SPECTRE: after Mr. White's suicide

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One of the best scenes of Bond, the cold assassin:

The hunting down of White, watching his death-- with a turn of the face- and checking his corpse for info-- this is beautiful/Fleming'esque material... It's not the disaster that the leaked emails would have us believe. But it does prove we must give hats off to P&W for salvaging a mess and turning it into an almost 900 million dollar success.


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    @peter, I think we may already have a thread for this one:

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    @bondjames , I’m asking opinions on plot beats as I watch the film, sp... the link you provided, and granted I only read the first few comments, does not apply, or not seem to apply to my thesis:

    This is one of the best Bond scenes, showing the cold assassin...
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    Fair enough @peter. I remembered that thread was focused on the SP White scene, or at least that was the initial premise from the OP who started the thread. As with most things it perhaps got derailed. I don't think I partook.
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