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  • n00bs are so last decade

    I need to figure out what lingo the krazy kids are using now-a-days to dish out the bashing appropriately - I'm getting to old for this *poop*
  • @mccabekev, are you the same fellow who had that username before? If so, glad to see you here. I used to come across your posts a lot on the old board and would often enjoy them, though you had stopped posting by the time I showed up there. If memory serves you're a Lazenby fan. Cheers, sir.
  • Yea - think I signed up about 8-9 years ago, then stopped posting after about 2 or 3 years

    Was told to come back by someone who shall remain nameless
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    Well, @mccabekev I hope you're here because you want to be and it's great to have you back on board as we enter the fray of this new era togther.
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    Quoting mccabekev: Was told to come back by someone who shall remain nameless
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    Did anybody happen to see BritishChap around yet? Or does anybody know how to get in touch with him by chance?
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    Just want to say hi to everybody. I wasn't on the previous forum but figured it was time to join :)
  • @The_GIT Welcome. Nice to see some new faces.
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    @mccabekev missed your smiling face! mmmmwah! x

    @the_GIT a big welcome from London!
  • HASEROTHASEROT has returned like the tedious inevitability of an unloved season---
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    I am not new, but I shall reintroduce myself - for those that don't know me past just my username..

    my name is D.J., I live in United States (the Cleveland, Ohio area), i'm 26 years old.. i am currently attending school for an Associate Degree in Digital Media and Applied Sciences - with hopes to one day become a film director..

    I became a Bond fan, back in 1996 when I saw Goldeneye on Showtime one night - and I have been hooked ever since... I can still remember one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I ever got, was 4 Bond films on VHS back in 1998 - Tomorrow Never Dies, Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and Goldfinger - needless to say I watched them all in one night..
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    Hello. Just joined to share a bit of trivia.
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    Welcome, Bravo2.
  • Hi all, AgentViper007 an old MI6'er returning.
  • Hello everyone! I used to lurk on the old forums, but I'm here to post.

    I live in Ohio and I'm going to Cleveland State for film, hopefully to direct a Bond movie myself one day :) I've been a bond fan all my life, my father used to watch the movies all the time, so growing up I saw bits and pieces of them. My first complete movie was Goldeneye on VHS. I recently got the Fleming books and the Ultimate Edition box set for my birthday last month. I just finished watching them all and I'm about a 3rd of the way through reading Goldfinger.
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    Welcome aboard @goldeneyeOO7. It's great to have you with us. Make sure you have a good time at MI6.
  • Hi everyone, it's me Strangeways&Quarrell reporting in from the old country (mi6forums). Wow, quite a change of events in such a short span of time, I had to create a new account here due to my old one being tied to my old account and that account has been liquidated due to spam problems (At least I spelt Strangways right this time). While I have noted a few forum members from the old country not returning to the site I want everyone to know even with new changes I'm staying on board no matter what.
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    Hey SNS here. Looks like this place is gonna take some getting used too. Sucks all the old posts couldn't be transferred over..

    Starting fresh I guess. :(|)
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    Hi, I'm new, I've been on other Bond forums before though. I'm Xboy, my favourite Bonds Film are For your Eyes only, license to kill and from Russia with love. I live in new zealand
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    Welcome to all the new faces, and of course the old ones who have taken the leap.
    The transition from the old forum to this new home will take time.
    And the loss of so many great old posts is a sad one.
    But in light of that we can only look forward. No point in dwelling on past posts to much. We have the unique opportunity to form a new and exciting forum.
    Taking all the best bits of the old forum, and adding plenty of new ones as well.
    I hope that you all find your feet (I know I'm still finding mine) and enjoy these new digs as much as possible.
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    Hi im new
  • Hello everyone!
    I am a new member from Greece. As a Bond fan I have been visiting MI6 for years but I never registered at the forum. With the new MI6 Community I took the opportunity to join.
    I will be nice to hear and talk to all of you at the future!
  • Hello all. MADD Studios here, although without the old label and this time up for a plain old name...haha I was about ready for a change anyway...I can only be called MADD for so long.

    Missed you guys.
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    Welcome to all the newbies and oldies - and wipe your feet before you come in ,it's all new you know !!
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    Hi, my name is SharkBait, once known as Shark Bait , before I was dubbed "Lord SharkBait" by a wrinkly old man in a bathrope.

    Anyway... not really a new member, but here to re-introduce myself. Hi!
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    Welcome again !!! Japanese earthquake caused this change?
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    Quoting Qba007: Welcome again !!! Japanese earthquake caused this change?
    Actually no. The truth is I farted over the weekend and... Ah well.
  • Not happy about having re sign up here :-( and wheres my Lotus submarine Avatar gone!!!!!!!! Help!!!!
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    You can choose any avatar you'd like from the web - as long as it's not copyright. ;-)

    Just save it and upload it from your computer, then resize as you see fit via your profile page.
  • ok cheers dude
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    @RobertSterling That's OK, you're more than welcome. If you'd like any other help you can send me or anyone else a messege @Samuel001 or for them, @theirname.

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