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    At the time, I did like the doctor, but I really can't say for the others, I've tried very hard to wipe out any memory from this show.
    The doctor ?? His flashbacks put me to sleep everytime. His daddy issues got tiresome after 2 or 3 centric episode.

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    All of the flashback put me to sleep or infuriated me in season 3.
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    All of the flashback put me to sleep or infuriated me in season 3.
    Touché. ;-)
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    Dexter online. First time I've watched this many Dexter episodes in a row. And I'm still not a serial killer. Thank god I'm sane enough not to copy things I see on television (or online in this case). And to think that this show was put on hold for over a 2 years where I live.
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    This is essentially how I felt after 2 seasons. It was one of my favourite shows of all time. And 10 episodes in season 3, I loathed the show. Hope you have better experience than I had. ;)
    I think I might, simply because I really did enjoy season 6, plus back in 06-07, I did watch much of season 3. In fact I did watch the show sporadically over all of its first 5 seasons, even if Season 6 was the only season that I really commited to.
    I may be a hopeless Lostie.
    Although I can see where Season 3 might be a dropping off point for some, because suddenly the Others become prominent. The first two seasons dealt mostly with the original band of castaways, and only hinted at the broader mysteries of the island. In Season 3, the whole mythology of the island thing and the Others gets tackled head on.
    Who are your favorite characters, timmer and Luds ?? Mine are Desmond and Ben.
    I like Jack. He's ulitimately the hero of the saga. I do like most of the characters- Desmond, Hurley, Sawyer and of course Kate. Michael in Season two turns out to be a real sad case. Too bad about Libby. I liked her.

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    More Dexter, American Dad and even if coming to a game a little late I finally managed to catch an episode of the new BBC drama Sherlock.

    This and the Robert Downey Jr flick have peaked my interest to actually go and read one of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels. So far I like the modern Sherlock. Currently watching (well taking a break actually) the 2nd episode. So far feels very decent.

    The sadist in me already thinks the oddball Benedict Cumberbatch could be the next Bond. Even if he's nothing like Connery or Moore or "take your pick".
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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2.
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    Law and Order | UK

    Still one of my favorite shows, even with the new cast. So much better than the shows of my country. L-)
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    Mike Hammer, Private Eye

    Episodes: 1 - 4
    The Prodigal Son
    Beat Street
    Hoop Nightmares

    So this may not have been made on a big budget, so Keach may carrying a little extra weight and looking noticeably older, ist's still Keach as Mike Hammer, and that's enough for me. B-) I would double dip in a heartbeat if there was a boxset released that included all the Keach: Hammer outings; all 4 tv movies and both shows.

  • The Killing (original Danish version):

    Oh wow. I missed it the first time it was on, on BBC Four about six months ago. They're doing re-runs now, and if you get the channel you have to see it. Thoroughly gripping, thrilling and more intelligent than the normal crime TV series nowadays.
  • Father Knows Best. Great show from the era when fathers weren't always portrayed as idiots.
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    Finaly bought the last two seasons of Miami Vice in a sale, so am busy watching one of the most stylish series ever made.
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    Strike Back: Project T&A

    Silly, over the top and basically an update of The Professionals - therefore very enjoyable. Well, on a Sunday night it's either this or Songs of Praise.
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    Get Smart: "The Diplomat's Daughter"


    Get Smart: "Washington 4, Indians 3".
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    Doctor Who: Night Terrors

    Creepy-ness for the whole family. Though I couldn't help be reminded of The Mind Robber every now and then.
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    Burn notice ,back on australian t.v.
  • Rescue Me Series Finale and Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Premiere.

    I started watching Rescue Me last fall on Netflix and was hooked immediately. The quality has suffered the last 1-2 seasons and I'm really happy they ended it now rather than dragging it out like a lot of shows do. The final episode was amazing, classic Rescue Me.

    SOA I got hooked watching this summer and have been waiting for the season to start since finishing the first 3 seasons in about a week. ;-) Awesome premiere though, ready to see what SAMCRO does next week.
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    Just finished watching Our Friends in the North. Good television entertainment and outstanding drama series it was.
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    Just finished watching Our Friends in the North. Good television entertainment and outstanding drama series it was.
    \:D/ Fantastic show. After seeing that originally, I continued to follow the fortunes of all the lead actors - Mark Strong, Christopher Eccleston and that other bloke, what's his name....Daniel Something. ;-)

    Spooks is back on BBC1. Praise be.
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    Last TV show I watched was last night's "American Horror Story" on FX. That show is scary, and racy. Connie Britton is hot (loved her on Friday Night Lights)
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    Get Smart!
    South Park


    And some more Dexter and The Walking Dead
  • Finished Top Gear (2002) season 2. Still very good, can't wait to watch the next season !!
  • Finished 'The Borgias' season 1. Quite a good show. I'll watch anything with Jeremy Irons in it ! Bring on next season in 2012 !
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    The Cleveland Show
    ... and finally saw the return of Beavis & Butthead. Brings a lot of memories from the nineties. Beavis and Butthead haven't changed. But MTV has.
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    Am I the only person on this forum whose fave TV show in the whole wide world is 'Desperate Housewives'?

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    Who knows? But you're probably the only one who can admit it. ;)

    I have a fondness for Californication. Such great dialogue- but there's other things I like about it more than dialogue...
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    Love 'Californication'. Terrific show. Wouldn't want to watch an episode with my mum though!
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    Love 'Californication'. Terrific show. Wouldn't want to watch an episode with my mum though!

    My mum is pretty open-minded, plus she likes Duchovny, but yes- I'd still feel slightly awkward watching Cali with her (considering there's a 'graphic scene' every five minutes).
  • Finally just finished season 1 of 'Burn Notice'. Not my favorite show, but still good. Love Sam !
  • "It Takes A Thief" on Antenna TV.
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