Name for a Bond-Themed Restaurant



  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Wine with Stacey
    Avocado Royale
    One Plate Is Not Enough
  • JWPepperJWPepper You sit on it, but you can't take it with you.
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    Octopussy Galore's restaurant
  • AceHoleAceHole Belgium, via Britain
    Posts: 1,727
    Quantum of SolePlace
  • QuantumOrganizationQuantumOrganization We have people everywhere
    Posts: 1,187
    Quantum of steak sauce
    The white bread is not enough
    Dine Another Day
    Licence to Dine
    The living veil
  • DragonpolDragonpol
    Posts: 17,772
    I Think You Diners Should Find A Better Place to Eat*

    *closes after a week.
  • Posts: 157
    How to Eat a Girl
    Bond Smells a Rat
    The Pepper Is Not Enough
    Danger Grows Wild
    Nigger Heaven

    Now, seriously...

    Rouge et Noir
    Pink Lights and Champagne
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
    Posts: 23,522
    The ball scratcher
    Keep the fruit
    Your mouth is just the right size
    Dr GoodEat (Taking you around the world, time and again)
    S.P.E.C.T.R.E. : Stew with Peas, Eggs, Corn, Tomatoes, Raspberries and Endive
  • DragonpolDragonpol
    edited January 2017 Posts: 17,772
    Sheep's Eyes, Dates*

    Stuffed Sheep's Head Bistro**

    *TSWLM inspired

    **OP inspired.
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    Never serve liver again.
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
    Posts: 13,384
    " A whisper of love, a whisper of hake"
  • DragonpolDragonpol
    Posts: 17,772
    Pussy Galore (located in North Korea).
  • TokolosheTokoloshe Under your bed
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    License to Grill.


  • Tokoloshe wrote: »
    License to Grill.


    I've actually got a cooking apron with those very words. It's black and white and shows a guy in a tux with his spatula raised like a Walther.

  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    Diet another Day
  • Posts: 4,622
    How about Shaken Not Stirred!
    That might be free of any enforceable trademarking.
  • Posts: 157
    Diet another Day

    I like that! :D

  • DragonpolDragonpol
    Posts: 17,772
    Pussfeller's Diner
  • stagstag In the thick of it!
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    On Her Majesty's Silver Service
    (Public Health) License Renewed
    Live & Let Fry
    No Meals Mister Bond

    Seriously though there is a Bond themed bar/eatery in the UK called 'Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Here's the link:
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    Jimmy B's bar and grill, for good eating !
  • jake24 wrote: »
    Red Wine with Fish?
    I was thinking "Universal Exports," but "Red Wine with Fish?" made me laugh out loud

  • Posts: 4,622
    I do like Red Wine With Fish.
    Off-beat name, which also appeals to the Inside-baseball Bond IQ
  • TigerTigerTigerTiger Stateside
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    Right, just for laughs...

    Dr Noodles
    From Russia with Fries
    Gold Fishfinger
    You Only Eat Rice
    Scone Her Majesty's Secret Service
    Dining is Forever
    Live and Eat Fries
    The Can of the Golden Peaches
    The Pie Who I Ate
    For You? Rice Only
    A View to a Grill
    The Eating Daylights
    Licence to Dil Pickles
    Golden Brown
    Tomorrow? Never Diet!
    One Course is not Enough
    Dine Another Day
    Casino Broiled
    Quantum of Shellfish
    Skyfall Apples

    and coming in 2018...

    Bond $25 a head
  • mcdonbbmcdonbb deep in the Heart of Texas
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    =)) ...this thread is pretty funny.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Ernst Stavro Blowfish. :))
  • TigerTigerTigerTiger Stateside
    edited January 2017 Posts: 21
    Le Chef
    Elliot Carving Knife

    or.. Michael Kitchen :)
  • Nanobotulism Grill
  • DragonpolDragonpol
    Posts: 17,772
    The Greene Man.
  • QBranchQBranch Always have an escape plan. Mine is watching James Bond films.
    Posts: 13,886
    No Time to Dine!
  • Safin's Eurasian Crockpot
  • BennyBenny In the shadowsAdministrator, Moderator
    Posts: 14,857
    Fill’er up please.

    Dine…Fine Dine!

    The Chef Who Loved Me.

    For Your Appetite Only.

    Dining Is Forever.
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