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    So, I just read AoS #5 for the first time. Here are some immediate thoughts. I think I will let this one sit for a couple of weeks and then re-read all 5 issues in succession. Usually, my opinions change a bit when reading a whole run in one, instead of single issues a month apart.
    Like the entire series, this felt rushed. I am basically happy with where all the beats land at the end, but the way there is just a bit too straight for my taste. I have no idea, why they decided to only do 5 issues for this one. The original set-up in #1 seemed like this would be heavy on the double and triple crosses and red herrings and in the end - at least for me - everything turned out more or less exactly as I expected. I know this is comic books 101 - leave the characters where you found them - but I would have liked something more.

    Although I liked the unconvectional inking from a pure art perspective, I don't think they serve this heavily action-oriented book all that well. Especially this issue is basically non-stop action and I sometimes felt a bit lost in the orange and yellows.

    This entire series has had the undercurrent of Bond being somewhat weary of this life he is living. The seperate moments are pretty good (like Bond blowing off Blofeld, by asking, why he would ever want to leave this life behind, while they are fistfighting inside an exploding inferno, or the repeated mentions of Bond not thinking he will live all that much longer - quite Flemingsesque in a way).

    All in all, I would say something like a B-/C+ for me. Some really cool small bits that don't really amount to a convincing whole, in my opinion.

    As for Himeros: I am happy, that they continue to put out original Bond comics. The angle seems very, very strange. I haven't followed all of the Epstein stuff closely, but I am not sure whether I like them using something so ripped from the headlines. Especially, when the topic is child sex trafficking. I will pick it up, for sure, but I am a bit nervous. Also, I am with @2Wint2Kidd that I haven't really liked Fuso on Bond all that much...
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    He's been gone for over two years, since May 2019.
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    Read the last issue and honestly:
    The pacing was all over the place. It felt hurried and like the last issue could have been split into two.
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    00Heaven wrote: »
    Read the last issue and honestly:
    The pacing was all over the place. It felt hurried and like the last issue could have been split into two.

    That, unfortunately, is a problem many comic titles suffer from. Endings are very hard to do well but some titles just seem to be improvising from issue to issue, only to suddenly find themselves with only a handful of pages left to tie things together and reach a satisfying conclusion.
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    From Diamond's site :
    Himeros is the Greek God of sexual desire and one of the Erotes, the winged gods of love. When Aphrodite was born from the sea-foams she was greeted by the twin loves Eros and Himeros.

    But when sexual desire goes too far, it takes the legendary super-spy James Bond to bring justice to the most vulnerable among us as he investigates the suspicious death of an accused sex trafficker - one whose ties run deep... and deadly.

    Writer Rodney Barnes make his Dynamite 007 debut in this special series, featuring art by returning Bond superstar artist Antonio Fuso and two amazing covers: Francesco Francavilla and Jackson "Butch" Guice!

    Created by the British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1952.

    The character appeared in a series of twelve novels and two short story collections written by Fleming and a number of continuation novels and spin-off works after Fleming's death in 1964.

    There have been twenty-seven films in total, produced between 1962 and 2021.

    Rodney Barnes is an American screenwriter and producer. Barnes has written and produced The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, Those Who Can't, Marvel's Runaways, American Gods, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO's Untitled Los Angeles Lakers drama.


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    Himeros #2:

    Issue #2 continues the comic book adventures of the world’s most famous spy – James Bond! While the setting exudes the allure of sun, sand and fun, this deadly island is no playtime retreat! Its sun, sand and misery for all those who visit, and up to Bond to put an end to the deadly circle once and for all!

    Featuring two amazing covers: Francesco Francavilla and the legendary Jackson Guice!
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    Here's one cover, the other at the end of the week :

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    And here's the Jackson Guice cover :

  • Now that is a very cool cover. Looks similar to a setting that was used in the first Aquaman maybe?
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    That rooftop and bell tower are giving me QoS vibes.
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    And here's the sollicitation and the covers for Himeros # 3 :
    James Bond continues to unravel the horror he's uncovered as he makes his way to the center of it all - Wilhelm's island - with the reluctant Sarah Richmond in tow. All the while: Kino continues to stalk the pair, awaiting his moment to strike!
    Featuring two amazing covers: Francesco Francavilla and the legendary Jackson Guice!
    Did you know: Ian Fleming was a well-known as a book collector. He founded The Book Collector the same year he published Casino Royale.


  • Two interesting shots for the covers. One static and one caught in the middle of action. I think I'll be going for the Guice cover myself...
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    Looks interesting. Looking forward to it. Some of the cover art released so far has been fab. It reminds me I need to get all six physical issues of the last run. Money money money!
  • It looks like we might be going back to the grittier tone of Vargr and Eidolon. If so, this should be a really good addition to the line.
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