Last TV Show You Watched?

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Just another thread duplicated from the "old" MI6 forums. Hope the mods don't mind.

Been watching <i>Stargate Universe</i> on Hulu. I previously posted some of this in the <i>Stargate</i> thread on the old forums, but seeing as the show's already been canceled (and will end in May), I see no point in reviving the dedicated thread.


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Wrapping up plot points that have been left hanging since <i>Faith</i> back in early Season 1.5, <i>Visitation</i> covers a lot of ground without actually doing much. This is partially because the story arcs involved are some of <i>SGU</i>’s lamer ones (which, like certain characters in this episode, felt stretched far beyond their normal lifespans), and partially because some of the guest stars (like Dr. Caine) are pretty bland. And speaking of over-extended subplots, the Chloe-alien thing has become kinda boring — despite strong performances from several cast members, it’s hard to get involved in a plotline in which, minus some skin irritation and a math lesson, <i>absolutely nothing has happened</i>.

Still, some of the Camille-Young material was good (the former character is finally slipping into her niche, it seems) and the episode’s conclusion was pretty effective, in my opinion. I’m certainly glad they ended Caine’s saga, at the very least — would it be too much to hope for Chloe’s to end soon as well?

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After the previous week’s comparatively slow-paced drama, Season 2.0 concludes with an action-paced bang. <i>Resurgence</i> isn’t a flawless episode (a shuttle ride that dominates the first half of the episode feels meaningless and the final cliffhanger wasn’t as involving as 1.0 or 1.5’s), but the action was generally exciting enough to distract me from these issues. The episode's “big twist” was something I’d been expecting since <i>Awakening</i>, but it’s nice to have Lou Diamond Phillips back on board regardless. And something’s finally happening with Chloe (although I fully expect to be disappointed when they reveal the results of her actions).

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Now that we're in Season 2.5, it's good to have a new opening montage that isn’t still referencing out-of-date story arcs. More big explosions open and close this superior second half of the <i>Resurgence</i> two-parter, with the crew of the Destiny trying to escape the not-Replicators who are attacking them. Meanwhile, Rush is discovering it's easier to attract bees with honey than with vinegar, and (shockingly enough) Chloe’s little alien dilemma actually serves a purpose. Even with its obvious narrative issues (why are the evil blue aliens suddenly being so nice to our heroes again?), I’m almost tempted to rate this as the best episode of the season just for developing the Chloe storyline, which hopefully means it won't be relentlessly stealing screen time for more repetitive displays of sadness and angst in the final nine episodes.

On another note, the Lucian Alliance plot seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth in these last three episodes. If this plot thread comes back in the future, it’s going to take a miracle for the showrunners to pull it off in a manner that doesn’t feel hopelessly forced. And if it doesn’t come back, then that makes the already-middling <i>Malice</i> rather pointless.

<u><b>SGU Season Two Episode Ranking: </b></u>
Episode (Episode Number) Relative Rating out of Five
Trial and Error (6) ****
<b>Deliverance (11) ****</b>
Aftermath (2) ****
<b>Resurgence (10) ****</b>
The Greater Good (7) ****
Pathogen (4) ****
Awakening (3) ***1/2
<b> Visitation (9) ***</b>
Malice (8) **1/2
Intervention (1) **1/2
Cloverdale (5) *1/2



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    Last I watched was the new Simpsons episode, "A Midsummer's Nice Dream."

    Still a pretty good season. Not Golden Era-level Simpsons, but far above the nadir of a few years ago.
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    I haven't completed the series yet, but Netflix in Canada just uploaded Top Gear and I am madly in love with the show. It is nothing but brilliant.
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    Bleach and Death Note

    Dimi,I don't know if you saw my last post on the old forum but I was talking about how I do not read the mangas ( my brother does though). My brother was the one who introduced me to both these shows and I have been impressed. I follow Bleach the most ( I have seen all 193 English episodes), and really enjoy the story line. As for Death Note, well this is just so interesting and engaging. I have enjoyed watching El and Light out smart each other.
  • I'm in the middle of watching the Rome series, having recently finished the first season and just starting the second. I'm usually skeptical about TV-films and mini-series, but Rome caught my attention hook, line and sinker. I'm not a judge of historical accuracy, but to me the script is fantastic and the production values are impressive, even for an Anglo-American-Italian co-production, It took me some time to warm to the actors, including Cieran Hinds, James Purefoy, Tobias Menzies, and the Daniel Craig look-alike Kevin McKidd, but it's a strong cast all-around, especially the women behind each of the leading male protagonists! I've never studied that period of history (Ceasar's coming to power and the end of the Republic) in detail, but it's remarkable how little has changed in the last two thousand years.
  • Im currently working my way through the first season of Mad Men on blu-ray. Im at epsiode 10 at the moment, and whilst the show is a slow burner, its freakingly good! Im loving it art the moment, especially the attention to detail of the sets and the use of its setting. And the titles have to be some of the coolest ever made!
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    LOL at Rock owning Cena (you cant see me done in baby voice and the lil kid dressed as Cena)

    Man , The Miz.....has he ever been more unglued than now......scary dude !
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    Just watched the last episode of Bedlum and a great series has ended but been left open for a new one.
    That's Bedlum and Mad Dogs finished now - back to crap TV for a while.
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    All 5 seasons on DVD. Great series, full of action, twists and turns. I loved it.
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    Recently finished the first season of Boardwalk Empire. A fantastically written and executed show!
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    New episode of The Simpsons on Sunday. Awful... I hadn't seen a new Simpsons episode in years, and people were saying it had gotten more and more unfunny, and boy were they right. It used to be my favorite show.
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    The Ropers on Antenna TV.
  • A friend at work recently turned me on to Dexter, and I've been watching the first season the past few days (I'm about half-way through).

    Man, I can't believe I didn't watch this show earler. It's bloody brilliant.
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    V:Caught the season (series?) finale of this one tonight on ABC after having followed it since it debuted back in 2009. I thought they really hit their stride towards the end of this second season, with some great twists and turns right up to the very end. Hopefully ABC allows them to continue on for a third season.
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    Darn, was that the final V episode of the season? :-(( Its the only show I eagerly tune in.
    Yes we need a third season for sure. Yes the show is kind of silly but that's why I like it. It's got a lighter tone, even though there is much at stake. But the premise is so OTT, it keeps the show from getting too heavy. Its a nice change of pace.
    I like Fringe too but I'll catch that on the web if I miss it. With V, I like to try and be home to see it live.
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    Quoting timmer: Darn, was that the final V episode of the season? :( Its the only show I eagerly tune in.

    Yes we need a third season for sure. Yes the show is kind of silly but that's why I like it. It's got a lighter tone, even though there is much at stake. But the premise is so OTT, it keeps the show from getting too heavy. Its a nice change of pace.

    I like Fringe too but I'll catch that on the web if I miss it. With V, I like to try and be home to see it live.
    Unfortunately it was the final episode of the season. I think that I had read somewhere that they were originally scheduled for a regular half-season order of 13 episodes, but that order was then reduced to 10-episodes before the season began, making for a very short season. It's a shame that they didn't get more episodes this season, as things were really starting to pick up in the last few episodes, and it would have been interesting to see where they took things moving forward. I'm definitely hoping that they move forward with a third season, especially with the way things shaped up in the final episode, which I thought was one of the wilder and most unpredictable episodes of any show I've seen in quite a while.

    I haven't had a chance to check out Fringe yet. I tried watching an episode but felt somewhat lost since I didn't have much of an idea of the overall story that was being told, so I've decided to wait until the summer and start catching up with it to begin watching it when it, hopefully, resumes in the fall.
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    The Partridge Family on Antenna TV
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    The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
    Series: 2
    Episode 1 - Playing for the Ashes

    There sould be a model car set for this series. Lynley's Interceptor & Haver's Maestro. I'd buy it. [-O<
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    ("Chuck Vs. The Muuurder")

    A fun little murder mystery episode that was a much different type of episode than the show usually puts on. Very good though, with a nice little twist at the end that sets up things going forward for the next few episodes.

    ("One Life to Lose")

    Definitely not one of the better episodes of Castle this season, although it did feature a couple of famous guest stars, including Jane Seymour, which allowed for a few scenes featuring two former Bond girls (series star Stana Katic being the other) which were undoubtedly the highlights of the episode, which revolved around a murder on the set of a soap opera set.
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    Watched The Event last night. I picked up that show on the premise that it was a replacement for 24 on Monday nights, and that it incorporated some of the good elements from Lost like the flashbacks but the story seems to go in every direction, like the producers/directors/writers don't know what do do, who's the hero, and what's the end goal (essentially all the bad elements from Lost!) and this show is just a big disappointing mess. I'll likely finish the season but not carry on if it gets picked up for another season.
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    The last Stargate Universe episode where an attack is aimed at the HQ while some folks from Destiny are visiting and it becomes a matter of making choices (see no real spoilers). This season I find SG-U amuch more interesting and balanced show compared with its first season. Too bad we are watching the final episodes.
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    Quoting gt007: Alias
    All 5 seasons on DVD. Great series, full of action, twists and
    turns. I loved it.
    Cool, i found Alias to be an interesting mix of Bond and Buffy.

    Im wacthing Red Dwarf.
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    Archer: Season 1

    Hilarious. Just happened to see this on the Netflix instant streaming selection and took a chance on it, and ended up watching all 10 episodes in one day.

    Castle "Law and Murder"

    After an episode last week that focused more on its stunt casting than the actual plot, Castle got back to focusing on the plot a bit more this week with a legal plot filled with so many twists and turns that you're left wondering the same thing that Castle wonders aloud during the episode, which is how this plot didn't end up in a John Grisham novel.

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    Just watched "Law and Murder" as well. Brilliant show. Also watched NCIS "Tell All". I'm annoyed I'll have to wait till late April to watch your namesake "Vs The Family Volkoff"
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    Law and Order: UK

    Okay, so I am from the States and I find this show absolutely amazing. I have never followed any other Law and Order (Original, SVU, Criminal Intent etc.), but I've always found them boring when they are on. But something about UK really gets me pulled in.

    So the question I ask to all of you from the United Kingdom is: do you all think Law and Order UK is a great show or am I just a deluded American? :-D
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    I watched it last night and i do like it a lot. I enjoy L&O USA (all versions) but i dip in and out. The UK version is, to my mind, on a par with the best eps of the original. It's nice to see the CAG still getting work and Bradley Walsh is suprisingly good too. Freema Agyeman is the icing on the cake. :X
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    Event again, the show is still watchable, actually picking up some steam after a few lackluster weeks. I can't see this being picked up for another season, and even if it was I'd likely not be a part of it, but since I', about 16 episodes of 22 in it I may as well watch it until the end. One good thing about The Event:

  • Started watching Nowhere Man. 4 episodes down and still really enjoy it. Shame it was cancelled after just 1 season.
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    Chuck ("Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff")

    Not amongst the best episodes of Chuck, which I was surprised by considering that the earlier episodes featuring Timothy Dalton consistently ranked amongst the shows all-time best. The idea behind the episode was more than solid, but it felt as though something was missing. Timothy Dalton was spectacular, though. Hopefully he'll be back for another episode or two down the stretch run, as the show is much, much better when he's a part of it.

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