her as the 'bad girl' she could steal the entire movie.

    Aside from being beautiful, she's clearly talented and has amassed a enviable list of directors who have hired her recently, including:
    • Denis Villenueve
    • Danny Boyle
    • Olivier Assayas
    • Rian Johnson
    • Andrew Dominik
    • Cary Joji Fukunaga

    I mean that is a massively impressive list of filmmakers. Clearly she has something.

    I recently saw a short -film/advert she did for Campari that is basically an audition for a Bond girl. you can see it below:

    The photos for the campaign are breathtaking. I can imagine her in a Fiona Volpe/Xenia Onatopp style role




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    She certainly is stunning!
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    My God those photos are enough prove that she was meant to be a bond girl
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    I'll be honest I wish Ana was in a central role a la Anya Amasova, but I'm intrigued by what they're going to do with all these girls, I like them all as actresses. I was never a fan of Madeleine but I certainly didn't care for Monaghan's MI character either and she didn't drag down Fallout, so I'm optimistic.
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    I'll be honest I wish Ana was in a central role a la Anya Amasova, but I'm intrigued by what they're going to do with all these girls, I like them all as actresses. I was never a fan of Madeleine but I certainly didn't care for Monaghan's MI character either and she didn't drag down Fallout, so I'm optimistic.

    Considering the two new roles were described as an 'MI6 agent' and an 'accomplice' (similar to Camille), I'd say it's fairly ambiguous still who will have the 'lead' role still.

    Lashana fits the brief for the MI6 agent and Ana's comments about the character suggest that she is the accomplice.

    I think Ana's character will be connected to the villain. She'll likely be similar to both Severine and Lucia - a femme fatale who eventually assists Bond before being killed by the villain. Boring, but inevitable.

    My hope is that they turn the idea around. Perhaps, Bond thinks Ana's character is helping him. However, in actual fact she's working for Malek. If so, I hope the twist comes early. I'd hate to see some dreadfully telegraphed Miranda Frost-esque twist that doesn't arrive until the end of the second act when it's so painfully obvious that she's a baddie. seems the whole protege/MI6 agent story is coming to fruition with Lashana Lynch. I'm not a fan of her new hair in the film. Though I suspect she'll have a new look with every location. Not too dissimilar to the aforementioned Lupita Nyong'o in Black Panther.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of the short hair, loo how good she looks in this video:

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    Does anyone think there's a possibility that one of the (new) Bond girls is the scientist? I know it seems very unlikely, but it could be a nice contrast to the more generic movie scientist.

    Also, the more I think of the synopsis, the more I think of The Ipcress File, which deals with the kidnapping and brainwashing of British scientists.
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    In Ana I trust ... I totally agree to @Pierce2Daniel and she has the potential to steal the show in a good way. Would love to see her in a Fiona Volpe type role. Major casting hit, imho. Hope they writer her part accordingly and don‘t waste the potential.

    I like Naomi a lot and though I am not a fan of SP, I like all interactions Bond and Moneypenny have. It‘s a great new twist on the kind of relationship Bond and Moneypenny always had ... some sort of spiced up friendship so to speak.

    Both Naomi and Ana I am sure will just great in the movie unless the script ruins it (again).
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    Mabey even more inportent Bond woman of Bond 25: Phoebe Waller-Bridge






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