Spectre car parade in Paris

Yep, the interviews were damaging : the média write about the famous interview and the announcement of the car parade in Paris was lost in the mayhem ; i heard about it only this morning thanks to hashtag #spectre on Twitter. Check out you'll see à photo of the DB10 in Paris. I rushed there with out much info and only saw 3 cars in the traffic (the Vantage far away and two more I Will post photos of later). but marketing wise it is à fiasco IMO.


  • Eh eh i got the second run of the parade at least... Photos to follow
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    Eh eh i got the second run of the parade at least... Photos to follow

    Look forward to seeing these! :-bd
  • There are already much better photos on getty images, on Twitter and probably soon a bit everywhere, so here's only an idea of what is was : first the Astons (not the original models for the other ones, but identical models),


    and then random cars from the movies (same models, but not the exact actual cars).

    Here the panel reads : TMWTGG


    Yes the group cars was easily split by the real traffic, there was no police for the parade.

    I think they did not look for too much publicity on the street to avoid a crowd for the photos and the videos ? Then it was successful, it was not announced much.

    Moreover, there was a crew shooting a movie at the bottom of the Champs Elysees, so there was quite some confusion about what was happening.

    But yes, we had a DB10 in the middle of Paris' real trafic for a few minutes on two separate rides. I wonder about the insurance.
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    The DB10 looks good in daylight and not half as fussy as some pictures seem to portray it - maybe the lower grille mouth doesn't have such a stark black and white graphic effect as it did in Rome by night. Still think the main headlights look awkward and fussy
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