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This is a user compiled guide to MI6 Community. It does not constitute official policy. If you have a suggestion for addition please contact @DarthDimi or @Benny.

If you haven't done so already, you should read how-to guide - located at <a href = ""></a>; or the even more <a href = "index.php?p=/discussion/372/mi6-community-a-how-to-guide">comprehensive user-made guide</a>. It covers a lot of the basics of the forum, such as registering, posting, etc.

<b>Introduce Yourself</b>
As a new member you'll probably want to say hello and introduce yourself. This should be done <a href = "index.php?p=/discussion/13/new-members-introduce-yourself">here</a>. It's fast and easy, and it let's other members know you've arrived without filling the board with thousands of 'Hello!' topics! Also located in the General discussion section is a topic where you can post your details for any Instant Messaging (aka 'IM') systems, such as MSN and AIM, so you can get in touch with Bond fans outside the forums! this topic can be located <a href = "index.php?p=/discussion/12/swap-your-instant-message-ids-here">HERE</a>.

<b>Duplicate Topics</b>
Now we're sure your knowledge of James Bond is impressive (but if it's not, that's okay), but you'll find many common topics may already have been discussion. So in order to stay on the straight and narrow, check the various categories (or search for the topic you're after) to make sure you're not creating a duplicate topic. They will get locked.

It may take a while to check, but it's better than making a topic about 'Who was the best James Bond' only to get it locked soon after.

You'll want to read up about SPAM. No one likes it, so try not to cause it. Common sense is your main ally against SPAM. Don't post anything without purpose, something that's obviously been covered before, or generally a topic than can cause offence to your fellow members, for whatever reason. Nobody is here to solely have an argument, so being civil and using your head should see you straight.

<b>Flagging Posts</b>
Have you noticed the Flag option? You can find it next to every post. If you believe that a post is in violation of the <a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/1/community-terms-conditions-of-use">Terms and Conditions of use</a>, you may use the feature which sends a report to the MI6 community moderators. Be careful though, this feature should only be used for posts that are attention worthy!

<b>Fitting In </b>
When you first sign up, it can be quite intimidating reading all the different posts, and some of the members replies. Remember they don't know you, just like you don't know them. It's a good idea to read as many different posts as possible, from as many different members as you can. Try to get a feel for the place, but don't let yourself feel unwelcome, or alienated. There are alot of veterans or long time members here. They're a good source of information, and if you're courteous, patient and polite they'll more than likely help you out, as will the moderators (see below).

AKA 'Mods'

These are the members that run the site, they make sure everything is running smoothly, and get rid of any rubbish. They are here for a reason, and there are many of them, so if you need them, there's usually one or two online. A full list of mods can be viewed below. Any complaints regarding members or the MI6 Community site should be forwarded to a mod (or if you feel the need to go to the top, administrators can be contacted <a href = "">HERE</a>;).

This is a current list of forum moderators, free to contact any one of these members with concerns, questions or queries:

@[email protected]

<b>Common Abbreviations</b>
The following are commonly used abbreviations on the forums. Please read below should you be confused by any of them.

<u>James Bond Abbreviations </u>

DN- Doctor No
FRWL - From Russia With Love
GF - Goldfinger
TB - Thunderball
YOLT - You Only Live Twice
OHMSS - On Her Majestys Secret Service
DAF - Diamonds Are Forever
LALD - Live And Let Die
TMWTGG - The Man With The Golden Gun
TSWLM - The Spy Who Loved Me
MR - Moonraker
FYEO - For Your Eyes Only
OP - Octopussy
AVTAK - A View To A Kill
TLD - The Living Daylights
LTK - Licence To Kill
GE - GoldenEye
TND - Tomorrow Never Dies
TWINE - The World Is Not Enough
DAD - Die Another Day
CR - Casino Royale
QOS - Quantum Of Solace
SF - Skyfall
SP - Spectre

CR'67 - Casino Royale (1967)
CR'54 - Casino Royale (1954)
NSNA - Never Say Never Again

<u>Other Commonly Used Internet Abbreviations</u>

LOL - Laugh/ing Out Loud
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
IMO - In My Opinion
IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly


Feel free to ask any forum related questions and an older member or moderator will do their best to assist!
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