'Blood Stone' fails to land BAFTA videogame award

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The latest James Bond videogame "Blood Stone" failed to collect a BAFTA award for its original score at this week's ceremony, mainly due to the dominance of PlayStation 3 title "Heavy Rain". The film noir-inspired murder mystery emerged as the big winner, picking up three trophies.

"Rain" beat British composer Richard Jacques's commendable James Bond 007: Bloodstone soundtrack as well as Super Mario Galaxy 2/

As well as being honoured for its original music, "Rain" took home gongs for technical innovation and story at the ceremony in London on Wednesday night.

The award for best game went to Mass Effect 2, an action role-playing game, while Call of Duty: Black Ops took home the Game trophy, the only award voted for by the public.

Sir Ben Kingsley presented the Fellowship award to Peter Molyneux, who has created such games as Populous, Magic Carpet and the Fable series.

The family award went to Kinetic Sports, which uses new technology that allows to play without a controller. The device was recently named the fastest-selling gadget of all time, with 10 million sales in just four months.

Cut The Rope, a physics-based puzzle game, won the award in the handheld category, while My Empire picked up the gong in new category honouring the best social network game. Users can play the city-building game using Facebook.

Other winners included F1 2010, which picked up the Sports gong, and God of War III, which collected the artistic achievement award.


  • HASEROTHASEROT has returned like the tedious inevitability of an unloved season---
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    don't mean to offend anyone here... but Call Of Duty Black Ops is a joke - at least the multiplayer is... sorry - but if i want to run around in giant circles, i'll play Halo... the campaign was fun, but all the multiplayer in COD:BO is, is running-knifing-camping..

    a real man's multiplayer is Battlefield : Bad Company 2... giant maps (that aren't circles).. an array of usable vehicles (right from the start), destructible environments..... it's easily the better game, but COD has such a stranglehold on the genre right now..
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe "I tolerate this century, but I don't enjoy it."Moderator
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    Not really surprising. Though I like Blood Stone, I wouldn't have expected it to have won anything, especially given th ereception it's been met with. Also, I didn't think Havey Rain was anywhere near as good as it's claimed. Though it had it's moments, it also has one of the worst (if no the worst) glitch i've ever encountered. It ruined my save causing me to restart the game, the 2nd time playing it I could never relax and get into the game, because I kept wondering if it same glitch would happen again.
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    I had Heavy Rain, but traded it in ... an innovation in gaming and all that no doubt, but a little too 'slow' for me. Blood Stone is seriously underrated, IMHO ... plays well and looks great, and is a nice 'marriage' between Craig's grittier approach and 'old school' Bond outrageousness (like when the pursuit of the bad guy's train ends with you landing the Aston on top of it, hehehe).
  • HASEROTHASEROT has returned like the tedious inevitability of an unloved season---
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    Blood Stone is highly underrated - it plays well.. and nothing is better than just running through a level and just beating everyone to death - and only using the ppk for the quick kills :) ... graphics wise - i was a bit let down...

    during the gameplay, the graphics weren't bad - but the cutscenes were horrid... Judi Dench looked drugged up, and Craig looked like he was carved out of plastic... i would find it hard to believe that they spent a lot of time on the models and their texturing, as they looked identical to the Quantum Of Solace game... that was another game that was fun, but again, i thought it lacked in the character modeling...

    the multiplayer was a gigantic waste of time... i remember on the old forums i went on a psychotic like rant about it (lol).. but it was warranted.. multiplayer is what can increase the replay value and lifespan of a game - and to have such little effort put in it is disappointing - no game since Goldeneye 64 had gotten it right - and I think that's largely due to the fact they need to play catchup with other games' multiplayers.. but it's also a lot of overthinking involved....... playing as faceless soldiers may work fine for those other games - but when i play a Bond multiplayer, i want to play as Bond, or Oddjob, or Jaws, or Scaramanga, or Baron Samedi - not these random blue and red drones..... and wouldn't it be nice to play on levels based off classic locations from Bond films??... like Dr. No's command center... or Fort Knox... or Blofeld's Volcano Lair... Stramburg's Submarine/Boat Base... Drax's Moonraker Space Station (imagine the fun with zero gravity? lol)... imagine the possibilities - but nope, instead we get random tunnels and sewers... what a joke it's become..
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    Blood Stone would've done well to win but had it tough with competition it was againist.
  • Quoting MajorDSmythe: Not really surprising. Though I like Blood Stone, I wouldn't have expected it to have won anything, especially given the reception it's been met with.
    Yeah. I enjoyed Blood Stone a bit more than the average critic, but Jacques's music is probably the only component of the product that I found to be even slightly worthy of an award like this. Given the total lack of hype about the game, I'd have been more surprised if Jacques had won.
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    Bloodstone is so underrated i dont know why people underrate it.it is great game.
    P.S. the first time i heard about BAFTA video game award was when it started 2 days (or 1) ago.i tought it was only for movies.what is he award?the mask as movies or something else?
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    I wish I could go nuts over Bloodstone but I'm afraid the game just won't work well on my PC. Though I checked the system and it should be amply equipped to handle the game, I have nothing but sound issues. It's terrible. That made me quit playing after one level. I'll have to stick to QoS and NF.

    So far the PC gamers have really been pooped on by the Bond games.
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    Quoting DarthDimi: So far the PC gamers have really been pooped on by the Bond games.
    so far PC gamers have been pooped on all games.
    i didnt have problem with the game until 1 min. ago. instead it open full screen it opened as window,i can minimize it and close it but can not restore it and play on full screen
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